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    What is NextStep TCS?

    Tata Consultancy Services is India's leading IT services company and a top destination for Indian engineering graduates. The NextStep portal serves as a single point of application for both freshers and working professionals looking for job openings at Tata Consultancy Services Limited.

    It is mandatory to register on the nextstep tcs portal in order to appear for the placements. Candidates need to fill out the application form and complete the registration process in order to be eligible for any job openings.

    We'll discuss the eligibility criteria for candidates below for both off-campus and on-campus drives.

    TCS NextStep Portal Not Opening

    The TCS Nextstep registration portal not opening is a very common problem. Please do the following -

    • Please check your Internet connection

    • Enter correct URL: in browser

    • Use Google Chrome or Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser

    If none of that works, it's likely that the tcs nexstep registration portal servers are down. Try after 20-30 minutes.

    TCS NextStep Registration Form

    The nextstep tcs registration process is fairly straightforward. Yet, it's common to run into issues when you apply for a position. We'll add sub-questions below -

    How to register on TCS Next Step portal?

    Follow these easy steps:-

    1. Visit:

    2. Click on the IT or BPS button as desired

    3. You should then land on the nextstep registration form

    4. Please fill the registration form very carefully and click submit button.

    Tip: Please double-check your details before you submit the registration form. The registration process is simple, yet people make mistakes.

    I'll request you to have someone re-check your email address and mobile number. Because if you enter them incorrectly, getting access to your nextstep account is extremely difficult.

    TCS Next Step

    TCS NextStep Registration: DOs and DONTs

    Please follow these tips for the tcs nextstep registration process carefully -


    1. Read the instructions carefully

    2. Enter name as per Passport or SSC mark sheet

    3. Double-check your email and mobile number

    4. Select values from the drop-down suggestions list


    1. Submit the application form without reviewing

    2. Enter a weak password. Please pick a very strong password, at least 10-12 characters long with a mix of numbers, letters, and special characters.

    3. Pick any random "Answer to security question". This will save a lot of time if you are recovering a locked nextstep tcs account.

    Unable to submit the registration form

    If clicking on submit button does nothing, please check your Internet connection. Make sure to have a backup of all the information you have entered. Clear your browser cache and try again. If you are using Chrome, please visit Clear Cache & Cookies - Google.

    College Name Not Appearing in the TCS NextStep Institute List

    If you do not find your college name in the list of colleges on the nextstep registration form, simply pick 'other', which is the last option. Otherwise, simply type your correct college or institute name in the box and proceed with registration.

    Alternatively, you can pick up the tcs off-campus drive option.

    College name not appearing in the registration form indicates that TCS has not acknowledged your college for campus placements. Do not worry. You can still complete the registration process.

    Tata Consultancy Services is known for conducting mass recruitment drives all over India. You can apply for a TCS job through walkins and off campus drive.

    It is strongly recommended that you keep an eye on for up-to-date information on all job openings, campus placement announcements, walk-ins.

    What is Campus Commune in TCS?

    TCS Campus Commune is a portal developed by Tata Consultancy Services Limited where students seeking job with TCS can interact with current employees and peers.

    It is the best way to keep up to date about career opportunities and related questions at the company. Candidates can get help for interview preparation, aptitude tests, technical and HR questions etc. The platform conducts contests for the candidates across engineering, technology and business domains.

    There are several interest-based channels dedicated to various topics. Please note that in order to access the campus commune portal, students need to register on the tcs nextstep registration portal.

    How should I access (unlock) a locked TCS Nextstep Account?

    It's important to note your reference ID and password. You'll need it to login in tcs nextstep. IF your account gets locked for whatever reason (the most common reason being multiple failed login attempts), the only way to access/unlock or recover it is to send an email to

    Please mention the following information along with your query -

    • Reference Id

    • Email Id

    • Mobile number

    This will help TCS officials locate your account and offer help. Please note that listening back from TCS official support may take days and they handle a large number of questions every day.

    How should I edit/update information (phone, DoB, marks, qualification, etc.) in the Application form?

    The procedure to update the information in the application form is straightforward.

    1. Login to TCS NextStep: using registration or reference id and password.

    2. Click on the application form

    3. Go to the relevant section to update the information.

    The procedure to update the contact number is different. If your status is "Application Received" or "Applied for Drive", then edit the contact number using the "Edit Application Form" tab. For other statuses, please use the "Ask me a Question" facility available on the tcs nextstep website. You will need to log in with a reference id and password.

