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@Kaustubh Katdare • 04 Sep, 2015 • 2 likes

The TCS Reference ID or Number seems to be one of the top issues faced TCS NextStep portal users. We have been constantly receiving complaints about incorrect reference ID, lost reference number and the Reference ID itself not working on the TCS nextstep registration portal. I've created this specific discussion to address all such queries and help our fellow engineering graduates.

TCS mentions that your username on the portal itself is your CT/DT reference number. Fortunately, there is a dedicated helpline offered by TCS to solve all the queries. Please note following support email and phone: and phone number 1800-209-3111. If you want to contact them, please call anytime between Monday to Friday : 8 AM - 8 PM. Please remember the email Id with which you registered on the portal, because that will be used to track your application.

Obviously, if you have forgotten your email ID, there is a little chance that TCS executive will be able to help you. Also note that anyone at CrazyEngineers cannot give you your lost reference ID / number. We can only point you to the right support page.

Ask your questions below. 

@komal Valte • 28 Jan, 2016

The reference ID is of two types: CT and DT. 

CT (Campus Trainee) : Campus Trainee ID is assigned to the candidates who appear for TCS Campus Placements via college placements. This number will be assigned by TCS to the candidates who are shortlisted for the company. 

DT (Direct Trainee): Direct Trainee is for the candidates who do not appear from the campus, but apply to TCS directly - through their portal or through walk-in or through some referral. I hope the difference is clear.

@Chanchal Garg • 08 Feb, 2016 • 1 like I didnt get any response from this contact no ,wht to do now?
@Ankita Katdare • 08 Feb, 2016 • 1 like
Chanchal Garg
I didnt get any response from this contact no ,wht to do now?
What problem exactly are you facing related to reference ID?
@shanthi mathi • 07 Aug, 2016 • 2 likes Sir/Madam,

MY brother's tcs account has been blocked due to incorrect password for 3 times. So, please help him to access his account.
CT ID: CT20151495355
@Sandesh N • 17 Aug, 2016 • 2 likes Sir My TCS account had been locked due to incorrect password attempts for 3 times.
CT ID:CT20151728320
So please help to access the account.
@Ankush Soni • 21 Aug, 2016 • 1 like I have lost my CT no, how can I recover it ?
@Kaustubh Katdare • 21 Aug, 2016 I wish to know if you've tried contacting their official support yet? Even though we want to help you out, there's no way we can go beyond a point. I think most of the queries here can only be addressed by the TCS NextStep team members.

If anyone of the official member of the TCS Next Step team is reading this discussion, I'd request them to join in and offer some help. It looks like a lot of our student engineers are facing issues.

I'd also like to request those who know the answer to above legit questions to come forward and offer some help. Helping each other without expecting anything in return is the overall motto of CE Community 😀
@harsh dubey • 24 Aug, 2016 whenever i enter submit application after all the declarations on the last page. It appears "some error occurred. please try again."
Please help!
@Kaustubh Katdare • 24 Aug, 2016 • 2 likes
harsh dubey
whenever i enter submit application after all the declarations on the last page. It appears "some error occurred. please try again."
Please help!
Check the javascript console in your browser. That should tell you what the problem is.
@Irin Mary Alexander • 20 Jan, 2018 Sir/Madam
I have registered at the tcs nextstep portal last year and I have my DT no.When i try to access that it is asked to contact the customer support team.I need to apply for the off campus drive for 2017 passouts.Please help me with this
@Shkajal • 24 Jan, 2018 • 2 likes Sir I have registered for TCS off campus drive for 2017 batch on 13th january 2018, I also got the reference id that is in DT. My frnds got the mail regarding the off campus tst that is going to be held on 31st January 2018 and there reference id is with CT . But I do not get any kind of mail regarding the tst schedule, is it happening because of the reference id or what. Will you plzz help me because not much tym is left in the off campus tst.
@Aby Augustine • 15 Apr, 2018 • 1 like sir,
i have registered in NextStep portal and received DT reference id. At the same time, two of my friends received CT id. Now i cannot form a team with them for engiNX competition. How could i change my id to CT
@Kaustubh Katdare • 15 Apr, 2018
Aby Augustine
i have registered in NextStep portal and received DT reference id. At the same time, two of my friends received CT id. Now i cannot form a team with them for engiNX competition. How could i change my id to CT
Your best bet now is to contact the TCS NextStep officials and inform them about the issue. I doubt there's anything we can do. Apparently it's an error in their system.

That said, I wonder how could an established company could build a system with so many errors. We keep on receiving problems with TCS NextStep portal almost on daily basis. Hope team TCS is looking into the issue.
@sandeep batchu • 08 Jun, 2018


 i am registered in TCS next step in last year with DT number i have to change it to CT number please give instructions to change the DT to CT number.

