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  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    2013-09-09 23.52.17

    Sir Mokshagundam Visveshwariah - Sir MV who was born in 15th September 1860 is the man behind the Engineers Day as he was regarded as the pre-eminent Engineer. His notable works are designing of Flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad, Krishna Raja Sagara dam in Mysore and implementation of intricate system of irrigation in Deccan area which saved thousands of lives of farmers who were depending on agriculture. He finished his Civil Engineering at college of Engineering, Pune (COEP). After his graduation he held the shoes for the job in Public works department (PWD) in Mumbai followed by job in Indian Irrigation Commission. To recognize his contributions, Indian government had announced that September 15th of every year would be celebrated as the “Engineers Day”.


    Engineer is a one who design, invent, innovate and implement the concepts which will be a basement for a strong future. Our forefathers had been great engineers during their period and the engineering marvels build or invented by them remains a wonder but in today’s scenario both Engineering and Engineers are not good as old one and an old proverb strikes me “OLD IS GOLD”. We still overgraze on the inventions made by them and today’s inventions and buildings are the living evidence for them. The earlier Engineers made their efforts to make the harder works simple but today’s Engineering is all about money making and their inventions are targeted to make people more lazier.

    Money making mind of Engineers had affected the whole human community. We are not concerned about the future problems that could arise from the inventions that were made and released without any further study of its practical experience and applications. A film named “The God must be crazy“explains the whole engineering process in a comic way. Today's Engineering had made a permanent gap between the human beings and nature. We build buildings over the agricultural land and ponds which can be a fatal threat to people living there. We had developed automobiles for our convenient without thinking the impact of it over the environment.

    We can argue that all the inventions are made for the welfare of people but people had misused it but I have a question to for them. If there is no one to produce who is going to utilize it? Now slowly and steadily Engineers had understood the real situation and they are trying hard to cope up with the situation. Now all of us are moving towards the eco-friendly products which indirectly explain the engineer’s hard work behind it. The work towards invention of eco-friendly inventions was hindered by the insufficient money for their work and the main reason was that there is no proper encouragement for the innovator (Engineer).


    We all know that the time elapsed cannot be rewinded and past is past. I am here with a request to all CEans that we are the Engineers of the world and we should make sure that we don’t leave our future generations in menace. It’s our responsibility, because we are Engineers. Happy Engineers Day.
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew

    Seasoned with the inner urge to write, I took out my pen and started jotting down various pros and cons of engineering which I could think of. Exhausted, I dropped my pen on my office table and stared at the monitor. How could I say cons about engineering when I am not even a professional? What have I done till date that could add to the legacy of engineering? This kept pricking my mind each time I wanted to write another line. So here goes at any cost...
    Image: The First Face that'd come to your head when you think of engineering is this - a Civil Engineer with a Safety Hat!
    Image Courtesy: #-Link-Snipped-#


    INTERVIEWER: What is the greatest advancement in engineering as of yet? Can you tell me?
    Answer: The next big thing.

    INTERVIEWER: Engineering – in simple words – is the art of making things work better. Am I right or wrong?
    Answer: Nope, it’s the art of worsening things by making then look better.

    INTERVIEWER: How complicated can you make engineering look?
    Answer: As complicated as touching your nose with your tongue.

    INTERVIEWER: Why would you choose to be an engineer over to being a doctor?
    Answer: Because doctors don’t have a free life – they work 24/7 – except those doctors who hang around on CrazyEngineers.com

    INTERVIEWER: What good has engineering done in terms of Society and Ethics?
    Answer: It has made good people feel bad (and often jealous) about each other through social media.

    INTERVIEWER: How often do you bump an engineer on the road?
    Answer: As much as I’d bump all the other cars on the street when I’m drunk driving!

    INTERVIEWER: Has engineering lost it’s value over the years?
    Answer: Yes. Kind of. But it’s not too late to make things better again.

    INTERVIEWER: Would you recommend engineering to your young friends?
    Answer: I’d say, follow your heart, but also listen to head:

    if (heart=1; heart>brain; heart++)

    INTERVIEWER: Would you rather go shopping or learn engineering?
    Answer: Shopping with an engineering expert.

    INTERVIEWER: As an engineer, what is your ‘wake up mantra’ when you wake up every morning?


    Image: Get one of these T-shirts if you have a wife who's not an engineer!
    Image Courtesy: Access to this page has been denied


    There are two types of Engineers according to my perspective: one who are engineering graduates and the rest who are real engineers. What differentiates one from the other? Let's take a closer look:

    1. Graduates are often products of colleges, engineers are often products of practice.

    2. Graduates lack the patience to learn from experience. They often want everything fast - success is however a step by step process and real engineers know that!

    3. Graduates often lack self motivation to excel, but real engineers
    tend to overcome all the odds and often bring these odds to their own favor.

    Which type are you? We all need to analyse ourselves!

    Image: Do people trust you as an engineer?
    Image Courtesy: #-Link-Snipped-#


    What does a real engineer have to offer to the world? As a part of the highly unstable human evolutionary era, we engineers are bound to bestow quality of product. The products we engineer should not harm the already existing harmony in the environment. This often fails when people turn to monsters with various business tactics that are set to invoke the lazy minds among us to use and throw these often unfinished products - often labelled as luxurious! After centuries of this mayhem, we can expect a world filled with ruined innovations of old. The Hollywood movie named 'Idiocracy' states a frightful scenario for the future, which occurs when engineering is misused.


    So I'd like to conclude by reminding all my fellow engineers out there that today you may engineer products which people like and use, but later on these same people will throw these products away as waste tomorrow - so - you should always remember that as engineers, your greatest challenge is to preserve the integrity of the Earth we live in by using your engineering skills to build products that won't harm the future of Earth in any manner what-so-ever; nothing else matters. Happy Engineers Day!
  • R.Sri Ram
    R.Sri Ram


    Every one of us has some inner strengths and skills. I have with me five fabulous ideas which help us to realize those strengths and skills in the right direction for common good. I would like to reveal those five secrets that make you a successful engineer. The five steps that make you and your surroundings enlighten are...

    Find Positives

    Positive thinking is a mental attitude that welcomes into your mind thoughts, words and imagery that contribute to your growth, success and well being .It is a state of mind that anticipates and works for happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action.

    Once guru Dronacharya sent Duryodhana to search and find at least one completely good person in the city of Hastinapura. He roamed the whole day and night, searching for totally good people .He returned in the morning dejected, and said that he could not find even one good person. He submitted to Dronacharya that there was something bad in every person he met. Next day Dronacharya called Dharma raja and told him to go round the same city and find at least one completely bad person. Dharma raja roamed the whole day and night but failed to find even completely bad person. He found something good in every person .He came back to Dronacharya and submitted that he could not find even one bad person.

