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New Internet Speed Record - 319 Tbps

Kaustubh • 11 months ago • 16k views

Japanese engineers have achieved 319 Tb/s data transfer speed. For reference, it'd download 80,000 movies in a second. Researchers developed a 4-core experimental optical fiber and fired laser pulses at different wavelengths and multiple amplification techniques.

The 319 Tb/s speed was achieved over 1800 miles. Don't expect it to make it to your homes; but be assured that engineers are already preparing for 6G and the 7G.

GoodFellows Lets Elderly Rent A Friendly Grandkid

Kaustubh • 1 year ago • 16.4k views

How about paying a monthly fee to rent a grandkid who'll treat you as their own grandpa or grandma? Let's call it GaaS; and it's a reality. GoodFellows, a startup by Shantanu Naidu, who works as Ratan Tata's business assistant is currently beta-testing the concept; and it's working good.

GoodFellows participants are vetted using psychometric tests and paired. The startup aims to solve the problem of loneliness among elderly. It also aims to provide fulfilling and purposeful employment to young graduates. Interesting startup, right?

SpinLaunch Will Launch Satellites Without Rockets

Kaustubh • 1 year ago • 16.5k views

SpinLaunch is designing a novel mechanism of launching satellites into space without rockets. SpinLaunch's Orbital Accelerator spins up the satellites inside a vacuum chamber to about 5000 mph prior to launching it into atmosphere. Company promises 4x reduction in fuel and overall 10x reduction in cost.

After its first successful test-launch in October 2021, the company plans to offer commercial launches in 2024.

Tesla's Director of Autopilot Software Joins Apple

Kaustubh • 1 year ago • 15.7k views

Apple's just made a key hire - Christopher "CJ" Moore, the director of Autopilot Software at Tesla since 2019. Moore will report to Stuart Bowers - who was the head of Autopilot at Tesla until 2019. Apple's been tight-lipped about its plans to develop automobile. There's no clarity on how long it will be before we'll see Apple's iCar. We promise to keep you posted.

Gmail Login To Get Difficult As Google Makes 2FA Compulsory

Kaustubh • 1 year ago • 14.2k views

Google is making 2FA compulsory to login to Google accounts. Don't worry if you have no clue what 2FA means. 2FA is "Two-factor Authentication" - a more secure way to login to your account. That is, Google may send an OTP to your mobile phone every time you want to login to Google. There are other ways to implement 2FA; but login to your Gmail or YouTube account won't be as easy as typing your email and password as "password".

150 Nuclear Plants In 15 Years - China's Mega Energy Plan

Kaustubh • 1 year ago • 14.8k views

China is planning to build 150 new nuclear reactors in the next 15 years with $440 billion investment. By 2025, China will surpass USA as the largest producer of nuclear power.

200 GW by 2035 - enough to power several large cities in China; informs China General Nuclear Power Corp. Nuclear energy would help China prevent 1.5 billion tons of annual carbon emissions. It's China's grand-step towards replacing all of its 2990 coal-fired power plants by 2060.

Microsoft Loop - The New MS Office App for Collaboration

Kaustubh • 1 year ago • 13.5k views

Microsoft Loop is latest addition the MS Office App suite for collaborative work. Let me explain.

Let's say you've embedded a table in Outlook email; and your colleague updates it with new information; loop will ensure that the table gets updated in your email as well. The end-goal is to keep the information in sync across MS Office Apps suite.

In addition, MS introduced Loop Workspaces - a quick overview of what everyone on the team is working on; and react to it. Parts of the Loop are expected to make their way into MS Office apps later this year.

Mesh for Teams is Microsoft's Mixed Reality Platform for Office Meetings

Kaustubh • 1 year ago • 12.6k views

Microsoft's announced "Mesh for Teams" - a new way of meeting with your colleagues in virtual, mixed-reality environments. Instead of video calls, Mesh builds up your virtual avatar that interacts with fellow attendees. Your Mesh avatar will automatically make the gestures and animations based on your voice and facial expressions.

