PS5 PRO : Launch Date, Price and Specs Leaked

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PS5 PRO : Launch Date, Price and Specs Leaked

Insider information indicates Sony is reportedly working on a mid-generation upgrade for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) video game console. The upcoming project, intriguingly codenamed 'Trinity', is tipped to elevate the gaming experience to new heights.

The PlayStation 5, launched on November 12, 2020, has been a favourite among gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

In line with Sony's tradition of adopting 'The Matrix' character names for its PlayStation projects, the forthcoming refresh is named 'Trinity', following in the footsteps of PS4 Pro's 'Neo' and PlayStation VR's 'Morpheus'.

The development wheels for this project started turning in February 2022. As per sources, game development studios can expect to receive the development kit for the new console by November 2023, allowing them to tailor their titles for the upgraded hardware.

The PS5 PRO will be available to consumers by December 2025.

While unconfirmed, the technical specifications of the PlayStation 5 Pro are anticipated to include an 8K “performance mode”, accelerated ray tracing, and improved frames per second (FPS).

The device is also expected to offer better FPS stability performance at 4K resolution, alongside a significant 18,000 MT/s memory and a formidable 30 WGP (workgroup processor).

According to the leaked details, the 'Trinity' project could be the last upgrade to the PS5 before Sony introduces the PlayStation 6, which is rumoured to release in 2028.

Interestingly, there's a conspicuous absence of any information regarding the much-anticipated PlayStation 5 Slim.

Rumours are beginning to swirl that such a version might never see the light of day, though nothing can be confirmed at this stage.

If these leaks prove accurate, the 'Trinity' refresh indicates that Sony is once again pushing the boundaries of console gaming.

It’s expected that Sony will put a price tag of about $599 to the PS5 PRO console.

This mid-gen upgrade promises to bolster the PlayStation 5's already formidable capabilities, offering a tantalising glimpse into the future of gaming.

However, until an official announcement is made by Sony, these details should be considered speculative.

Yet, they certainly paint an exciting picture of what could be on the horizon for the PlayStation 5 and its dedicated global fanbase.


  • Kaustubh
    Kaustubh Katdare

    PS5 PRO Tech Specs Summary

    • Already having demo events
    • 8K “performance mode”
    • Accelerated ray tracing
    • Improved frames per second (FPS)
    • Better FPS stability performance at 4K resolution
    • 18,000 MT/s memory
    • 30 WGP (workgroup processor)
    • “Majority” of studios will receive development kits by late November 2023
  • Kaustubh
    Kaustubh Katdare

    Update: New details about the PS5 Pro specifications have been leaked by YouTuber RedGamingTech.

    According to the leak, the PS5 Pro will feature a new custom APU with TSMC 5/4nm process, 8 cores based on Zen 4, and an integrated GPU with 30 WGP and 60 CU, potentially based on RDNA 3 or 3.5 architecture.

    Additionally, it will have 16GB GDDR6 memory and potential enhancements to the built-in NVMe SSD. This suggests an impressive performance boost, improved ray tracing capabilities, and faster loading times for the PS5 Pro.

    Furthermore, a "Project Trinity" was mentioned, which aims for consistent FPS at 4K resolution, a new performance mode for 8K resolution, and better ray tracing implementation.

    The PS5 Pro is also expected to have a better Radeon GPU, supporting up to 8K gaming, and utilize the latest AMD Zen4 CPU architecture for better performance and efficiency.

    There are also suggestions that Sony might upgrade the internal SSD to provide more usable storage space, as modern games are getting larger.

    This CPU and GPU upgrade could make the PS5 Pro an attractive investment as 8K TVs are becoming more affordable for gamers.

    However, it is advised to take this leak with a pinch of salt and wait for more concrete information.

  • Kaustubh
    Kaustubh Katdare

    Update: 12 December, 2023

    It looks like we've a new information on PS5 Pro. This information has been gathered from multiple online forums and blogs. As of now, we do not have confirmation on the authenticity of this information; but what we gathered is truly awesome. Take a look:

    Cutting-Edge Processor Technology:

    The PS5 Pro, codenamed 'Viola', features a cutting-edge CPU that retains the zen2 architecture of the existing PS5. This ensures compatibility while offering dynamic frequency capabilities, peaking at 4.4GHz. With 64 KB of L1 cache per core, 512 KB of L2 cache per core, and 8 MB of L3 shared cache, the processor is designed for high-speed performance.

    Enhanced Graphics Capabilities:

    The heart of Viola is the GFX1115, fabbed on TSMC's advanced N4P process. It boasts 30WGPs when fully enabled, though the retail PS5 Pro units will feature 28WGPs (56 CUs). This setup promises significant graphical prowess.

    Trinity – A Fusion of Technologies:

    The PS5 Pro introduces 'Trinity', a combination of fast storage, accelerated ray tracing, and advanced upscaling. It capitalizes on hardware-accelerated compression and decompression, a key PS5 technology. The architecture, based on RDNA3, borrows ray tracing enhancements from RDNA4. It features dedicated RT hardware for BVH traversal, reducing dependency on shaders and incorporating thread reordering to optimize data and execution flow.

    Impressive GPU Specs:

    Sporting 3584 shaders, 224 TMUs, and 96 ROPs, the GPU aims for a 2.0 GHz frequency. This setup could deliver up to 28.67 TFLOPs peak performance, factoring in the dual-issue capabilities. The 16GB of 18 gbps GDDR6 memory and a 256-bit memory bus ensure a whopping 576 GB/s memory bandwidth.

    Performance Leap:

    Compared to its predecessors, Oberon and Oberon Plus, the PS5 Pro is expected to offer a 50-60% increase in rasterization performance and more than double the raw ray tracing performance.

    Innovative Machine Learning Upscaling:

    The introduction of the XDNA2 NPU is set to revolutionize the gaming experience. It's tailored to accelerate Sony's unique temporal machine learning upscaling technique, focusing on delivering a temporally stable upscaled 4K output at higher than 30 FPS.

    Launch Timeline:

    Mark your calendars for September 2024, as that's when the PS5 Pro is slated to be revealed, promising a new era in gaming experiences.

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