Embedded system for license plate recognition..

Hi all..

i am a college student and doing a project on license plate recognition system...i had finished the program..but the problem now is to find suitable hardware for real-time experiment.
actually my system will involve a usb camera that will connect to the "low cost hardware (still duno!!)" and will appear to LCD/Monitor..
i have read some projects using miniPC, microcontroller board..etc..
can anyone here help me to find the best hardware i should use where i can upload my C program on it and run it very well...

ur coop is very2 appreciated..


  • sauravgoswami
    Man,u had started the wrong way!!first h/w has to be recognised,anyhow u can use a 8051 microcontroller,it is one of the best for C-programmes or else go for ARM based system,why dont ya study a digital camera,it will help u immensely!!

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