    TCS NextStep Incorrect Reference ID

    Several candidates have complained that they have not received their reference Id from the next step tcs portal or have received an incorrect id.

    Did not receive nextstep reference id

    Most candidates facing this issue have registered using an incorrect email Id. However, if you are sure that you have completed tcs next step registration with the correct email ID, please check your spam folder once.

    If you registered for tcs next step correctly, please contact tata consultancy services limited official help email:

    Incorrect reference id

    If you are unable to log in with your reference id and password, please try resetting the password. If that does not work - the only option available is to contact the official TCS support via email:

    TCS officials will typically respond within 24 working hours, but you may have to wait longer.

    Where to find registration Id on the TCS Nextstep portal?

    The registration id is available in the top-right corner of your screen in the About TCS link. Alternatively, you can spot it on the Activate Application button.

    On mobile, it's available on the About section of the menu.

    What is TCS CT and DT number?

    • CT stands for Campus Trainee

    • DT stands for Direct Trainee

    If you are registered on TCS next step portal as a campus candidate, you will receive a CT number. If you are registered as an individual (not through your college), you will receive a DT number. These numbers will be required to login to tcs next step portal.

    The password is typically your date of birth.

    No Reply from - What to do?

    The TCS official support can take a while to receive a response. Some of the candidates have received a reply in 24 hours while others had to wait several days to get help from TCS.

    The candidates are advised to provide all the relevant registration and unique identification details to TCS officials so that they can help you better. The tcs nextstep portal is accessed by tens of thousands of students. Support does take time.

    Forgot TCS nextstep registration password and registration id

    If you know the registration id, you can retrieve your password through the portal. However, if you don't remember your registration id, please contact the official support email above. Without a valid id, your access to tcs campus commune will be blocked.

    Note that all TCS off-campus information is made available first on tcs campus commune website.

    TCS NextStep Registration : Recommended Discussions

    TCS is one of the top destinations for Indian students from various backgrounds. Some are with math statistics background or with math statistics background. Others are B.Tech ME M.Tech or or BA B.SC with math background.

    The eligibility criteria differs for students from different streams. In general students with computer science information technology and in computer science information technology are preferred for developer positions. General applications are for both on campus and off campus drives.

    I'll recommend reading the following discussions:

    1. TCS NextStep Registration, Prerequisites and Procedure

    2. TCS NextStep Reference ID Related Problems and Solutions

    3. How to change Institute Name in Nextstep tcs portal

    4. TCS Nextstep portal not opening

    5. Change email id after registration on nextstep tcs portal

    6. Why did I not receive reference Id after registration on nextstep?

    All of these questions and answers have been written by students like you.

    If you need any help with tcs nextstep registration, please feel free to ask us. We will try our best to help.

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  • Kaustubh Katdare

    AdministratorFeb 19, 2023

    If you are a user of TCS Nextstep, you might want to check out TCS Xplore Digital Training Program. Also if you are preparing for job at TCS, check this discussion on how to answer interview question - why should we hire you. Hope you find this information useful.

    Another question interviewers might ask, and many candidates do not know how to answer is about full form of TCS.

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  • Kaustubh Katdare

    AdministratorMay 13, 2023

    We've receive multiple queries from candidates looking to use the next step portal -

    What does "candidate batched" mean in the TCS Nextstep portal?

    In the context of the TCS NextStep portal, the term "candidate batched" typically refers to the status of a candidate's application being grouped or categorised with other candidates for further processing or evaluation.

    When a candidate's application is batched, it means that their profile and application have been selected and grouped together with other applicants who meet certain criteria or qualifications.

    The purpose of batch processing is to streamline the recruitment process by handling a large number of applications in a systematic manner.

    TCS NextStep may batch candidates based on various factors such as their qualifications, experience, job preferences, or the specific requirements of the job openings.

    Once candidates are batched, they may undergo further screening, evaluation, or assessments, such as aptitude tests, technical interviews, or HR interviews, depending on the specific recruitment process of TCS.

    The batched candidates are typically progressed through subsequent stages of the hiring process together, allowing TCS to efficiently manage and evaluate candidates in groups rather than individually.

    Being "batched" in TCS NextStep indicates that the candidate's application has successfully passed the initial screening stage and has been selected for further consideration.

    It signifies that the candidate has moved forward in the recruitment process and can expect to participate in subsequent stages of evaluation or interviews.

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