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drnaphtali • Feb 24, 2009

Lathe Bed design

Hey guys.

I am currently working on my final year project at my university.

First of all I should mention that the budget for my project is extremely small; so any solutions do not necessarily have to be the best. Its only important that it would work and that I would get some results.

This year I am designing and building a simple 2-axis filament winding machine.
YouTube - 2 axis winding
At the moment I am designing the bed for the 'lathe'. I am trying to think of possible solutions for the tailstock to 'glide' on bed, and then lock its position; this is so that different sized mandrels could be used on my filament winding machine. It is also important that the tailstock is sturdy on the bed.

Please let me know if it does not make sense!

gohm • Feb 24, 2009
Do you have any design documents or sketches of your idea so far?

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