Mesh will start rolling out in 2022 - and Microsoft's going to let corporations customize the virtual environments to suit their needs.

Btw, don't ask us why your avatar doesn't have legs. We don't know.

"Little Giant" Sets New EV Land Speed Record - 568 km/h

Kaustubh • 1 year ago • 12.3k views

Team Vesco and ReVolt System's 444 Little Giant has set a new land-speed record for EVs with 568 kmph top speed. The vehicle deploys two heavily modified Tesla motors powered by 1152 prismatic li-ion batteries. The team has now set eye on new barrier - 643 km/h (400 mph).

This new speed record does not come anywhere near the Bloodhound SSC - the car that's attempting to break the 1000 mph barrier.

ZeroAvia Is Readying Its Hydrogen Powered Airplan For First Commercial Flight

Kaustubh • 1 year ago • 9.2k views

Hydrogen aviation pioneer, ZeroAvia is readying its zero-emission hydrogen powered airplane to carry 19 passengers from London to Rotterdam in 2024. The aircraft will fly entirely on hydrogen - and is likely to be the first commercial, international flight.

ZeroAvia says that its zero-emission power train has 75% lower fuel and maintenance costs resulting into 50% overall reduction in trip costs. The 10-20 seater configurations are designed to offer 300-500 mile flights.

Project Kuiper : Amazon's Grand Plan To Offer Satellite Internet

Kaustubh • 1 year ago • 8.4k views

Amazon's planning to put 3236 communication satellites in low-Earth orbit (LEO) in order to offer satellite Internet. The company's planning to put KuiperSat-1 and KuiperSat-2 in space by end of 2022 to test its technologies outside of the lab environment.

Amazon will deorbit the satellite so that they don't add to space debris. One of the satellites will also have a sunshade so that ground satellites get an unobstructed view of the space.

5D Optical Storage Allows Storing 500 TB Data On CD-Sized Disc

Kaustubh • 1 year ago • 8.4k views

New 5D storage mechanism now allows storing 500TB of data on a CD-sized glass disc. Researchers used near-field enhancement which allows creation of nanostructures using weak light pulses to store information in glass at faster speed.

Researchers wrote 5GB of data on the disc; but confirmed that it can store about 500 TB of data; making the disc 10000x denser than blu-ray disc.

US Army's 300 kW Laser Weapon Will Melt Missiles, Helicopters and Airplanes

Kaustubh • 1 year ago • 8.6k views

General Atomics and Boeing have prototyped a badass 300 kW laser weapon. The prototype will produce a lethal output greater than anything fielded to date.

Back in 2014, US Navy had developed a 30kW beam capable of taking down drones. But a 300 kW laser can take down missiles, helicopters and even airplanes.

Making Rocket Fuel On Mars Using Microbes

Kaustubh • 1 year ago • 8.5k views

The trips to Mars are currently one-way; because the size of the rockets required to ferry back the astronauts would be too big. In order to make reusable rockets, we'll have to develop ability to create our own rocket fuel on Mars - and now we've some hope. Georgia Tech scientists have used cyanobacteria (algae) and E. coli to develop 2,3-butanediol.

“Application of biotechnology on Mars is a perfect way to make use of limited available resources with minimal starting materials.”, said Nick Kruyer - author of the study.

Facebook < > Meta : Zuck Rebrands Company

Kaustubh • 1 year ago • 8.4k views

Facebook Inc. is now Meta Inc. - and it's a short for "Metaverse" or multiple universe. Zuck informed that the new branding exercise is in-line with company's vision to go beyond one product the FB Social Network. Company's existing products - Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram will continue to exist with the same name; but may find more integration with the 3D experiences that company's betting on.

It's similar to "Google" rebranding itself to "Alphabet". Btw, the iconic "like" button logo for FB's HQ will be replaced too!