MS Courses For B.E. Mechanical

Dear all,
I have completed my Bachelor's in mechanical engineering from Gujarat, India. Now I am planning to pursue my masters in engineering from abroad. Currently studying GRE.
Can anyone guide me about the list of courses available for which the per-requisite is B.E mechanical.


  • Rohit RmB
    Rohit RmB
    People kindly help me out.
    I am very confused and worried about what should I choose as my career path
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Rohit RmB
    People kindly help me out.
    I am very confused and worried about what should I choose as my career path
    You began preparing for GRE without any specific course in mind - and I believe that's not a right thing to do. If you just want to go abroad, you can pick up any course. The fact that you are confused, as you said, about your career path should be something to look upon first.

    You need to work out solid reasons to opt for MS. You could simply opt for masters in mechanical engineering if you are unsure about the specific course. There are several websites that will provide you with a list. Here's one website you may refer to : Best Master's Degrees in Mechanical Engineering 2023
  • Rohit RmB
    Rohit RmB
    I was not able to explain properly, I do not see MS as my ticket to abroad.
    I don't feel strong interest for any particular subject.
    I short listed some like Aerospace engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Refrigeration & Air conditioning/ cryo engineering.
    But I don't have any clue about there job market.
    Moreover how to find out subjects that may be non-conventional but may have a lucrative job market.

    Sorry, but still in the learning stages of English language

    Presently I am working as a Commissioning Engineer for Supercritical Boilers in L&T MHPS Pvt Ltd.
  • Deadman
    Currently i am working in automation field. Its an interesting field and you can experience variety of products in it.

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