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kushal9 • Jul 20, 2008

Making a building/lab energy efficient

hi guys nd gals
i'am a final year electrical engg student,i want to do a project on energy efficiency for example make a building/lab energy efficient i know it's gonna be
a costly affair but can any one plzzz suggest me a nice way as to hw to go bout it...
thnx waiting
first of all start with energy monitoring,then use some low-power consumption lights n electrical equipment,hey why dont ya get in touch with energy auditor they can be helpfull to you.
Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak • Jul 21, 2008
You probably might want to make a study project. Take lights of different watts and different make including a CFL. Try them at odd hours and monitor the consumption of energy by each (I dunno how). Also record the lux. Depending on the findings, suggest the best light and or combination of lights at different hours. You might also suggest the wiring mechanism. I heard some wires are better transporters of electricity than others.

Biggie can possibly help. He is a Electrical Engineer!
kushal9 • Jul 21, 2008
hey guys thnx for replying
actually i have decided to make a solar panel and to light a room/college lab
the main prob is the "money".
can any body plzzz help me out in telling me how costly it's going to be?
i'll definitely search for sponsorship.
Thats a nice idea you can get in touch with TATA-BP,they are leaders in solar-cell,the best thing will be get in touch with ur professors,they will sure help you!!!
kushal9 • Jul 23, 2008
can any one plzzz list the names of various solar panels manufacturers?
i'll be very thnakful to u...

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