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Can someone tell me which is the best CDAC course for placement for mechanical engineers? It looks like most of the courses are aimed at computer engineers. Would appreciate your...

@rohit | 17k views

I wish to know what is the average salary package offered to CDAC students. Does it change course-wise and center-wise?

@rohit | 12.9k views

Can someone tell me if CDAC is a government company? I've been hearing about the placements CDAC degree/diploma holders get after completing the course. Do you think it's worth completing...

@shuanneboey | 11.6k views

Is this true? The thicker the fastener coating, the longer it lasts?

@shuanneboey | 12.7k views

Anyone know what is the difference between a self-tapping screw and a self-drilling screw?

@shuanneboey | 8k views

What type of screw coating is the best for coastal regions?

@thebigk | 12.1k views

Dear engineers, I noticed a strange software service called 'Yufu Fan' running in the background on my MacOS.

I noticed that it's auto-enabled and it's definitely not from Apple. I'm...

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The entire world got introduced to a new term a few months ago; and it's already changed the way we work. The term is LLM aka Large Language Models.


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I've created a three sample email templates that you can use to inform the candidates that they have not been selected during the interview process.

Email Example #1:

Subject: Your...

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An engineer friend of mine wanted to know if he can have tattoos and whether it will affect his career. He had an interview scheduled in about 15 days; and...

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In general, the maximum age for software engineer or software developer to retire is 60 years. However, this is just a convention and there is no age-limit set or mandated...

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The exact number of times a car's battery can be recharged depends upon several factors. These factors include, but not limited to -

  1. Battery type
  2. Driving habits
  3. Charging habits
  4. ...

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I received a question in email asking which is the lowest branch of engineering. Upon some research on the Internet, I found the answer.

The lowest branch of engineering is...

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Wish to know from fellow electrical engineers about their opinion if Electrical Engineering is hard? My nephew is struggling to make a choice between Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electronics...

@thebigk | 12.7k views

Apple has started transitioning from Intel processors to their own custom-designed ARM-based Apple Silicon chips, starting with the M1 chip.

This transition was announced in June 2020, and it was...