@Niveditha H • 08 Jun, 2018


my reference id is CT20172176050

though i enter with the new passwords iam unable to unlock my account please help me with the solution

@nilesh vishjwakrma • 09 Jul, 2018

 my refrence id is CT20161915688

though i enter with the new passwords iam unable to unlock my account please help me with the solution

@Kaustubh Katdare • 09 Jul, 2018

@nilesh - Have you tried contacting the TCS official help? Also, are there any error messages you are getting? 

@Shwetha Shwetha • 14 Jul, 2018 • 1 like

What is my CT number?

@Kaustubh Katdare • 15 Jul, 2018

Update. There seems to be lot of confusion about the CT and DT Id that TCS Campus Commune provides. All candidates, please be informed that these IDs should not really matter to the candidates. The CT Id refers to the college campus that TCS is recruiting candidates from and the DT Id refers to the off-campus drives that TCS conducts nationwide. 

It's not possible to change CT/DT Ids. If you need official help regarding your ID, your best bet is to contact the TCS officials and request for help. 

In most of the cases, it's advisable that you create a new account using entirely new email ID and contact details and then request TCS for deleting your old account. 

PS: I'm not sure if TCS actually allows doing this anymore. Can someone confirm? 

@pallavi am • 02 Sep, 2018 • 1 like

ref id -DT20184580927 

my account  has been locked. I am unable to open it. please resolve it as quickly as possible.

And I wrongly given my mail id for registration and please send hall ticket back to my mail id 

please help me out.And I hv informed to also on Friday but I didn't get any response..

May be today or tomorrow I hv test I can't attend it without hall ticket please help me yeah please

@Ramyadevi Duraisamy • 22 Sep, 2018

 I am eligible to attend the tcs ninja interview I want to download my application form my password is incorrect it shows 3more attempts so account is closed.How to unlock my account

@Ramyadevi Duraisamy • 22 Sep, 2018

if i am given the generated new password means it cannot be unlocked

@marem poojitha • 29 Sep, 2018

sir ,my account is please send me the password

@marem poojitha • 29 Sep, 2018

my account is locked and i forgot my security what can i do now.sir please help me i have an interview in 5th october .

i am requesting you to tell me the solution for this problem.

@pallavi smile • 17 Oct, 2018

Sir, From where do we get the reference id because i cant find mine . Thank you.

@Syed Afroz • 21 Oct, 2018

I didn't get any reference id after registration ...and know i am not abe to login using mail id and password and i didn't fill tcs employment application form also i want to attend this off campus drive plz help me ....

@Meghana Gowda • 03 Nov, 2018

My Hall ticket is not getting downloaded after registration what to do??

@Ankita Katdare • 04 Nov, 2018

@Meghana To download your hall ticket for TCS, you need to go to this link -

Login ID: DT/CT Reference ID

Password: You Date Of Birth (DDMMYYYY)

Only Short listed candidates who meet the TCS Eligibilitty criteria will receive hall tickets. Hall tickets will be sent out after the Last date of Registration for the Off Campus Drive.

Remember to check this -

In case you are having problems downloading the Hall Ticket, please check that you have “popup enabled” in your browser. Also check the “Download” folder of your computer for downloaded files. Please note that the downloaded file may be a “.zip” file and would need to be unzipped to access the pdf file of the Hall Ticket.

@Tamizh Maths • 05 Nov, 2018


I registered for 2018 batch off campus drive...  I got message but I didn't get CT / DT reference ID..? What can I do sir?

@farzeen munawar • 06 Nov, 2018

My TCS is not delieverd to me and its three days late.. I dont have any tracking number or reference nmbr.. What should i do plzz guide me anyone.. I m worried... And people who have sent the tcs are not contacting now ?

@Shailesh Yawale • 09 Nov, 2018

Hello sir/mam, I forgot my password. And when i am trying to reset it its not working so please let me know what to do

@Meena Prasanna • 19 Nov, 2018 • 1 like

Sir,I have lost my application form which was stated mandatory for interview for 2018 batch but I have application form of myself which I was filled in 2017 am I allowed to bring the application form of 2017 to the interview..plz kindly reply worried

@Kaustubh Katdare • 19 Nov, 2018

Difficult to answer. I'm not sure which form got you the interview call. Typically, you should carry the form that you filled in order to apply for the interview. 

Does the form have any "ID" or unique identifier? 

If you've lost the form; just carry the form that you have. Explain the situation, if asked. 

@hariharan natarajan • 02 Dec, 2018

Hello Sir/madam ,

This is HARIHARAN NATARAJAN with the reference id : CT20182529503 and email I'm writing this in concern to my NextStep portal account, My account got locked due to the 3 wrong attempts for password. When I try to click on forgot password, the provided password doesn't help me to login to the portal. Im getting a popup saying"Your account has been locked due to 3 incorrect login attempts. You will receive a mail with instructions to unlock your account." yet I didn't receive any email with such instructions but i receive  mails if i click and try forgot password. I request your help for unlocking my account.

