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Vikas Chahar - Knit

There is nothing like perfect age to be, pushing yourselves to the limits is what it takes.

Vikas Chahar
Dhruvil Sanghvi - LogiNext

“There are plenty of problems in this world which needs your attention. The only tasks worth your time are the ones which make this world better."

Dhruvil Sanghvi
Nikhil Arora - Back to the Roots

Love. Love what you do. Love who you do it with. Love the people you do it for. If all those are true - you'll be successful.

Nikhil Arora
Back to the Roots
Avi Jain - Homesake​

You need to have a burning desire to achieve your ambition, and undaunted faith on your capability and idea.

Avi Jain
Neha Bagaria - JobsForHer

Social entrepreneurship, provides you the opportunity to create an impact while finding profitability.

Neha Bagaria
Satej Sirur - Rocketium

"I feel being an entrepreneur changes you by forcing you to lose all the support systems that you relied on and build new ones".

Satej Sirur
Håkon Wium Lie - Opera

In the history of computing, I don't think you can find another application that has been ported to more operating systems than the Opera browser.

Håkon Wium Lie
Abhishek Daga - Thrillophilia

People management, analytical and not emotional driven business decisions is the key.

Abhishek Daga
Aneesh Reddy - Capillary Technologies

When the entrepreneurs show how it can solve real-world challenges and add true business value, it is then the right time for them to generate funding.

Aneesh Reddy
Capillary Technologies
Puneet Sharma - BugClipper

"Monday you are lowest low, wednesday you are highest HIGH." That's how this ride is - and right now we are on high on our adventure.

Puneet Sharma
Rupam Das - Integrated Ideas

"I had quit the job exactly on a month on the day of my first salary and without taking it. I realized that if I had accepted the salary, I would never be able to leave that job."

Rupam Das
Integrated Ideas
Juan José - Yerka Bikes

We’ve been taught many thing as Engineering students, but one of the most important things that we’ve learned in the process is - to always push

Juan José
Yerka Bikes
Mr. Girish Wagh - TATA NANO

It is possible to imagine, pursue against all odds and achieve what is thought to be un-achievable by most.

Mr. Girish Wagh
Pramod Hegde - Bro4U

"Customer is first, everything else is next. To solve big problems technology is the only solution and we have to be very sharp in it."

Pramod Hegde
Able Joseph -

The best way to achieve long-term success is to stay anxious, be super involved in everything that the team does in the nascent stages and keep your eyes on the trophy, even on weekends.

Able Joseph