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Arpit Kothari - Medd​

Don’t talk about wanting to do something. Start doing it.

-Arpit Kothari
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Phalgun Kompalli - UpGrad

If I had to diagnose the key problems with education today, it would be: Access, Affordability, Quality and Relevance.

-Phalgun Kompalli
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Jiten Rao - TeaHalt

Tea is something which is in the blood of Indians. Most of us drink it 2-3 times in a day. But ghar ki chai was lacking hugely outside homes in our country.

-Jiten Rao
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Vinita Joshi - The Modiste

"My advice to anyone who wants to build, create or break things - is to have perseverance, a clear vision and an ability to reinvent."

-Vinita Joshi
The Modiste
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Gulshan Iyer - Gullu's Kitchen

"The indian mentality of QSR is associated with junk and processed food. It has taken some time and energy to change that mentality."

-Gulshan Iyer
Gullu's Kitchen
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Abhinav Prateek - Metamorf

An entrepreneur’s life is full of decision points. He shouldn’t be afraid of taking wrong decisions.

-Abhinav Prateek
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Ajit Shegaonkar - Stitchwood

I am happy that we were able to create an online tool that helps people customise their furniture on a real-time basis.

-Ajit Shegaonkar
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Priya Wagh - Mavenchic

The most challenging part of being an entrepreneur is to be constantly thinking about how to make your product perfect, even when you are asleep.

-Priya Wagh
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Shubham Jha - Laundrize

Before focusing on traction, expansion, branding and marketing, focus on business model, customer satisfaction, and analysis of the problem you are trying to solve.

-Shubham Jha
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Pravesh Dudani - iDreamCareer

Now one can argue - how to spot a billion dollar idea? One has to keep their eyes open for that. Keep looking around for simple problems faced and innovative solutions for them.

-Pravesh Dudani
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Devashish Sharma - TripMD

Our mission is to make high quality healthcare accessible worldwide.

-Devashish Sharma
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Mr. Larry Bock - Nanosys

Stay “crazy,” hungry, creative and prepared.

-Mr. Larry Bock
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Nitin Agrawal - Funstay

Don't tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have traveled

-Nitin Agrawal
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Prashant Singh - BuyHatke

The dream is to be the reason for happiness for savings for a billion dollars.

-Prashant Singh
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Lalit Bhise - Bizom

As an advise, I would just want people who are starting up to focus on building sustainable business. Raising VC money is not a validation for the business . so would strongly recommend them to build a business rather than...

-Lalit Bhise
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