    The difference between the two brothers was just the attitude. There is no completely good and completely bad person, because every human is inherently divine. When we learn to see good in every person, we can not only respect him/her but also learn many good things. This will help change the quality of our life

    Find possibilities

    There are many people who think that ‘only they have problems’ and by thinking so, they are unable to find possibility in their problems. Every problem has a hidden opportunity in it. Like tools, circumstances are neutral; they can be used either for us or against us, i.e. either positively or negatively. A knife can be used by a doctor to save a person, while a criminal uses it to kill a person. It is not the tool itself but the way it is used determines whether it is beneficial or detrimental.

    The one power which cannot be able to control how you react to any situation. You may not be able to control how the other person behaves, but you can control how you react to it. When pundit Madan Mohan Malaviya – the founder of Benaras Hindu University-approached a Nawab for funds to establish the university, the Nawab threw a shoe at him. He did not feel insulted; instead, he found an opportunity in the indignation. He put the shoe of the Nawab for auction and got a huge amount; and he used the funds for setting up of the university.

    You will find that every situation, properly perceived, offers an opportunity. As soon as each opportunity presents itself, use it –no matter how small it may be. You will find new directions out of it.

    Give first to get

    A thirsty man travelling in a desert found a rusted pump at a deserted house. He noticed a bottle of water with a note written: “you have to prime the pump with water first and fill the bottle again before you leave”. Now, he had two choices-to follow the instructions or just drink the water and save himself from thirst and go away. If he follows the instructions, he will get water from the pump; quench his thirst; fill the water for use by the next thirsty traveller. On the other hand, if he uses the water for priming the pump and it did not work, he will die of thirst. Finally, in his wisdom, he decided to follow the advice. He poured the whole bottle of water down the rusty old pump and furiously pumped up. Water gushed out! He had all the needed water to quench his thirst. He filled the bottle again and added his own words, beneath the instructions on the bottle; “Believe me ,it really works.”

    Practice the attitude of giving-it makes wonders in your life. You begin sowing the seeds of gratitude, appreciation, complementing and forgiving. You will reap the benefits manifold. Learn to appreciate and give feed back to your friends and colleagues. Then they will also help you in enhancing your skills through their feedback and appraisals.

    Enjoy what you do

    There are two things in life that most of us will do normally; things we have to do as duty, which we may or may not enjoy, but help us grow in life; and things we enjoy but may or may not help us grow. We need to learn to enjoy what we do. Only then we do not get or feel tired, and we stand a chance to excel in that area.

    Dr.Abdul kalam, the former president of India wanted to become a pilot, but narrowly missed the chance. He did not loose heart. He joined a related field Aeronautical Engineering in Madras institute of technology. He excelled in that and went on to become a great engineer, and ultimately a scientist. Just like a diligent public performer, Kalam converts each day into a work of art. Where ever he goes, he finds time and opportunity to meet young people and motivate them.

    Learn from every person

    The fifth secret of success is to learn from every person—The attitude of continuous learning - which means to look at each person ,each experience ,and even each moment of your life as an opportunity to learn. You can give new knowledge, new skills and learn new ways of thinking, problem solving, and, of course, growth in life.

    One of the success secrets of Sir Mokshagundam Visveswarayya, the renowned Engineering genius, was his learning attitude. From his boyhood, Visveswarayya was eager to learn new things where ever he went; he always carried a pencil and a note book. He noted any new ideas, techniques, and knowledge bits, he came across during his visits to various other places and utilised those ideas creatively in other situations. He lived for 101 years and was instrumental in designing many innovative infrastructure projects in India.

    A successful engineer should maintain all these qualities.Because an engineer plays an important role in elevating the incredibility of one's country among different nations in the world and that's why friends i wish you a very happy Engineer's day.

  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran

    All of us are grown wondering the man made machines and structures especially when a Engineer is involved. When we go back and see the past we would understand the role played by an Engineer in developing this whole new world full of astonishing structures and machines with unimaginable features. If we dig the past we could possibly find out that the word “Engineer” had been derived from the Latin word “ingeniare” which explains us how to contrive and devise. So I am dedicating this whole opportunity to thank my fellow Engineers and the great old Legends who had built the base for our sustainable life. This essay deals with the journey of Engineer in engineering the life.

    After the man’s first invention of “Fire” mankind had evolved to a whole new dimension which makes our living fruitful and happier. Then we tried to figure all the things around us which had resulted in lots and lots of discoveries. When our forefathers thought out of box, they landed on series of inventions. After the sequence of tests, our forefathers moved to other places to explore them but the exploration is not quite easy. That’s where automobile root is born. They invented wheels followed by building of carts to move and carry the people. People then started to find resources and utilizing them. Engineers invented new machines and built structures which act as shelter to them. Engineers are the base for our strong foundation.

    It’s all about the existing moment where we feed over or follow the footsteps made by our Engineering godfathers. We now have the life which our forefathers believed that cannot be achieved but our Engineers proved that everything in the world is attainable and achieved. We now have the facility to move from one place to other place by different modes of transportation. We are able to build the structures that had been an imagination. We are able to connect to every person in the world with a single click. All the inventions are paving way for us to enjoy our life. We now able to build buildings so high that even the roundness of earth can be viewed with our naked eye. An edited version of Abraham Lincoln’s quote will fit perfect to explain my gratitude to our Engineers - “All we are, or can be. We owe to our creative Engineers”.

    Our present engineering community is more futuristic and they had concepts which are more creative and mind-blowing. They have proposed “Hyper Loop” concept which can transport people in a astonishing speed. If we consider structural engineering, our engineers are more advanced and we can expect wonders to be built in near future. Future engineers would be able to find solutions to the present day problems and they had learnt to utilize all the possible renewable resources.

    All the happenings of past, present and future indicate the importance of Engineers and their impact on environment. We had learnt how to live life along with environment and this creates the feeling that human life will flourish in future and this is why I think engineering is important and relevant today. Happy Engineers Day!!!

  • Sanyam Khurana
    Sanyam Khurana
    Happy Engineers Day

    Engineers Day - A day dedicated to Engineers all over the world for their tremendously powerful and innovative ideas which have completely revolutionized the world as we see it today.

