New Machines Expected At WWDC 2023q

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New Machines Expected At WWDC 2023q

Apple is expected to announce a brand new machines at WWDC scheduled between June 5-9, 2023. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, famous for his accurate guesswork about Apple’s product launches tweeted that he’s expecting-

  • Several new Macs

  • Mixed Reality Headset

  • New OSs

He also expects that the WWDC keynote will be one of the longest keynotes Apple has planned in the recent years.

Few tips from our sources point at possibility of a ‘high-end’ Mac, (hint: Mac Pro) being announced at WWDC ‘23.

Another interesting launch would be a redesigned 15” Macbook Air powered by the latest M2 chip. The 15-inch MacBook Air will reportedly sport a design resembling the M2 MacBook Air and will come with a couple of USB Type-C ports and MagSafe charging.

Other hardware specs hint at the base model offering 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage.

New iMac, Maybe

iMac fanbois may get a pleasant surprise from Apple. It’s expected that Apple will announce a new iMac powered by the M2 Max or M2 Ultra chips. It’s not clear whether the form factor will get an upgrade from the current 24” to 32”. However, the iMac will be made available in multiple colors.

Mixed Reality Headset

Ross Young, another Twitter user famous for Apple leaks has stated that Apple’s new Mixed Reality Headset will have-

  1. Two 1.41” Micro OLEDs

  2. 4000 PPI

  3. >5000 nits of brightness

We’ll keep updating the story. Stay tuned.


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