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@Kaustubh Katdare • 02 Dec, 2010
Let's say a phone has 8gb of internal memory and supports upto 32gb through microSD. Does that mean the phone will support total storage space of 8+32 = 40 GB? Or does it mean that the total memory cannot exceed 32GB?
@aj_onduty • 02 Dec, 2010
a phone has 8gb of internal memory and supports upto 32gb through microSD
If you have seen the above sentence, it means it can support 40GB.
I hope what it means by that is that it can support 32Gb through microSD. That means, it can support a total of 40GB. 8gb is internal.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 03 Dec, 2010 @aj: Are you sure. I think it's the OS/Firmware that decides how much memory is supported.
@aj_onduty • 03 Dec, 2010
@aj: Are you sure. I think it's the OS/Firmware that decides how much memory is supported.
I hope they are saying that the phone can support 32GB through microSD even if it has 8GB internal memory because the phone OS may support a total of 40GB. Can't that be the fact. Which phone is it anyway? I am interested to know. Take a look at its FAQs which may be present somewhere in the internet.
FAQs... Hmm. I see something in those three letters, biggie, connect those three letters to the mobile forum idea.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 03 Dec, 2010 The question is not for any particular phone.
@aj_onduty • 03 Dec, 2010 If that is the case, then it differs from model to model. Please read the specifications carefully before buying and please do a good research about it before you buy it. The marketing managers of large firms are known for their usage of words, rather playing with words. 😉
@sam_from_hell • 05 Dec, 2010 I have a similar question, is the SD card the same as a SDHC card? Also my phone supports aupto 32GB external memory, but SD cards have max 4GB, and the 8(+)GB cards are SDHC only, so does my phone support SDHC too? I want to be sure before i buy, Thanks 😀
@silverscorpion • 05 Dec, 2010 Well, as far as I have heard, most phones are usually expandable upto 32 GB. That should mean the total memory including the internal memory should come to 32 GB, I think..

Not sure, though..
@krishna dalmia • 02 Jun, 2015 My device memory is expandable upto 32gb but my question is if i insert a memory card of 32gb ....will my device work properly without any problem .
@Jatin Kumar • 11 Jun, 2015 As far i have concerned with this topic , i used to use 4gb memory card where they said 2gb expandable it was working good with a little lag time to time,and about your question i think is 40GB total because they said
External memory:microsd, upto 32gb
and if you don't want to take any kind of risk ,go for OTG Pendrives.
@Rachit_l • 10 Aug, 2015 Sir if my phone expandable memory is upto 32 gb , then of how much gb's of pendrive i can connect using otg.. can i connect hard disk too??
@PRASAD MAGDUM • 27 Feb, 2016 Sir ,I have an 8GB expandable memory mobile & i can used a 32GB memory card in it then what happens?

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