    Why Engineers Day?
    Courtesy: Wikipedia
    On birthday of Sir Mokshagundam Vishveshwariah (Sir MV) [The Father of Indian Engineering], this day is celebrated to give tribute to him, a notable Indian Engineer, scholar , statesman who also received Bharat Ratna in 1955. He was a man with values, dedicated to work harder every day, passionately, just to contribute for the welfare of Humans. He was knighted by British for his myriad contributions in world of Engineering. If I start here to write about him, this essay would never reach an end, to be precise about his achievements ,dedication and hard working nature, I would like you all to see this documentary.​

    What exactly is "Engineering"?
    This question is the one, which is often never justified by most of the people. Instead of asking what is Engineering, the question should be What isn't Engineering exactly?
    If we look at our life, each and every sphere of our life, involves Engineering, we are all surrounded by innovations of Engineers, which have helped us to make our life better, it's just these innovations which made, each day, more productive.

    "Engineers" - The hard working and dedicated professionals
    Engineers all over the world have worked so hard, just to make our lives better, more convenient and comfortable, providing sophistication. They work day and night, often spend sleepless nights just to light up our world. Everything involves Engineering, whether we talk about Automotive (deals with the vehicles), every time, we see new better vehicles, and every time, there are more better models that could run even on electricity and solar power, Mechanical ( deals with machines), which are used to develop bigger parts like that of a plane and even the smallest intricate parts like an all allpin , Civil,structural and architecture (deals with developing awesome structures like Taj Mahal, Burj Khalifa and much much more), CSE/IT (Deals with computers), (needless to tell they are used in every sphere be it, hotel, tourism, finance, medical, and much more), Electronics and Telecommunications (dealing with the efficient use of Electricity, developing more fabulous machines (even computers) and developing the communication systems), and the list is just endless.

    All Engineering streams are interdependent and are "Pillars" of the world
    What world actually is , as we see it today, is because of efficient contributions of Engineers from different streams. It is solely because of their innovative ideas, that have turned the world upside down. Just imagine, if there would not be any Engineer, you'll not be reading this, but would be probably in search of some food, lost in the unknown world.

    Enough said, but just for the sake for you to realize how important are Engineers from every stream to the world are, I would like you show some of the pictures.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Image Courtesy : #-Link-Snipped-#
    You are reading this probably on a computer, tab, or even a phone, which is an innovation of an engineer, even everything you see around you, was an idea which evolved in brain of an engineer.
    We are all surrounded by Engineering innovations, and they are working hard to bring us closer to the world of Technology.

    For People who blames Engineer
    Well, everything is developed for a reason, it was not an engineer who began to destruct a world, but un-educated or sometimes even careless educated humans, who rather than using an innovation which would do more good to our society, have lead it to the other way.

    Sir MV, the Father of Indian Engineering is truly a source of inspiration, a man with values, who constantly worked hard with all his dedication, everyday, passionately, just to ensure the implementation of the innovative ideas that strikes an engineer's mind. He was the true source for every engineer to develop the world , which we see today, fully equipped with latest gadgets and machinery which help in making our life more comfortable and happier. This is why I think Engineering is important and relevant today. Happy Engineers Day.
  • Anudeep Reddy
    Anudeep Reddy


    An Engineer:

    All we know or think about Engineering is just the Graduation in Engineering-that is not the Engineering the way we engineer the world and ourselves is the engineering.

    There are different types of engineers in the world, The CIVIL Engineers are the wonderful because they made this world which we live in, without whom we would not have seen the Seven Wonders of the World. And many spectacular monuments all over the world which range from paintings on a small grain, the smallest and tiniest to the largest biggest and greatest things built on the earth.


    From just a piece of paper showing the plan to do something we engineers achieve wonders that are believed as impossible. As an engineer I say nothing is impossible unless we try our best, the average engineer who is working in the things like these are the real engineers who show the world the wonderful possibilities of engineering, proving that it is not just graduating from a top universities with utmost credits and highest package placements.
    I feel happy as an Engineer-HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY

    Thought of an Engineer:


    It should be like an inspiring bullet into the tech minds which is invincible. Being a the best engineer does not satisfy the existence of an engineer, an engineer must be a good human being, supporting surviving and engineering the world to be sustainable and inhabitable for our future generations of engineers.
    I feel proud as an Engineer- HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY

    Yes! We are engineers:

    We engineer everything and we live on the face of the earth to engineer its stability


    Every human being who is capable of building, demolishing, creating or adapting is an engineer. Because there are people who are working researching on “How to build something”, “How to demolish a building without any harm to anyone or anything”, “How to create spectacular wonders in the world” , “How to adapt to situations that nature puts in our way”.

    The people who do wonderful things in the world and in the lives of people are all engineers. Not only Civil or Mechanical or Automobile or IT or Electrical…….We all are engineers. Born to be an engineer and surviving as an engineer we all must engineer the world. Doesn’t matter what we are it only matters who we are……………….we are ENGINEERS!!!
    I feel great as an Engineer- HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY

    Engineers change lives of people:

    Engineers in every field have their role to play in changing people’s lives –Lives of scientists in space to a farmer in every village.

    Every engineer changes lives of people

    Here! To Here!

    An engineer is born out of curiosity to know things that are already done by previous engineers but emerges as an engineer only when understands the essence of the things that are called wonders.

    An engineer really changes the lives of people from scientists who hang their lives to a tiny thread called belief in engineers who built the space shuttle, the lives of farmers in deep valleys and steep mountains who have learnt to engineer the land themselves in order to cultivate. Everything in the present world consists engineering.

    It feels responsible as an Engineer- HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY

    Anudeep Reddy P
  • Saenyi

    Born in a small village in sub Saharan Africa on a Tuesday of 1991 July second, I breathed the first deep breath and 'wondered' what the world had in place for me. At the age of one and half, I started being a problem to my father because of the damage I caused to his small FM receiver that he could use to listen to news about what our president had for the nation. I started schooling at the age of five-you may wonder how late that was but then there was no baby class and kindergarten so I moved straight to class one. The best game I enjoyed after school was 'driving' some sort of self built vehicles constructed from plain wires and using bottle tops as tires. We could compete pushing our vehicles and of course the best was the one that had little friction between the 'tires' and the wires and guess what, mine i was envied by my fellow age mates by being the best each time. I told my mother that one day i would like to be an engineer in any field, but she said " you wont make it son, just be a teacher". I was called to take Environmental Science at the University when i completed my high school and because i could not turn down the offer, am currently studying environmental science and technology, and am happy because engineering is everywhere. I have a passion to engineer the environment because it is our life support system and it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY BECAUSE WE ARE ENGINEERS, HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY!
  • shivangi tripathi
    shivangi tripathi

    Engineering is the application of scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge in order to design, build, and maintain structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes. Engineering constantly works towards betterment of our living standards.

