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@Too Jun Lii · May 18, 2011

Hi! I'm a mechanical engineering undergraduate at University of Science Malaysia and I will be entering into my final year in September. Currently doing my internship. I was given an...
S Pen for Samsung Galaxy Foldables Coming At Unpacked Event

@thebigk • 6 hours ago

Samsung has announced that they're launching a special S Pen specially made for its foldable phones like Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold. Other than that, Samsung has kept mum over the S Pen details like its Bluetooth capabilities, pressure sensitivity, precision etc. Just FYI - Samsung has confirmed that it won't launch a new Note at this event.



AUD$120K-$160K • Remote-Global(+/- 5hrs from GMT+10)

Javascript/Typescript/Node.js Go Java Kotlin.GraphQL Serverless Framework AWS CI/CD pipelines

Joust is looking out for at least 7 years of demonstrated ability being a professional programmer in several technical disciplines with deep knowledge of multiple technologies.


@Ankita Katdare · Jul 28, 2011

1. The part of machine level instruction, which tells the central processor what has to be done, is A. Operation code B. Address C. Locator D. Flip-Flop E. None of...

@Kaustubh Katdare · Jan 17, 2015

Xiaomi penetrated Indian markets with their flagship Mi3 phone last year with a bang! The phone was followed up with other phones like Remi 1s and Redmi Note. After announcing...

@Kaustubh Katdare · Dec 5, 2013

Idea Cellular, one of the leading telecom network providers in India has launched the next generation Net Setter 3G dongle with a price tag of Rs. 2160. The dongle promises...
Magment - The Magnetized Cement To Chage Your EV On The Road

@thebigk • 1 day ago

New type of magnetized cement promises roads that can charge your EVs while you drive. This new type of cement called magment consists of cement and recycled magnetic particles called ferrite. Magment, the German company that makes this cement says that the cement can deliver 95% wireless transmission efficiency. The company wants to test the capability of magment to charge EVs at 200KW+ power on the go.


@Manish Goyal · Mar 6, 2017

Does anyone tried SBI Global Debit Card with Paypal? I was successfully able to confirm my debit card on paypal, but when i try to make any transaction or purchase...

@Rajasekhar Ramireddy · Dec 18, 2012

What is an electrical angle and how is it different from mechanical angle... guys plz help me in getting clarity over this....
It's the Golden Jubilee of the Apollo 15 Mission

@thebigk • 2 days ago

Fifty years ago, on July 26, 1971 NASA launched the Apollo 15 mission. It was NASA's 9th crewed mission and also the first one to use the Lunar Roving Vehicle - a battery-powered 4-wheeled rover built by Boeing. The LRV had a restricted range of about 9.5 Km from the lunar module; and was designed to operate for a total of 78 hours during the lunar day (which lasts for about 29 days). These cars were left parked on the surface of the moon to wait for the next generation of astronauts.

Boing Starliner Gets Clearance from NASA for Test Flight to ISS

@thebigk • 2 days ago

Starliner's first attempt to go to the ISS in 2019 had resulted in failure. However, Boing is now ready for its second test flight on July 30th. The Starliner will be mounted atop Atlas V rocket; and there will be no crew inside. NASA and Boing are testing Starliner's capabilities. NASA is aiming to have Boing's Starliner along with SpaceX's Crew Dragon ready for ferries to the International Space Station.