What is TCS Xplore? - Explained

What is TCS Xplore? - Explained

By - Kaustubh Katdare • 1 year ago • 36.5k views

TCS Xplore is a 120-hour, digital training learning program conducted by Tata Consultancy Services for candidates recruited by TCS. It is a part of the talent development initiative of the company called ILP aka Initial Learning Program.

The Xplore program replaces the traditional training program conducted by TCS for 2-3 months before joining.

The new Xplore program offers -

  • Training to master digital skills and get certification
  • Hackathons to test and showcase your programming skills
  • Digital connect series that helps you understand the current industry trends, challenges, growth strategies and customer expectations
  • BU connect helps you get explore to business practises through quizzes, leader connects and hackathons
  • Internship opportunities to work with TCS

TCS, one of the largest companies in India recruits tens of thousands of engineering graduates every year.

During the 4-year undergraduate course in engineering, the students do not acquire the required skills to be put on live software projects. Read Why are engineers not getting jobs in India?

Therefore, TCS and several other leading companies like Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, Accenture, Capgemini conduct training programs for freshly recruited software engineers.

The candidates are trained on software and communication skills necessary for the job. The program is designed to help the candidates from college to the corporate world.

Candidates are encouraged to learn, practise the assignments and also clear the proctored assessments.

During the Xplore training sessions, TCS conducts proctored assessment tests. Candidates who score above 55% in the assessment receive a joining bonus of Rs. 40,000. Score above 80% attracts an additional bonus of Rs. 20,000.

The questions asked during the assessment are from the curriculum of the Xplore program. Hence, every candidate is encouraged to complete the lessons without skipping any.

What if you fail or skip Xplore?

Candidates who do not score 55% or skip the Xplore program will lose on the benefits discussed above. However, they will still receive the offer letter with slight delay.

Even if you fail, you will get ample opportunities to take the tests. You will have to clear each test before you can take the next one. You can keep track of your progress by looking at the percentage sign in the top corner of your screen.

Is Xplore Hard?

It is not. The training session is easy and can be completed easily with a few hours of practice every day. The assessments too are not difficult if you have paid attention to the lessons. The sessions generally are enjoyable.

What is covered in the TCS Xplore program?

The program acts as a refresher to the engineering subjects studied during the degree course. The subjects cover -

  • Knowledge about TCS
  • Java Programming fund
  • Unix fundamentals
  • HTML, CSS and JS basics
  • Introduction to AI, Big Data, Data Engineering, Data Science etc.

Further questions will be addressed below.


  • Kaustubh
    Kaustubh Katdare

    How do you login to TCS XPlore?

    You can login to Xplore through the TCS Nexstep Portal. You will need the following -

    1. Email ID or Reference ID
    2. Password for the Nextstep portal

    After successful login, you will be redirected to the Xplore portal. The URL is not accessible to members who are not logged-in. We've discussed most common registration and login related questions for nextstep on the link above.

    Please follow this URL if you want help with Nexstep application, pre-requisites and other help.

  • Kaustubh
    Kaustubh Katdare

    Is TCS XPlore Paid?

    No, it is not. TCS XPlore is meant for the candidates already selected by TCS through campus placements. No extra charge is required from the candidates.

    Is it compulsory for all TCS joinees?

    Yes, it is compulsory for all the TCS joinees. First, it shortens your joining wait period because TCS promises to give you the offer letter sooner if you complete the program. Second, top performers get monetary incentives and better project placements.

    Does it affect candidate salary?

    No, it does not affect the salary at the time of joining. Please note that your salary increments and bonuses will be decided by your managers when you are allotted a live project. This is typically determined during the appraisal season.

  • Rohit
    Rohit Joshi

    I have started a discussion to discuss common coding questions asked in TCS Xplore. Starting with Python Questions and Answers for TCS XPlore

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