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@rohit · Feb 1, 2023 | 364 views

I'm looking for advise on best programming language for data engineers. I have about 6 years of experience in Java. I wish to switch to data engineering as it seems...

The message every engineer will pass on to the next generation.

<p>The message every engineer will pass on to the next generation.</p>

By - Kaustubh • 9 hours ago • 291 views

@thebigk · Feb 1, 2023 | 530 views

Can an engineer become a doctor? If you got forced into studying engineering and want to go back to your first love - medicine (MBBS), what are your options? Let's...

@Kaustubh Katdare · Apr 30, 2013

If you think Google Glass is the next big thing, it probably is. Check out the official 'how to' video released by Google that educates you how to use Google...
Google MusicLM Generates Music from Text - Blows Mind

Kaustubh • 1 day ago • 1k views

Google Music LM can generate music from text. That is, if you tell it to create "a soothing guitar music with ocean waves and cello", it will quickly create a track for you. The input could be text or an image or caption and the output is in the form of 24 kHz stream.

Google isn't launching Google Music LM for public consumption yet. Google had introduced AudioLM - a framework for high-quality audio generation with long-term consistency. Do look at it on the source link below.

@Kaustubh Katdare · Oct 15, 2009

I'm sure that while most of the third/final year engineering students are busy preparing for exams, there are quite a lot who are already gearing up for campus placements. Here...

@thebigk · Jan 31, 2023 | 2k views

I was recently asked if a data engineer can become a data science. How difficult is it for data engineers to switch career to data scientist and what type of...

What is big data engineering?

By - Kaustubh • 1 day ago • 1.4k views

Let's learn about big data engineering, whether it's in demand, if it's different from data science engineering and career scope as a data engineer.

@bruce · Jan 30, 2023 | 2.8k views

Wish to know if data engineering is in demand these days. I am a java programmer with over 5 years of experience. Recently seen a colleague switch to data engineering...

@Kaustubh Katdare · Dec 3, 2009

CEans, I'm happy to announce that CrazyEngineers has been incorporated as "CrazyEngineers Technologies Private Limited" 😁 will now be managed by the new company that we've formed 😀 ....

CrazyEngineers V.6.0.2 - SEO Fix

Published on Jan 26, 2023 • 5.8k views

Following changes were included in the latest fix -

  1. All the internal links were restored.
  2. The internal links that were resulting into 404 were eliminated.
  3. All the external links that were pointing to dead pages were eliminated.
  4. All the external, high-quality links are now 'follow' links.
  5. All the other links are marked 'nofollow noreferrer' by default.

@Kaustubh · Jan 26, 2023 | 5.7k views

We recently pushed an update to CrazyEngineers where we fixed the internal links as well as a few external links. We noticed that our site had a ton of broken links; which were causing indexing and crawling issues.

With the new update, this issue should be solved to a great extend. We're monitoring the site and hope to see ranking boost in coming days.

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