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Google MusicLM Generates Music from Text - Blows Mind

Kaustubh • 1 day ago • 987 views

Google Music LM can generate music from text. That is, if you tell it to create "a soothing guitar music with ocean waves and cello", it will quickly create a track for you. The input could be text or an image or caption and the output is in the form of 24 kHz stream.

Google isn't launching Google Music LM for public consumption yet. Google had introduced AudioLM - a framework for high-quality audio generation with long-term consistency. Do look at it on the source link below.

Amazon may layoff 10000 employees

Kaustubh • 2 months ago • 4.3k views

Global retail and cloud giant Amazon is likely to layoff 10000 employees this week according to NYT. Meta recently laid off 11000 employees and Twitter fired almost 50% of its team.

Almost all of the tech companies who are laying off employees did massive hiring after the COVID-19 pandemic to cater to the record growth. The companies will also observe hiring freeze till Jan-Feb 2023. Let us know your thoughts on the recent layoffs in the industry.

Nomad Desk brings your work from garden dreams true

Kaustubh • 2 months ago • 4.2k views

Nomad Desk is a patent pending, foldable standing desk that fits in your laptop backpack. Perfectly designed for the digital nomads the Nomad Desk offers 15 levels of adjustments and can be set up on any terrain.

It's height adjustable and moves from 25cm to 110cm - which means you can perfectly use it as a standing desk as well. The makers promise that it can handle considerable weight and you don't have to worry about it.

Richard Heng, the creator of Nomad Desk promises that you can attach accessories to the desk. Check out more about Nomad Desk on the source link below.

Meta Layoff Update: Zuckerberg Says Sorry to 11000 Meta Employees

Kaustubh • 2 months ago • 3.7k views

Meta layoff has affected 13% (11,000) of its workforce. In a message to the employees, Zuckerberg put the blame on some of his decisions and economic conditions.

Outgoing employees will get 16 weeks of base + two additional weeks for every year of service, full remaining PTO and other benefits.

Zuckerberg said Meta will shrink company's real-estate footprint and encourage desk-sharing. The hiring freeze will continue till early 2023 with a few exceptions. Read the full letter on the source link below.

Stretchable Display by LG

Kaustubh • 2 months ago • 3.5k views

Korean display giant LG has demonstrated world's first stretchable display. The 12", 100ppi, full-color RGB display can be stretched to 14".

The display uses micro-LEDs with pixel pitch of ~ 40μm. LG says that the display is durable and can withstand repeated changes to its form.

LG says the display is likely to find applications in multiple industries like healthcare, furniture, automobile and aviation.

Internet Explorer (Browser) Retires on June 15, 2022

Kaustubh • 7 months ago • 17.7k views

Microsoft has announced the retirement of Internet Explorer - the browser that ruled the Internet for larger part of our Internet lives. IE was launched in 1995 with Win 95 and it's had its own good and bad relationship with web developers for almost 27 years.

IE is being replaced by Microsoft Edge. Edge, will be the default web browser from Microsoft.

Razorpay Hacked: Hacker Steals ₹7.3 cr By Authorising 831 Failed Transactions

Kaustubh • 8 months ago • 16.1k views

India's leading payment gateway provider, Razorpay is investigating loss of ₹7.3 Cr via 831 failed transactions. The hacker has supposedly manipulated the authorisation process of the gateway provider to authenticate failed transactions. The theft was detected during audit of the transactions.

Abhishek Anand, head of Legal Disputes and Law Enforcement at Razorpay has filed a complaint with South East Cyber Crime Police on May 16th. The details of all the transactions have been handed over to the police.

Trouve Motor H2 Hyper Maxi Scooter Promises Upto 230 Km Range

Kaustubh • 9 months ago • 18.8k views

Trouve Motor's promising between 130-230 km range on single charge for its upcoming H2 Hyper Maxi Scooter. The specs haven't been disclosed yet, but the motor will deliver 4.8 kW of continuous and 7.9 kW of peak power. The company will start accepting bookings in August 2022 and delivery will start in the first half of 2023.

Arun Sunny, founder of Trouve Motor said that the 2-wheeler EV market in India has grown by 132% in 2021 and the grown in coming years will be even better.

Twitter has extraordinary potential. I will unlock it - Elon Musk

Kaustubh • 9 months ago • 18.1k views

Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter and has offered to buy the company for $54.20/share in cash, aka $43 billion.

Musk said, "My offer is my best and final offer and if it is not accepted, I would need to reconsider my position as a shareholder". He further added, "Twitter needs to be transformed as a private company. Twitter has extraordinary potential. I will unlock it."

Musk currently owns 9.2% share in Twitter and was also offered a seat on the board of directors; which he declined.

Xiaomi 12 Pro India Priced at Rs. 60000

Kaustubh • 9 months ago • 19k views

Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro, and 12X are all set to release in India, and the price of Xiaomi 12 Pro is Rs. 60000. The phone features a 6.73" AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, 4600 mAh battery, and a whopping 120W fast charger.

The phone also gets a triple camera setup to capture 50MP photos.

iPhone Subscription Service Launch Date Pushed To 2023

Kaustubh • 10 months ago • 15.9k views

Apple wants to help you afford an iPhone, and is working on a hardware subscription service. The monthly subscription fee is yet to be decided, as the project is in development and likely to be announced in early 2023.

Apple releases a new version of the hardware every year, and we'd like to assume that the subscription service will make it easier for people to upgrade. The iPhone subscription will be linked to the user's Apple account for easy management. The iPhone subscription service would make a lot of money for Apple, and save people from spending big cash on iPhone in one go.

China plans 450 GW Solar and Wind power on Gobi desert

Kaustubh • 10 months ago • 16.4k views

He Lifeng, director of the National Development and Reform Commision (NDRC) has said that China will build the largest scale of solar and wind power generation at 450GW in Gobi desert - the largest in history. China currently has 306 GW Solar and 328 GW Wind power installed capacity; and additional 100 GW of solar power is currently being installed.

Is Apple putting Mac hardware inside Magic Keyboard?

Kaustubh • 11 months ago • 13.8k views

Latest Apple patent shows Apple's idea of putting the Mac hardware right inside the Magic Keyboard. The patent filed back in Aug 2020 shows all the essential hardware component including processor, battery, memory and all other ICs encased in the Magic Keyboard.

The overall idea here is to directly connect the keyboard to a display and have access to full-fledged computing device. Learn more about Apple's ideas on the USPTO source link below.

YY8: Maruti Suzuki + Toyota's Electric Car Will Have 500 Km Range

Kaustubh • 11 months ago • 16.1k views

Maruti Suzuki and Toyota have joined hands to launch a 500 Km range electric car. Codenamed YY8, the EV is said to pack ~59kWh, "Made in India" battery to move its "bigger than Hyundai Creta" body.

Rumors hint at both 4WD and FWD configurations. The car will be manufactured at Suzuki's Gujarat plant . There's no word on pricing yet.

Exynos 2200 - Console-like Gaming Experience on Mobile

Kaustubh • 1 year ago • 15.6k views

Samsung's latest Exynos 2200 processor integrates AMD RDNA 2 GPU; with a promise to offer console-like gaming experience on mobile phones. The new architecture has hardware-based ray tracing as one of its core features. The processor is currently in mass production; but we're not sure if it'll make it to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22.