100x Engineers : Full-Stack Development Cohort

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100x Engineers : Full-Stack Development Cohort

100x Engineers is a full-stack software engineering cohort that prepares engineers for AI-accelerated programming. The course will start on August 19, 2023; while early-bird registrations are being accepted till July 30th.

The 100xEngineers cohort will run for 12 weeks. Towards the end of the course, candidates will be awarded with a professional certificate.

The course focuses on real-world capstone projects and grants access to an elite developer community. Candidates can expect about 25+ hours of video content, live-classes and a few pre-recorded lectures.

While there is no minimum coding-experience required for this course, some familiarity with programming may give you a headstart.

The course will also include modules on interview preparation and have an exclusive job board for the candidates.

This course is ideal for college students, recent graduates and even first-time professionals who are looking to upgrade their skills.

The 100x Engineers course is being taught by Industry stalwarts-

  • Swanand Pagnis: CTO of CoLearn, Ex-CEO Bastion7

  • Tejas Tholpadi: Co-founder and CTO Avalon

  • Siddhant Goswami: Co-founder Avalon

The course will focus on the following modules:

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Node JS

  • JS

  • React

  • Github

  • PostgreSQL

  • ChatGPT

  • Vercel

  • VS Code

The entire course will be taught in 4-phases:

  1. Foundations of a WebApp

This phase will focus on the basics of browsing, state-management, front-end development, JS, APIs and AI-assisted coding.

  1. Testing and Observability

This phase will focus on writing tests, TDD approach of software development, error tracking, performance management, AI-assisted testing and debugging.

  1. Building, Packaging and Deploying

This phase will explore NPM and Bundles, command-line tooling, Vercel, Netlify, APIS and load balancers and basics of infrastructure balancing.

  1. Capstone Project Completion

In the final phase, the mentors will guide the students through an AI-powered project where students will have a practical implementation of the learnings.

Course Fees:

The fees for the first cohort is Rs. 29,500; which can be paid using Credit/Debit card or via UPI. There is also an option to apply for EMI scheme.


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