    Significance of Engineer’s Day

    Engineer’s day is celebrated in India on 15th September, in the honor of Mokshagundam Vishveshwariah on his birthday. Being a notable engineer, his superior and distinct works towards the Indian society made him a true achiever and a high point in engineering history. Some of his works were implementation of a detailed irrigation system in Deccan area, design of Khadakvasla Reservoir near Pune which is a patented system of automatic weir water floodgates, a flood protection system in Hyderabad which all earned him a truly deserving celebrity status. It won’t be wrong if we call him one of the pioneers of engineering field.


    Source of picture- Wikipedia

    Significance of Engineering

    Thinking of engineer’s day takes me back to the times when this sophisticated and advanced world was merely a place of habitat. What made it a world worth living and enjoying was technology and sought after inventions which are byproducts of impeccable engineering. A random thought comes to my mind is that when God made this world, he, at a certain point of time became clueless as to what else and what more to make and so he made some high minds who are recognized as engineers today. Engineering field is so vast and people are so much obliged towards engineering that even doctors today are sometimes notified as Engineers of Human Body and Chefs are called Engineers of Food and so on. May be it would sound cliché but Engineering remains the most salient job in the world.

    Engineering in our Daily Lives

    In our day to day lives if we take a look at our routine we will realize that our life is practically incomplete and impossible without engineering products. Let us have a look at a modern man’s daily routine. He wakes up with the ringing of alarm clock and goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth with an electric toothbrush. Using warm water of geyser he takes a bath. Then he has his breakfast of fresh bread toasts out of a toaster and drinks chilled canned juice straight out of his refrigerator. He then checks his mobile phone for any important calls, reminders and messages and leaves for his office in his car. On his way to the office he passes many flyovers, expressways and of course traffic lights. He reaches his office building where the entrance door senses his oncoming steps and opens by itself. Then using elevator he reaches his floor and then enters his cabin where he switches on the AC and the lights. All throughout the day he works on his desktop, signs important papers and agreements using his pen n drinks coffee made by a coffee maker machine. The other day he had slipped in the alley so he goes to the doctor and gets his X-Ray done. In the night as he reaches home he heats the pre cooked food in a microwave and has his dinner while watching his favorite programs on the television. He then drinks water purified by RO. And finally goes to his bedroom switches off the lights, activates his alarm clock and goes to sleep.

    Now none of us would be having a routine very much different from this and if you have noticed that each and every task is technology driven. All the things mentioned such as alarm clock, cell phone, car, toaster, pen, toothbrush and even roads and flyovers are the marvels of engineering in one way or another. These things are so regular in use and their presence is so very inevitable that they have become part of our lives. Our existence without them is unbelievable and some of us may think it is even worthless.

    A setback to engineering as profession

    What is a little disturbing in today’s scenario is that engineering has earned a bad name due to some bad practices being taken up by unauthorized engineering institutes which claim of giving you an engineering degree at small costs. Fake degree certificates are being sold out and used frivolously as means of minting money. Due to such practices engineering as a profession is losing its essence. Also in this competition era where getting a job is the ultimate aim of everyone’s life, we have more and more engineering graduates but true engineers in them are getting lost somewhere in the rat race. This seems as a setback to engineering but it is on us to maintain the dignity of engineers by not letting the talent in us to die and keep ourselves involved in making new contributions to our society. We as engineers are capable of doing everything in this world and here we must take an oath so as to leave no stone unturned to protect the glory of engineering profession.


    Here I would like to dedicate a few lines to all the engineers out there-

    We destroy the dark and give light

    We help you to reach anywhere through flight

    We help you write we help you read

    We help you grow plant out of seed

    We calculate, we mix and then we make

    We manufacture the things you like to take

    We are the engineers you can never miss

    Engineering is our passion and innovation is bliss.

    And so concluding I would only like to say that engineering is the heart of this world which if stops beating would leave this world lifeless. So engineers keep working for the betterment of this world. Be true to your work as nothing else matters. Happy Engineer’s Day.😁🎉
  • Rohit Nair
    Rohit Nair
    ''Engineers day'' Wow! as it hears its a great feeling as we are engineers.A great salutation to Sir.Mokshagundam Vishveshwariah.The man who created Indian engineering to be well known.We the engineering students have got a nice oppurtunity to create something different or innovative.As engineers our life is to create the life of others with modern technologies to ease the human activities by all means.[​IMG]

    Talking about our father of engineering Vishveshwariah,he was born on 15th September 1861. He was a scholar, statesman and theDiwan of Mysoreduring 1912 to 1918. He was of Andhra Origin his mother tongue was Telugu. Sir MV was born in 1861 in a Telegu Brahmin family to Mokshagundam Srinivasa Shastry and Venkatalakshmamma in Mudenhalli Village.He was a recipient of the Indian Republic's highest honour, theBharat Ratna in 1955. He was the chief designer of the flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad, now capital city of Andhra Pradesh. He died on 14th april 1962. He remained as a high regard pre-eminent engineer of India.

    According to me my favourite engineer I have seen is Pranav mistry. He is just amazing in his innovation of ‘Sixth Sense Technology’. He is fromPalanpur, which is situated in northernGujarat in India. He is an Electonics engineer studied from Nirmala institute of technology. He is now a computer scientist. At present, he is the head of Think Tank Teamand Director of Research ofSamsung. He is best known for his work on Sixth SenseandSamsungGalaxy Gear. His research interests includeWearable Computing,Augmented reality,Ubiquitous computing,Gestural interaction,AI,Machine vision,Collective intelligenceandRobotics.

    Mistry is best known for his work onSixth SenseAmong some of his other work, Pranav has invented Mousless – an invisible computer mouse;SPARSH– a novel way to copy-paste data between digital devices; Quickies – intelligent sticky notes that can be searched, located and can send reminders and messages;Blinkbot- a gaze and blink controlled robot; a pen that can draw in 3D; and a public map that can act asGoogleof physical world.

    Before joining MIT, Pranav worked as a UX Researcher withMicrosoft.

    He joined Samsung electronics as the Director of Research in 2013, and leads the Think Tank. He introducedSamsung Galaxy Gearsmart watchin September 2013.


    · Winner ofTR352009 award, Technology Review

    · Winner of Invention of the Year award, Popular Science

    · Winner of Young Indian Innovator 2009 award, Digit Magazine

    · Speaker for TED 2009 talk, TED 2009, Long Beach,

    · 2010 Creativity 50 recipient

    · Awarded Young Global Leader 2013 - World Economic Forum

    As a mechanical engineering student my inetrest is in automobile and propeller engines.Incresing the efficiency with less exhaust with the help of catalytic converters.I just enjoy working in this project as there is wide scope and importance.

    As I said earlier creation is the life of engineers, I like to create and implement new ideas regarding I.C engines with advanced technologies.


