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@arsh86 • 23 Mar, 2009
i need a suggestion
here are many course like catia, pro-e, solid works.
which course should i prefer???
@raj87verma88 • 23 Mar, 2009 Any, each has its pro and cons. Each is used in different applications. But if you have to leave one, leave Solid Works. Solid Works is not that good.
@Differential • 23 Mar, 2009 I don't know about solid works. I felt pro-e little easier than catia, whereas catia has more advanced option. To start with I would recommend PRO-E, and then catia.
@g_rakesh2 • 29 Mar, 2009 Catia is very good for surfacing and sheet metal design, while pro-e is good for solid and simulation..
@Tkelly • 31 Mar, 2009 Do not go for Pro-E, as detailing is difficult in this.
Solid works is very good and user friendly for solid modelling and Catia is good for
surfacing and sheet metal. Choose from these two.


@raj87verma88 • 31 Mar, 2009 It is the first time I have heard someone say solid-works is better than Pro-e in solid modeling.
Have you tried the latest wildfire version?

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@rnnakul • 01 Apr, 2009 Pro-e is definitely better for large assemblies which is why most corprates use pro-e. CATIA is better if you are crazy about ID and wanna pursue that as your career as it has an amazing surfacing tool. Pro-e is widely used and catia is used where they deal with aeronautics basically.
@Dan68 • 06 Apr, 2009 Its all about preference. I prefer solidworks since thats what i learned. Iv had a play with pro e and inventor and id rather solidworks. solidworks screens i find more user friendly. pro e could be better on larger assemblies not sure. solidworks has cosmosworks and photoworks etc as add ins rather than completly seperate programs like pro e. I started with solidworks cause i had it so id prob just go with what you can get.
@Ashraf HZ • 08 Apr, 2009 True.. it is about preference. Im afraid you'll need to try a couple before choosing one you like.

Though I'm not in mechanical engineering, I found designing CAD on Catia is really intuitive and their features are really powerful. I wonder how V6 is going to be like!

.. of course, I'd probably need to sell my car before I can buy it.
@yejc163 • 16 Apr, 2009 catia is the better than other one.i use ug before ,but now i use the catia to design our company products. catia is good at the surfce ,it is very easy to fill the surface ,ug and proe is trouble to do the same hole.
if anyone is use catia or ug NX ,pls add me ,we could communion about these soft to design products

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