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Engineering colleges ! 😅

<p>Engineering colleges ! 😅</p>

By - Shivanshu • 12 hours ago • 2k views

Ankit Gupta - Innovese

Your idea will count less but your team would be the face of your venture. Choose your team wisely and then be prepared to go on the 'war' together. Believe in your team, Trust your life with them and expect...

Ankit Gupta

Trust Me...

<p>Trust Me...</p>

By - Sreedevi • 1 day ago • 2.5k views

Erik Hersman - BRCK

Many engineers have experienced the fact that making mistakes results in a better product in the end.

Erik Hersman

I'm reading all the comments. Let me know what'd you buy.

<p>I'm reading all the comments. Let me know what'd you buy.</p>

By - Kaustubh Katdare • 2 days ago • 5.9k views

Lucas Ngoo - Carousell

Being an entrepreneur is all about inventing the future. Find a problem that you care deeply about and pursue it with all your heart.

Lucas Ngoo

We are not to be seen

<p>We are not to be seen</p>

By - Priyanshi • 3 days ago • 3k views

Mr. Steve Wozniak - Apple

Don't be afraid to try methods that might turn out to be impossible. Your learning and thinking about the end goal makes it quick to get there by other approaches.

Mr. Steve Wozniak

We are all very creative when it comes to such stuff xD

<p>We are all very creative when it comes to such stuff xD</p>

By - Sanjana • 4 days ago • 3.3k views

Mahesh Ramakrishnan - Nanobi Analyitcs

Go for it.. Heart and soul… but first involve or learn from the others who have been in the journey.

Mahesh Ramakrishnan
Nanobi Analyitcs

the truth, my friends, is out. agree?

<p>the truth, my friends, is out. agree?</p>

By - Kaustubh Katdare • 5 days ago • 9.6k views

Frank Wiles - Grove

No plan survives first contact with the enemy. While it's important to plan, life is not going to go according to the plan you painstakingly wrote down. Have a Plan B, and C, and D!

Frank Wiles

That is funny :P

<p>That is funny :P</p>

By - Sreedevi • 6 days ago • 6.7k views

Uday Lakkar - CoHo

There is a crying need for a trusted brand with promise of consistent services at affordable price points in long stay accommodations segment and we at CoHo are trying to create exactly that.

Uday Lakkar

HaHa!!! Yea That is true.

<p>HaHa!!! Yea That is true.</p>

By - Sreedevi • 1 week ago • 22.7k views