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Mini Project Ideas In Communication & Networking

Question asked by sad_engineer in #Coffee Room on Jan 18, 2013
sad_engineer · Jan 18, 2013
Rank D1 - MASTER
Hello to all!!! I am a student of computer system engineering...I have to make project on
Computer Communication and Networking and also on Digital Image Processing...
as i am a student so i want to make a mini project...
so i want some ideas. On websites there are so many project ideas but these are the major project ideas because i have to make project in short time...?
Thanks Posted in: #Coffee Room
rahul69 · Jan 18, 2013
Rank B2 - LEADER
If u are good with languages like C++/Java, you could make a mini project like this:
  • Downloader: This is a bigger project, but u can start by writing simple program to download the page based on URL, and can be improved by adding other functions.
See if this project interests u, this is not a new idea, but gives u a good chance of experimentation on network and protocols. U have to forgive me if this looks as a novice project as I am unaware of scope u are willing to implement.

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