    My other interest in automobiles is the differential gear systems which offer mechanism to run the rear wheels of the vehicle. The angular moment of the the transmission shaft which gives the movement to the differential gears to run the wheels.The mechanism regarding this system is just amazing.


    As a students we have to make our basics clear so that u can work on that to create innovations. Planning and development with Accuracy and Precision are major categories of engineers to sacrifice.As people rely on us to make their life happy...it is our responsibility, because we are engineers. Happy Engineers Day.

    ...it is our responsibility, because we are engineers. Happy Engineers Day.
  • yogi.bharadwaj
    Engineers day everyone of us knows that why we should celebrate it but can't knows the real motive of it.Sir Mokshagundam Visveshwariah - Sir MV who was born in 15th September 1860 is the man behind the Engineers Day as he was regarded as the pre-eminent Engineer.
    Engineers are the people who have the capability to innovate something new.it is not compulsory that a degree holder is an engineer but it may be possible that an illitrate may be an engineer.so for an engineer degree is not the required thing but the thing he requires is that he should be creative.eg.steve jobs profounder of apple drops off his engineering,

    a farmer who makes the pump set is an illitrate, a mobile seller makes the car uses air as a fuel not petrol or diesal.

    An engineer should be best in his field he should knows every basic and
    advanced things of his field.He should be professional to innovate things. He should obey his duty honestly not like now a days the people works only for money not for loylity he can do anything for money not see the disadvantages in future.


    Now a days the number of engineering colledges increases and also the number
    of people having be/b.tech degree also increases but a few of them are really engineers.A real engineer does not requires any degree innovation is his habit.
    so due to this lack of knoledge the reputation of engineers dies day by day.so friends wake up and save the reputation of us otherwise there is no need to celebrate engineers day.

    so,friends conclusion is that if you wants to feel proud to be called an engineer then you should have to make efforts to save ours reputation because in companies engineers are comaired to the b.a. or b.sc graduates which is really samefull for us.we makes a different society for us but it getting to be worse day by day so do something to save it.
    Because it is our responsibility, because we are engineers. Happy Engineers Day.
  • Divyanshu Sharma
    Divyanshu Sharma
    Happy Engineers Day
    We are meant to be…

    Let me begin by paying tributes to the Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Vishveshwarya, for he was the pioneer in lionizing the profession we exercise and swear by. We have come a long way since the paradigms of the engineering were first defined. The very fabric that an engineer was woven into has gone under drastic changes, and genuinely so. Having said that, the changes in defining parameters cannot alter the soul of this very profession. While we are talking about the defining parameters let us have a look at the formal definition that explains an engineer as someone who designs, builds, maintains and controls the machines and engines. Fair enough. But it won’t be inapt to say that the tribe has grown out of its shoes, as the concerned people have taken on the society in more than some mechanic ways. For instance the exponential increase in the number of qualified engineers suitably justifies their penetration into other professions. The seamless adaptability to various situations amuses the common junta who are probably unaware of the core competencies (except for the technical ones) of an engineer. We as engineers devise our own ways doing things where the bottom line is to do and not How to. Hence, the formal demarcation misses a very important aspect that every engineer, experienced or in making, learns to grow with.

    Jugad knows it all…

    “Jugad”, is the new ‘de facto’ constituent of the mould that engineers are devised into. It is inherently imbibed into the system responsible for producing engineers and ultimately gets marked with the attitude that one carries for rest of the life. It is this attitude that pronounces the way of working we believe in. Even the simplest of the tasks like cooking maggi with a heater coil, etc. exhibit our love for this art of Jugad.

    And why not! It is capable of solving a lot of issues that a conventional wisdom cannot. So next time when you are clueless about your PC troubles just reboot it and forget the rest 😉. Well! Not too serious about that👀. Frankly, one isn’t a proven engineer till he reaches a point where people around him are disarrayed about what is he up to. Just give them the results and quality (obviously) but never unveil the insides.


    Lets be thoughtful about it…

    Much has been said and written about what this world would have been without engineers and the various works of engineering have already fulfilled the needs of mankind. But something that easily misses the observation of people around is these engineers are bringing drastic changes in way human race and its needs are perceived. These days the concept of saturation is turning obsolete. The focus nowadays is on creating the newer spaces and then embedding them into the existing lifestyle, i.e. we don’t just look to cater to the needs of people instead we create a need and fulfill it. Models like this are driven solely by the desire and passion to innovate and that in turn is a result of unconventional attitude hosted by engineers of this era. But this also means that the balance of this whole world is shifting towards a new axis where engineers will have to hold the greater responsibilities. This field will have to produce the leaders of tomorrow. And the onus lies on us. We live in the most exciting but highly unpredictable times making it very important to aim for the evolution coupled with sustainability.

