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Message from Voltaire

My dear friends
Happy Diwali to all!
Some of you may have noted my absence. This is due to the fact that I have been traveling overseas for a few weeks. I am starting a significant engineering project in a new international company in a new venture. That is all I can tell you right now.
Unfortunately it also means that I shall have very little time for anything else. Be assured that I shall visit whenever I can to track your progress and to gauge the already significant improvements that have been happening here.
Personally I can think of no better time to do this venture than in this blessed Diwali. May Vishnu protect us all and Lakshmi open her hand wide to us. There may be job opportunities to some of you here and when the time comes I shall be in contact with Biggie to discuss that. Until such time please do not contact me in this regard. Let us all respect the forum rules.
Clear your minds and strive for purity in this time of renewal and hope.
we did notice your absence voltaire 😀
happy diwali and all the best with your new venture 👍
we appreciate your presence here 😁
cooltwins • Nov 5, 2010
all the very best for your venture voltaire and Happy diwali. 😁
All the best Sir!!
aj_onduty • Nov 8, 2010
Dear Voltaire,
Thanks for caring us all! Belated Diwali wishes. Thanks for all the warm blessings you gave to all of us. We sure miss you!
All the very best Sir!!
We enjoy your stay here!!
All the Best !!!
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Nov 21, 2010
All the Best Sir.

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