                                        Thanks and regards. Good day!


REFERENCE ID : CT20182529503


@Kaustubh Katdare • 02 Dec, 2018 • 1 like

@hariharan natarajan - you should post your request to TCS helpline. We aren't official support for TCS. 

Have you checked your bulk/spam folder? Hope that your problem gets solved soon.

@Kaustubh Katdare • 30 Dec, 2018 • 1 like

Posting on behalf of @thejasvi velaga 

i typed my password 3 times incorrectly by mistake.i forget my security question answer  as well. so i don't know to retrieve my account. anyone give a suggestion.

@Dhanusri Chowdary • 01 Aug, 2019

Sir,I have got my TCS ninja hallticket but there is a mistake in my there raises any issue regarding that .please help me out sir...

@Kaustubh Katdare • 01 Aug, 2019

@Dhanusri Chowdary - It will cause problem at the time of joining. You should get it rectified as soon as possible by contacting TCS. 

@Dhanusri Chowdary • 01 Aug, 2019 • 1 like

Sir,do I have any issues in taking the test? And how can I contact TCS regarding this sir? Please help me out sir 

@Shivam Singh • 03 Feb, 2020 • 1 like

sir, i lost my DT and password but i know my email and password then what we  should to do for find the DT number?

@Ankita Katdare • 19 Feb, 2020

Solution 1: Fill the Application once again with the same details as you did previously. If you did it, Once you click on Submit, You’ll receive a Pop-Up Message informing you that You’re already registered and it will show the CT/DT Reference ID.

Solution 2: Drop a email to with all your Academic Credentials and Mother’s Maiden Name so that they’ll send you your CT/DT Reference ID.

@Noothan Kumar • 22 Feb, 2020

The first question that pops up in my mind is, Why?

In mean why would somebody want to do such a thing. It is basically irrelevant once you join TCS. It is just a demarcation to check who as applied for campus interviews and who has applied for Off-campus inteeviews.

As already been told, CT is campus trainee and DT is direct trainee.

So peace out buddy, relax or go watch a movie. Don't take life so seriously that the only thing you care about is how to change TCS reference Id.

@Deepthi Reddy • 11 Jul, 2020

Hy sir,

Iam Deepthi, i have registered on Nextstep portal and  received a popup like confirm email id and phone number i confirmed it and at the time of receiving my reference id power has gone and after 5min i again opened and refreshed it. But i was unable to login i dnt knw the reference id. how to recover this issue please help me.

@riya sawant • 29 Sep, 2020 • 3 likes

Hi I fill today tcs next step registration  .but I didn't got reference  I'd when I tried again  .they told you have already register . I am not able get reference  . Plzz tell me how to get it back .

@Mohammed Thowfiq • 01 Oct, 2020

Sir I made some changes in my application after submitting it for the drive particularly I made that change in College Name. Sir application will be updated or not. I also mailed this information to

@pranav parab • 02 Oct, 2020

Sir, how much time did take to reply. i raised my queey 3 days ago still i didnt get any response from them?

@Kaustubh Katdare • 02 Oct, 2020

I think you should expect a response next week. It's holiday today followed by weekend. Given the number of queries we get here on CE; I'm sure TCS must be getting several hundred queries a day. Make sure that you have explained your problem to them in detail so that they don't have to get back to you to ask questions about your query.

If you've offered them all relevant information - wait until next week. All the best!

@keerthana G • 07 Oct, 2020

I have forgotten my Reference ID which is required for the further round can you please help me.

@Seshma M S • 08 Oct, 2020

sir my DOB entered wrong 06/06/1999 is my correct DOB bt by mistake it is entered as 08/08/1999 how can i edit it sir?

@Kumar Mehul • 22 Jan, 2021

Sir, I had appeared for the TCS campus drive while in college in 2019. But I have registered for NQT 2021 with that same email id that I used to create nextstep account in 2019. Will I have to request a new DT number, or what should I do in this case, as I already have a CT number associated with that account.

@Sujith Guttala • 29 Jan, 2021

When I'm trying to validate my offer letter on TCS next step portal it says that the reference number is invalid...Can anyone help?

@Satyam Tripathi • 13 Mar, 2021

Sir I have forgotten my DT reference ID number which is required further round please help me to get DT reference ID 

@santhosh krishna • 21 Apr, 2021

Dear sir/madam,

I have registered in the global TCS NextStep portal and now I can't register with the Indian NextStep portal and I didn't receive any mail regarding my DT reference number, I have gone through my mails and could not find one which has my reference number. Do you have any idea of what I should do?

@Sharvari Patil • 05 May, 2021

i am bca student and howcan i generate my unique reference id on TCS nextstep portal  


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