    With the reputation and the caliber that we hold, we can certainly be the knights of a new world, because this is what we are meant to do and welcoming the new dawn is our responsibility, because we are engineers. Happy Engineers’ Day.👍
  • Mauna.(chemical Engineer)
    Mauna.(chemical Engineer)
    My views of Engineering....
    Engineer's day is celebrated with the regards of Sir Mokshagundam Vishveshwariah.He came from a poor family.With his great enthusiasm,he used to learn any new issue where he goes.With that kind of attitude he completed his civil Engineering more with practical knowledge.He moved with the problems that are by floods,which was effecting the poor farmers then.He got solution for such sort of problems.With his service,he got Bharatha Ratna ,a prestigious award in India.
    He proved his best in his field of Engineering.As coming to our duty as a engineer or to be a engineer,it's little hard to detail.Now-a-days the engineers are playing a key role.
    But what was lagging is practical knowledge.As by parents wish or because of pashion of doing Engineering a lot of our student friends are emerging as Engineers and raising the competition.Most of our friends join the engineering course as because Medicine,it is hard to get enterance and it is economically burden.So,they prefer engineering to be the best field,that student can enjoy in studying and getting job.Engineering has become easy to every student as the engineering colleges are rising up as mushrooms.A lot of students are engaged in engineering program.But most of the students even don't know about this field.Instead of all these the more interested students are emerging out as GOOD Engineers where as all others are only Engineers.Even I don't know whether I become good engineer or just engineer..!
    Every student after entering the engineering stream has to make a path .Everyone must know about them to take which path that apts them most.The most critical issue is choosing a path itself.Whether to go for M-tech or for jobs or to go to other fields.Even most people don't have any goal by taking that branch of engineering.And many more people's situation changes from beginning of their design of life.'Lots of struggles,hurdles,and burdens shapes a student into an Engineer".Whether I didn't choose a path.I designed somewhat and now I am in some other path which even I am enjoying.
    The guides play an influencing role in an Engineering student life.The situations,friends,surrounding and society influence a student to design his life. But mostly they never think newly and they only choose a path.There are lot of people try to follow the well-defined path.Only a few people make their way in new and unused path and make it clear for the ongoing generations.In my opinion those are the real Engineers.
    Up to now I just made my views of Engineering student.But coming to Engineer's work for society is a lot more.The first thing is to get a job that in their core related.Up to an extent everyone learn something and by whole- heartedly face the situation in their work or in their surrounding.It's more than enough to give their best as Engineer in their work
    My words about Engineers and this field is not to criticise anyone,as I am in this field.These are feeling that rounded my brain thinking about it.I give my wishes to the on-going engineers or those who aimed or forced to take engineering and those who proved as engineers and good engineers--Happy Engineers Day...
  • Alok mishra
    Alok mishra
    Engineers day must be special day to every engineer(graduates and the rest ) and we should be thankful to Dr. M. Visvesvaraya by virtue of which 15 September has become a special day to be celebrated as an Engineers day.
    While thinking of writing an essay on Engineers day all that came in to my mind was to draw every CEan's concern towards the bad practices that has stained the prestige of Engineers . Engineering used to be something that was being adopted ,it used to be a passion but now a days it has become a commodity which even anyone can buy in reasonably variable prices .I am concerned about the way so-called ‘institute of engineering and technology’ are dealing with the engineering aspirants. I have seen a handful of examples and I am one of them who had admitted themselves in engineering institutes with the aspiration of becoming an engineer but all they want to do now is to become a 10am-5pm employee and like to be called as engineers.
    When I used to be in college I get dismayed seeing some faculty members spending and wasting hours just to teach those engineering students how to clear exams .If the capability of engineers was limited to just passing exams ,we would not be able to see this world so beautiful and composite .Though one can not be blamed for current deterioration of engineering practices yet there are a handful of factors behind it and it makes no sense that we start figuring out those factors and simply blame them doing nothing .
    Engineers have several duties to play, but the most important of them which modern engineers are lacking is morality, whether it is an engineer or anyone, one should never forget his duty as a human towards other humans and towards the nature.
    I was shocked when I got to know that there is a subject naming ‘Human Values’ in our syllabus, I thought what need has arisen to teach human his values? Actually there is need to teach human his values as humans have been so busy in competing and experimenting with nature that he has forgotten his morals ,he even cant distinguish between right and wrong , if the story keep going on likewise then there is no doubt in saying that only darkness will live on earth. [​IMG]
    We look around and find engineering involved in every aspect of our life, some are cherishing the engineering advancement and some are engaged in making further advancements. However the main concern is slipping off that is apart from being a good engineer if we try to preserve our morals a little bit then this world would be even more lovely place.
    So lets just not celebrate the engineers day this time yet pay a tribute to Dr. M. Visvesvaraya on his birthday by making his divine soul a promise that as an engineer and a human we will never let our moral duties derail and make the this word a beautiful place.
    “Engineering must not be an occupation, it gets its worth when incorporates passion”
  • Nandhini.S

    Engineers are inventors. Engineers use science ad math to solve real world problems. Look around you, virtually every manmade contraption we see was conceived of and created by an Engineer..!!! Engineers contribute considerably to the quality of life in society and it is important that they articulate their role clearly and firmly. Traditionally, Engineers are trained to deliver products, projects or services to fit some specified requirement. They work to a required performance and quality, within a given time and budget. But the creative and analytical skills of engineers are frequently
    used only to develop or make practical the decisions of others. The importance of engaging engineers in the early decision making processes of a project is frequently not appreciated and major decisions are left in the hands of the non-engineering professions – the politicians, lawyers, accountants or marketing experts. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Society holds high expectations of people in professions entrusted with the well-being of people and society as a whole.


    • Profound Thinker
    • Solution Driven perfectly
    • Professionally Responsive
    • Client Dedicated
    • Process Proficient
    • Empowering Others
    • Contextually Astute
    • Future Orienter


    Technical Roles Holistic Technical Behaviors:

    Analyst : When conducting engineering analysis, the engineer adeptly applies principles and tools of mathematics and science to develop understanding, explore
    possibilities and produce credible conclusions.

    Problem Solver : When facing an engineering problem, the engineer produces solutions that properly address critical issues and assumptions and that are conceptually and contextually valid.

    Designer :
    When facing an engineering design challenge, the engineer develops designs that satisfy stakeholder needs while complying with important implementation, societal, and other constraints.

    Researcher: When conducting applied research, the engineer designs and conducts studies that yield defensible results and answer important applicable research questions.

    Interpersonal Roles Holistic Interpersonal Behaviors:

    Communicator: When exchanging information with others, the engineer prepares,
    delivers and receives messages that achieve desired outcomes.

    Collaborator: When working with others in joint efforts, the engineer supports a diverse,capable team and contributes toward achievement of its collective and individual goals.

    Leader: When providing needed leadership, the engineer promotes shared vision to individuals, teams, and organizations and empowers them to achieve their
    individual and collective goals.

    Professional Roles Holistic Professional Behaviors:

    Self-Grower: Motivated for lifelong success, the engineer plans, self-assesses, and achieves necessary personal growth in knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

    Achiever: When given an assignment, the engineer demonstrates initiative, focus, and flexibility to deliver quality results in a timely manner.

    Practitioner: Driven by personal and professional values, the engineer demonstrates integrity and responsibility in engineering practice and contributes
    engineering perspectives in addressing societal issues.

    There is increasing recognition that leadership in technological innovation is key to the nation’s prosperity and security in a hypercompetitive, global, knowledge- driven economy. The requirements of 21st-century engineering are considerable:

    • Engineers must be technically competent
            • globally sophisticated
            • culturally aware innovative
            • entrepreneurial
            • nimble
            • flexible
            • mobile.
    • The issue is not so much reformingengineering education within old paradigms but instead transformingit into new paradigms necessary to meet the new challenge such as globalization, demographic change, and disruptive new technologies.It has long been apparent that current engineering science-dominated curriculumneeds to be broadened considerably if students are to have the opportunity to learn the innovation and entrepreneurial skills so essential for our nation’s economic welfare and security .
    Engineering is one of the professions most responsible for and responsive to the profound changes in our society driven by evolving technology, its characteristics in practice, research and education have been remarkably constant.

