Rise in Sc Quota?

To my surprise there's no one who started up this thread....i thought it might have been started earlier....C'mon guys wake up!

What do they bloody politicians think of them??
Year 2006-50% quota for all sc's.
Year 2016 Roadside hoarding reads-U can't breathe this air coz u are not SC
Screw all politicians...An appeal to youth-Never ever vote again.We don't need any Educasion....OOps! Did i spell it wrong?....Yes i did because i am a general student.


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare

    Politicians are probably concerned only about their vote-bank. I personally know a lot of people who have suffered because they couldn't cross that 99% mark to claim the 'remaining' few seats in Engineering colleges. Well this is no doubt a situation to be in.

    50 % quota is purely illogical. Instead of addressing the real problem, politicians are providing easy solutions. There is no point in admitting a less qualified student on basis of cast. Where are we heading?

    At the same time, we must think about the people from backward classes who must gain access to the higher education. But is seat reservation a right solution?

    Now let me ask everyone a question. If you had all the powers, what would you do to solve the problem of providing education to everyone? What about the talented people who come from the backward classes?

    By introducing the quota system, are we not dividing the society?

    The debate is free for all ... so shout !
  • Mayank
    Problem viewed from a different vision......

    Hey all, I would like to address the same issue....but in a different manner. Just consider the evolvement of our society...In the Vedic age...it was the Varna System. That evolved to caste system and nowadays...is the CLASS SYSTEM: Upper Class,Middle-Lower, Lower-Middle, Lower...and wat not. As far as these reservations are considered...I ask why are they on the [[[[[CASTE BASIS]]]]]]:?:.
    I agree giving reservations may be a TEMPORARY solution to some problems in this country. But is it not that, still it should be given to the needies.
    If you talk about engineering admissions, then it should be for those meritorious students who cant afford Engineering.

    Just because a candidate is an SC or ST, he should be given priority against others.....only because there ancestors....hundreds of years ago were among the deprived section of the society. It is so UNRESONABLE :-x.

    We are the Youth...We just cant see the problems, discuss them, post about them and then...then wat ????just forget them. A BIG NO to it. BOSS why dont ppl from our generation becoume a part of the system as such, if u say POLITICS is the issue why not we go there an change it.

  • Anil Jain
    Anil Jain
    Reservation should be there ....

    But not in study!!!!...

    Government should give them reservation in food, books, even if they think that these guys are not at the same level they can resempt them in fee.....but giving them reservation in these premier institute!!!.... it is really pathatic.

    If government will give reservation to these guys in these institutes than who will ask for the IIts and IIms ...these institutes are known for the quality of students they choose according to there merit....

    In harward ...stanford every 1 student out of 8 got admission. while in IITs every 1 student out of 60 got and the ratio in IIms is even worser that is 1 in 114.

    This amendment (politician tryin to ) will ruin the quality of the study in these well known insti...

    I personally dont know what came in the mind of our great great politicians that they are trying for this reservations.....If Caste is the basis of the admission than why they are organising a test...(CAT ...IIt-Jee) give admission to these guys on the basis of there graduations and 12th.....

    Think of the person who get 99 %tile and didn't even get a call...and a guy with a 'caste tag' got call converted on 84 %tile....Isn't it pathatic...this will ruin the quality.....

    Even this will force general student to try for the other options-- say going abroad for higher studies......means that will lead to brain drain....
    some persons are trying to send a pitition to our great politicians to stop this.....

    #-Link-Snipped-# Sign in the petition to raise your voice against the increase in reservation in the iits and iims. send the link to as many people as can. let ur voice be heard...

    😁 😁
  • Anil Jain
    Anil Jain
    #-Link-Snipped-# Sign in the petition to raise your voice against the increase in reservation in the iits and iims. send the link to as many people as can. let ur voice be heard...

    😁 😁

    another good blog is
    India on the rise .. why did the divide and rule work again? do read this it is another effort.....
    save india save your career....

