• Hello engineers,

    I have always underestimated the potential of AI in understanding human language, which is why I never bothered to learn about it. However, the launch of ChatGPT has completely changed my perspective, and I have since taken the time to educate myself on NLP and computer vision.

    AI has proven itself capable of performing a wide range of tasks, with processing power being the primary limitation. With this in mind, do you believe AI has the potential to replace software developers in the industry?

    I want to emphasize the term 'industry' here, as we already have the ability to generate software without writing a single line of code, albeit with certain limitations."

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  • Ron Murphy


    ChatGPT shocked everyone, but AI will not replace software developers. AI has no sense of the environment and it relies on the data it's been trained on. Humans, on the other hand have the ability to capture inputs from the real-world and implement it.

    In the next decade, I predict software developers will rely on AI to assist them in programming and boost productivity. I am confident that AI will help identify bugs, write better code, offer assistance when the programmer is stuck. But we won't rely on it to develop entirely new programs from scratch.

    I however am keeping an eye on the development of AGI. That might have the potential to change the way we interact and rely on computers.

    Thank you for starting this discussion.

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