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@friendster7 • 23 Mar, 2008
Who are the cleanest people on Earth?
The title of "cleanest people on earth" may go to the Australians. However, research is difficult to come by on this point.
According to an October 2006 survey of 400 people conducted by EnergyAustralia (the supplier of electricity for much of Australia), every Australian takes at least one shower each day. Specifically, "62 per cent of people showered once a day, 29 per cent twice a day, and nine per cent showered three times a day".
These figures imply that no Australian goes more than a day without a shower. This is arguably the highest rate of national showering anywhere in the world and qualifies Australians as the cleanest people on Earth. The survey also found that women take slightly longer showers than men (but only less than a minute more) and teenagers take longer showers than people over age 40. Any arguments?
@Prasad Ajinkya • 24 Mar, 2008 That also suggests that maybe Australians in general sweat a lot, hence the need for a shower 😀

just kidding!!
@Ashraf HZ • 24 Mar, 2008 Isnt showering twice a day the norm?
@Kaustubh Katdare • 24 Mar, 2008
Isnt showering twice a day the norm?
Twice ... /month is a Norm! [​IMG]
@gohm • 25 Mar, 2008 What's a shower??😁

I am disappointed, I thought Aussies were tough and therefore bathed in streams using crocodiles as a luffa. I guess "Crocodile Dundee" wasn't a documentary then! Even worse, my favorite character in "Salam Namaste" is also a fake! sigh.... 😁
@vinod12345madhu • 06 Oct, 2010 as the population increases the cleanliness decreases as per my view.
@aj_onduty • 07 Oct, 2010 What I think is that engineers are the cleanest people in the world. 😁

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