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We know you react!!!

<p>We know you react!!!</p>

By - Sreedevi • 1 hour ago • 1.9k views

Rachana Bagde - GForGestures

I strongly believe, you have to give away few things without any second thought in order to make few other important things happen. You can’t have the pleasure of having both the things at the same time.

Rachana Bagde

Just Facebook things!!

<p>Just Facebook things!!</p>

By - Sreedevi • 1 day ago • 14.3k views

Harshad Sharma - Instamojo

The most important skill every entrepreneur and engineer working with a startup needs is to keep their calm when there's firefighting going on.

Harshad Sharma

I'm 100% result oriented

<p>I'm 100% result oriented</p>

By - Kaustubh Katdare • 2 days ago • 16k views

Varun Mayya - Jobspire

All my life I found no other stream capable of really giving me a run for my money but entrepreneurship - true entrepreneurship, when you take responsibility for all your stakeholders.

Varun Mayya

@NpQXOFL | 2.2k views

Hi everyone,

I’m building a small autonomous robot that needs to navigate a maze using ultrasonic, IR sensors, and a camera for image processing. I need advice on choosing the...

@shuanneboey | 27.7k views

Anyone know what is the kesternich test? what does it do? Can someone offered a detailed explanation, please?

RUDY AI in Action!

<p>RUDY AI in Action!</p>

By - Akash Chakraborty • 2 days ago • 2.3k views

HaHa!!! Yea That is true.

<p>HaHa!!! Yea That is true.</p>

By - Sreedevi • 3 days ago • 35.3k views

Lucas Ngoo - Carousell

Being an entrepreneur is all about inventing the future. Find a problem that you care deeply about and pursue it with all your heart.

Lucas Ngoo

5G technology allows miners in China do Work from Home!

<p>5G technology allows miners in China do Work from Home!</p>

By - Kaustubh Katdare • 4 days ago • 4.6k views

Ruchi Garg - VenueLook

Every entrepreneur must have clarity of strategic objectives and corresponding deliverables to succeed in a given time frame.

Ruchi Garg

gitHUB - > I'm a camel 😅

<p>gitHUB - &gt; I'm a camel 😅</p>

By - Shivanshu • 5 days ago • 17.6k views