  • crook
    I understand the outburst of emotions. I understand that 50% quota is nothing something that is going to help India in the long run.

    I suggest that we have 'Equal Opportunities'. That way, only those, who are qualified will get the admissions and jobs. No matter what cast he or she is from.

    That way, we will also protect our society from dividing.
  • sristi
    yes guys i agree with u people n this reservation schemes r dividing our society into various groups...n the very purpose of uplifting those deprived classes thru reservation might result in brain drain et al..future problems
    n v r not ready to face the fact that - Our half of our nation will be
    nurtured not on the basis of merit but some other considerations.

    If you want to raise your voice against it, then please sign an online
    petition here: #-Link-Snipped-#

    Please forward this mail to others....who feel in a similar way
    against this issue.
  • Anil Jain
    Anil Jain
    I beleive that the Crazy Janta is No more alive and crazy now....Its group of some demise bodies....
    No reply no posts....

  • Prasad Ajinkya
    Prasad Ajinkya
    All this reminds me of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Why do non-performers need to have special considerations as against performers? Why cant higher education be merit based?

    The government and specifically the HRD should know this that giving reservations in higher education is not helping the masses. If you want to give subsidies in education, try at the very local levels ... try the primary education level. If you are saying that the scheduled caste needs to have an equal opportunity at education, then increase the awareness and education levels at the early outset itself.
  • Swati
    Politicians are there to just fill in their vote banks............if it all they r so considered then they should help these people in terms of no feezs,free books .......if it all reservation is needed it should not be on caste basis it should be on economy basis..............there are rich people in sc who can afford apayment seat while on the other hand there are even poor people in general category who cannot afford studies.....if at all the government wants to do something they should do it on economy basis.....
  • aashima
    I too will go with the CEans on this. The reservation proposal is completely illogical. It would only lead to a more corrupt and illiterate India. But no doubt this is what every person in general category would say.

    But to my utter dismay, very lately I was talking to this guy who belongs to backward classes. He too was strongly against the very proposal of 50% reservetion and included that like him, many SC/OBC people are not in favour of the same! Now that is something really astonishing, say what?
    Had our government been a little wise and concerned, there could be numerous other ways to solve the problem out with the satisfaction of the masses and not like the current prevailing situations.

    And as far as Biggie's question of a suitable solution is concerned, we could provide special scholarships to bright and deserving students to build up a bright career. Also we could make books available to them at lowest possible price to ease their financial problems.
  • ankur8819
    actually this quota system was introduced by dr. b.r. ambedkar arnd 60 years ago .....to give the weaker sections of our society equal opportunities
    and it was thought that this system would be abolished after all the people become equal....!!!!
    I want to ask that has our india become that backward...that instead of abolishing the system it needs to be uprgraded..........on one hand they say our economy nd all is rising....wt the hell is this....these bloody politicians are making our country a hell........
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Hey everyone, I'm a bit lost here. What exactly is an SC Quota? Does this only exist in India? What Im getting so far is that its a provision that allows less qualified students to enter colleges/universities. And now its a problem because there are less knowledgeble graduates.. Is that right? And what's the deal between this SC and politicians? Sorry for my ignorance! πŸ˜›
  • psd_8989
    Mr.Ankur is right
    this system is introduced by Dr.Ambedkar and it had the limit of 1960-70
    Now this year is 2007

    Now a days there is no " cast " is backward . A certain " man " is backward whatever may be its cast .
    So basic need that to collect and devolope these people not cast
  • Prasad Ajinkya
    Prasad Ajinkya
    I think we are addressing the wrong problem here.

    Why should reservation there be for education? Is education not every persons right in this country?

    If its everyones right, then why not just increase the infrastructure to meet the market demand?

    If there is a seat in the schools for everyone, the need for reservation (at least in education) is not needed. Ergo, the solution to this issue is not reducing/increasing the SC Quota, but to increase the infrastructure that every Indian can be educated to the basic requirements.

    As far as the competitive exams are concerned, there should not be any reservations, period.

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