    Joseph Bordogna, former Deputy Director of the National Science Foundation,
    prefers Fumio Kodama’s definition: “Engineering is the integration of all knowledge to some purpose.” In a more general sense, Engineers are problem solvers, creators of ideas and concepts, builders of devices, structures and systems. They apply their knowledge of science and technology to meet the needs of society to solve its problems, and to pave the way for its future progress. The intellectual activities of engineering are heavily based on synthesis, design, and innovation through the integration of knowledge. It requires certain skills, which can only be acquired through formal education and experience.. All suggest that tomorrow’s engineers will spend most of their careers coping with challenges and opportunities vastly different from those most currently practicing engineers–or currently teaching faculty–have experienced.


    CIVIL-Basis for other Engineering branches:

    “It is a great profession.

    There is the fascination of watching a figment

    of the imagination emerge through the aid of science to

    a plan on paper.

    Then it brings jobs and homes…it elevates the standards

    of living and adds to the comforts of life.

    That is the Engineer’s high privilege.”

    Civil Engineers will serve as master builders, Environmental stewards, innovators and integrators, managers of risk and uncertainty, and leaders in shaping public policy.

    “Engineers must control their own destiny rather than letting events control them.”

    Civil engineering has helped define the nanoscience, nanotechnology and biotechnology research agenda. Engineers recognized that nanoscience and nanotech products are the vehicles for major technological innovation across a spectrum of products affecting virtually every industry sector. Civil engineers from across industry, academia and government worked on the development of instrumentation, metrology, and standards to realize a robust nanomanufacturing capability. This permitted the physical dimensions, properties and functionality of the materials, processes, tools, systems and products that constituted nanomanufacturing to be measured and characterized. This, in turn, enabled production to be controlled, predicted and scaled to meet market needs.

    In 2025, the civil engineering enterprise.



    Di Gao, a CHEMICAL ENGINEER at the University of Pittsburg, invented a plastic-coated cotton material that could clean up the Gulf. Gao envisions large, trough-shaped filters that could be dragged through the water to capture surface oil.




    Marcus Ashford, a MECHANICAL ENGINEER at the University of Alabama, has invented a car engine with 80% less exhaust emissions.While in school, he designed a car engine that reduced harmful emissions by 82%. For this he won several awards and a patent. He now teaches mechanical engineering at the University of Alabama and is trying to design a car engine that runs on hydrogen, not gasoline.




    Alexandria Boehm is an ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER who works on ways to clean up oceans near where people live. So many types of pollution get into the ocean near where people live around the world. Polluted ocean water affects both air quality and drinking water quality.




    Kimberly Jones is a CIVIL ENGINEER working on purifying water so that we can one day go to Mars!!! Her research is also on improving water quality here on earth and elsewhere. She is interested in finding out ways to purify water so that one day, if we can establish a living station on Mars, we will have a way to have clean water there.




    Daniel Moran, a BIO-MEDICAL ENGINEER at Washington University, has invented a way to play video games using only the human mind! Just by thinking, a kid can play space invaders, an old computer game from when it was a kid. The kid wears a cap that senses brain waves. There are no needles, nothing hurts- you just wear a cap and think and the computer does what you want it to do. Imagine how useful this will be when it gets perfected, when people can do other things by thinking, when people with disabilities can operate computers without speaking or moving a muscle.




    Thus, we shoud understand that Engineering profession is a profession in which a knowledge of the mathematical and natural sciences gained by study, experience, and practice is applied with judgment to develop ways to utilize, economically, natural and man-made materials and the forces of nature for the benefit of humankind and society.







    So, let us proud to be an Engineer and express our innovative ideas to develop and enrich our society and this is why I think Engineering is important and relevant today. Happy Engineers Day!

  • T. Sri Sandhya
    T. Sri Sandhya
    Why an Engineer??😀👍😁
    Engineers are the seeds to be planted in the organisations for a complete growth in the countries and the nations. Whereas, Engineering leads to the sophisticated developments of the world. In the very part of the developing countries, engineer plays a crucial role.
    Irrespective of the subject of the Engineering, an engineer is a responsible citizen whose duty is to serve the country in means of the economical growth, global environment, sophistication, etc., shortly; Engineers are “such stuff as dreams are made on.” That means, every creative person who look the world oddly and do the things that others cannot do. “Engineers can be a literate or an illiterate one”. Literate engineers can do their duty for an organisation and create new things. But, an illiterate engineer could be a days vaguer, who create new things by his practical experience acquired from the past (i.e., consider a mechanic who designed a bike that gives 120kmphl mileage. He is not even study anything but his working experience from the childhood made this possible. )​
    “The Engineer’s day” is being an honour of Mokshagunda Visveswaraya on his Birthday occasion. Many spectacular Engineers have done a great job in their Engineering carrier. “The Engineers are not just researchers, designers and inventors. They are also artists, super bowl winners, astronauts, Olympians and also head of states”.

    Some fascinating Engineers I respect and quite inspirative are:

    Scott Adams – Creator of Dilbert and cartoonist.


    Neil Alden Armstrong – As it is already known, a first man to step on the moon.


    Rowan Atkinson – He attended the first Mancheston in Oxford University in Electrical Engineering degree.


    Leonid Brezhner – Leader of Former Soviet Union, the best Metallurgical Engineer.


    Roger Corman – One of the best Industrial Engineers degree holder from Stanford University.


    Leonardo Da Vinci – He is one of the masters of Engineer and also high Renaissance, Sculptor, Architect and Scientist.


    Thomas Edison – He patented 1,093 inventions in his life time. He is “The Wizard of MENCO PARK.” His famous inventions are incandescent Light Bulb, Phonograph and Kinetoscope.


    Roberto C. Goizueta – He is a Chemical Engineer who attained degree from Yale University and also he is a chief executive of Cocoa-Cola.


    Alfred Hitchcock – He is one of the best trained Engineer at Saint Ignatius College

    Herbert Hoover – He is graduated from Stanford University in California, a 26-year-old Mining Engineer in Tientsin, China.
    These are some of the spectacular engineers who made the world really know who the Engineer is and the importance of Engineering. Imagining the world without these Engineers and their inventions are just like feeble minds. There is as much greatness of mind of Engineers in acknowledging a good turn as in doing it. I am being a Mechanical Engineer run on the creative juices as my part of developing my nation. This is why I think Engineering is the most important and relevant today. Happy Engineers day…..

    • google
    • wikipedia
  • Vivek Brahmbhatt
    Vivek Brahmbhatt

    Since the dawn of mankind as an intelligent being, the engineering has been started (though it wasn’t defined at that point of time). And it has become more and more sophisticated since then. However, there is not a unique definition of one of the most discussed (and loved, I guess) branch of science named engineering. In fact, engineering encapsulates almost all ambits of science! Engineering is omnipotent (leaving God aside here, as He himself is the greatest engineer!), omnipresent and most needed thing for every person living on planet earth (and, of course, to some who are out of the earth also, delving in empty space!). It is an art, though not taught in Arts College, it is a religion, though not preached in temples, it is a commitment done towards the society, and it is an outcome of someone’s passion, curiosity and sometimes mistakes (!). Engineers have been leading and rocking the world since man has started discovering.

