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@rohit330 • 20 Jan, 2010
hi all,

Does anyone have experience in solving 6 variable K map? I tried in a software. But, although i was able to input 6 variable data, still not getting the result.. In result part, its 4 variable...

@rohit330 • 20 Jan, 2010 I read a tutorial to solve 6 variable manually. Considering as 4 groups.. I was in hurry to get this...6 no:s are there for solving. Did a final search for the software. Finally got one which is working fine. 😀 If anybody wanted this software in a later part of time to solve 6 variable k map or above (that software supports upto 8 variable, Demo supports only 4 variable although) can use this 😀 Karnaugh Minimizer

regards all..
@Saagar B • 12 Sep, 2015 the above k-map is incorrect. Because there is no logical difference between first and last column(000,110)
instead try(000,001,101,111,011,010,110,100)

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