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crazybouy • May 19, 2008

Tata Indica engine starting trouble

my car (tata indica) is now a days not starting while the engine is in hot condition. it is starting normally cooling for a while. can any body guess the problem and help me?
Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak • May 19, 2008
It needs a Mechanic. Your car has a starting trouble 😀

Anyway, This is not the right section to post your question. Can you go to CE General help and post this? May be one of our automobile enthusiasts will have an answer.
gohm • May 23, 2008
sounds like a fuel mixture issue (though could be many things, would need more info) though yeah, you might serve better to post in another section.
rksuri16 • Aug 17, 2008
I had a similar problem and it was found that the starter needed overhauling. SLotting of the armature is needed as the same has got worn out and the copper strips are very near one another and on heating up some of them shaort or spark jumpting takes place and the starter doesno take load.
Just get the armature slotted and the problem shall be solved.

with best wishes
geococeo • Aug 17, 2008
i dont know what a tata indica is or how old or anything never heard of it but, i had a jeep that wouldnt start when it was warm and it was a 1988. the problem with the jeep was that the command module which was a rudimentary computer spark control system would get hot and malfunction only when warm and not all the time? maybe look into your electronic control system.
if the engine wont crank when it is warm then ramesh is probly right...
good luck
khooper • Jan 23, 2009
TATA INDICA hit the market in 1997-1998 since then it drew lot of attention and market share.when i was in high school i simply loved it so much that,whenever i used to see indica parking somewhere on the road i use to walk to that car checking every details of it.but as the time passed things began to change and now so many cars are there on road.
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