    The word itself comes from the Latin word “ingeniare”, meaning to devise, and yes, this is what we engineers have been doing, devising numerous devices to make the living of mankind easy. We invented fire, made wheels, started travelling faster and did wonders only by an inbuilt understanding of engineering.

    Engineering has been improving drastically and continuously. It has made man airborne which was a seemingly impossible (and obvious) notion before the Wrights’ flied. We’re the masters of the sky now. It has made human footsteps land on the moon. It has shrunken down the size of earth, in communication and travelling perspectives. It has revolutionised the medical science also. Engineering is all about observation, anticipation, research, contemplation, experimentation, calculation and constant striving to come up with something productive and rocking.


    Engineering is beautiful and decent. We have astounding ability of embedding mathematics-in theory and practical to get something new. It is about innovation, invention, out-of-the-box thinking and ingeniousness. Engineering intelligently demands the brilliance of its learner and have solutions of most of your existing doubts. This is an art of connecting things, for example, to solve the complex electrical power distribution system, calculus and numerical techniques are used. It is a standing example of awesomeness! You don’t need to turn your head around to see engineering. Anything, you see in front of you-let it be a contraption or a wall- it is the outcome of engineering. Engineering, thus, dominates the eyesight of a person. From pins to planes, engineering persists.


    [Source: Facebook]

    History has been the witness of the fact that it is the engineering, by the virtue if which, the seemingly impossible tasks are overcome. May it be the astounding mega structures of civil engineering, high tech medical treatments (we, engineers, help doctors too to do their work!), heavier-than-air flying machines, travelling beyond speed of sound or communicate distantly. Engineering has always kept its arms open to welcome and embrace any new field. It is almost impossible to have the world run without engineering.

    And for these reasons, engineering is quintessential. It is the purest form of human nature of curiosity. And, on the occasion of Engineers’ Day in the memory of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya, I salute the breed of engineers. Because this is the family of those people, who went curious, formulated theories, performed experiments, and stumbled upon greatness, and, most importantly, shared their brain with the world. And hence, they surely and profoundly deserve a salute. To run the world is not only the responsibility of the finance and commerce professionals, it is, equally, on the shoulders of engineers. We are the one who will decide the future. And so, I urge my fellow engineers to become an engineer in true sense, an ‘ethical engineer’ with all respects, and commit a good deal to improve the society. It is our responsibility, and I wish you all a Very Happy Engineers’ Day!

    A must read quote at last in this regard:

    “The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing.”

    - From the book "Foundation design", by Coduto, Donald P.
  • Rajkiran Sangoju
    Rajkiran Sangoju
    Happy Engineers Day,
    Today the world needs us.
    There is a fact that "A mistake done by a doctor is buried under the earth and it goes with one life." But whereas a mistake done by an Engineer is visible to everyone and it goes with many lives and materialistic things.
    Well its a pessimistic way of thinking so lets leave it.
    The topic actually starts with the origin of Engineering. We do know that today everyone needs something new to be deviced or discovered to make their lives simpler and easier. And this part of the work is done by us.
    But the main criteria of discovering must be in such a way that the people should make a creative or productive use of what we make. The things which we device should not make people lazy both in their physical and mental ablities.
    Even when we need a reach a nearest point of destination we use a bike or when we need to do a small calculation we use a calculator both the machines are invented for making things easier but nowadays they have made the humans lazy.
    And being engineers we should make discoveries and inventions in such a way that it would not cause harm to any of the beings and natural bio-diversity. But most of us loose this point of arguement.
    Even of all the negatives and negotiations we are successful because we are here to help and serve.
    We are responsible for the easy surgeries and all other medical applications where we are responsible for the simpler ways.
    Its not just about the medical field even Modernisation is possible because of us.
    So being engineers it is our responsibility, to make the world better and good by mean and because we are engineers we will do it. Happy Engineers Day.
  • Divya Nair
    Divya Nair
    When I like around I find that the every 2nd thing around us has been Engineered by Engineers.

    From a pen, to a tablet, to a home everything is Engineered.

    Definitely, it has become impossible for us to imagine our life without these things.

    No matter the smallest of invented things by an Engineer is of equal importance.

    A Doctor using a stethoscope again a discovery of an Engineer, bulb for studying , luxurious home with all facilities, whole world in a single gadget with a single touch is monitored by Engineers.

    Ofcourse, the work of an Engineer is always not a cakewalk , it requires dedication, effort, sincerity,willingness to serve mankind with a pure intention.

    The flood protection system made by Sir Mokshagundam Vishveshveriah is definitely considered as Engineered marvel because Sir’s invention served mankind.Many people were benefitted & his flood protection system was a pioneer of that time.

    New age ENGINEERS should therefore understand their role in society.They have to be more responsible more practical & more efficient.

    Just like “ENGINE” plays a important role an “ENGINEER” is also adapted to that that means a ENGINEER always leads & should keep leading the society to become a better place to live in.

    May INDIA prosper in “ENGINEERING FIELD” to greater heights like never before.

    So, understand the responsibility towards the society we are leaving in .

    Here’s wishing all the Cean’s a very HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Thank you for all the entries! The winner will be declared in the next few hours!
  • T. Sri Sandhya
    T. Sri Sandhya
    how can i get the results for this competation
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    T. Sri Sandhya
    how can i get the results for this competation
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    And this was the competition from last year. Just wanted to share here that the essays by #-Link-Snipped-# #-Link-Snipped-# #-Link-Snipped-# #-Link-Snipped-# #-Link-Snipped-# #-Link-Snipped-# #-Link-Snipped-# #-Link-Snipped-# #-Link-Snipped-# #-Link-Snipped-# #-Link-Snipped-# #-Link-Snipped-# #-Link-Snipped-# @T.Sri Sandhya #-Link-Snipped-# #-Link-Snipped-# #-Link-Snipped-# have received a tremendous response over the last one year.
    You guys can know that engineers & school students from colleges across India have been referring to these essays and sharing them with their friends and teachers across India.

    On another positive note, many visitors/readers have found what the importance of Engineers' Day is from your really interesting posts. 👍 Thanks for sharing them. Let us hope to share more interesting & informative content in the future.
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    There's some really great content in here. Just went through all the posts written here and was reminded of all the fun we had in the year 2013. Those looking for engineers day speech ideas, you will find some really amazing ideas in here. 😀 Let's vow to make Engineers Day bigger every year!

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