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@Yasha Jain • 29 Jun, 2018 • 4 likes

I wish to know what is the right way to update my email ID in TCS Next Step portal. I entered incorrect email ID at the time of signing up. I got my account created, but I am unable to login to it. Can someone help me address this issue?

@Kaustubh Katdare • 29 Jun, 2018 • 2 likes

You will have to send email change request to which is the official support email ID of TCS NextStep related problems. 

Have you sent mail to them? Do mail then and then let us know if that solves the problem. 

@Yasha Jain • 29 Jun, 2018 • 1 like

Actually I have dropped them a mail regarding this and they have sent me a reply with a negative response that they would not be able to change ..Actually my current email id which I want to change has no problem in acceing it only it does not look appropriate for is there any problem if I continue with that email id only for campus??

@Kaustubh Katdare • 29 Jun, 2018

It's important to have a professional looking email ID. However, if TCS said that they cannot change it, let it be. Create a new, professional Gmail ID and then use it to apply to other companies or for rest of the campus placements. 

Hope this helps. 

@Yasha Jain • 29 Jun, 2018

I have already created a new I'd ..but the TCS refused to change my I'd ..There can be any problem at the time of campus selection?

@Kaustubh Katdare • 20 Dec, 2018

Posting question by @Sharan Bhosage -

 my current email doesn't exists, so I want to change it to new working email id. What I should do...whether this problem will solve? 

@Kaustubh Katdare • 20 Dec, 2018

@Sharan Bhosage - I'm not sure if TCS will allow changing email ID. That'd lead to candidates taking undue advantage of their recruitment system. 

Your best bet is to re-create the email ID that existed and reset your account password. If that does not work out for you - the only suggestion would be to create a new account with TCS NextStep portal and fill-up information carefully. 

@Sharan Bhosage • 20 Dec, 2018

No, that existed email id is in the form of.

So we can't create. Co. In mail id publicly.

@Çhøkì Vîky • 21 Jan, 2019 • 1 like

My email id provided for tcs recruitment is no longer available. Can i change my id. Is it any problem in it. 

@Kaustubh Katdare • 27 Mar, 2019

Choki - I'm not sure what do you mean by "no longer available". Did you use any institute ID or something else? You should request your institute to provide it to you so that you can get important notifications. 

If you simple lost the email account; you will have to create a new one on Gmail. It's not possible to change your email ID. Use a new phone number, email ID and try signing up on TCS portal. It's going to be difficult to register again. All the best!

@Vaibhav Kushwaha • 27 Nov, 2019 • 3 likes

Sir I have registered on TCS Employment Application Form. I am not able to get any mail related to hall ticket because my Gmail ID is what can I do ?

@Kaustubh Katdare • 27 Nov, 2019 • 1 like

Vaibhav, have you tried emailing ? They'll be able to help you out with your query. It looks like they do help you in special cases. Make sure to describe your problem in brief and provide them all the required details like - your correct email ID, reference numbers (if any), mobile number etc. which will help them identify your account and fix the problem. 

@Mohit G • 02 Dec, 2019 • 1 like

Did anyone manage to change their email ID on the TCS nextstep portal? My niece is facing similar problem as her account got locked. She has sent email to mentioned email Id but has not heard back from them since last 3-4 days. 

@likhitha raju • 30 May, 2020 • 1 like

My name email address is mistake sir.. How can I change that on tcs portal please help. 

@[Prototype] • 30 May, 2020 • 1 like

Those of who are making mistakes in email, go ahead and try to see if the "incorrect" email is available at the mail service provider and register it. This way, even if you're not able to get it corrected, you'll still get the further communication. 

You can as well try contacting the TPO of your college and ask them for appropriate contact. Though, be ready to get an earful. ?

Also guys, this is a such an important step. What's up with the hurry in filling the forms? Is there some race here where the first one to fill the form gets the job without interview? 

Take time, read the filled form at least 5 times before you click that submit button. It doesn't look good for fairly educated individuals to make mistakes in their name, college name, email id. 

Create an excel and keep all these basic details filled there. Copy paste it from this sheet the next time to avoid this. 

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