How to crack psychological test?

Its the latest trend in interview circle-Psychological tests.
I had been to a interview recently.
Interviewer says u will get a post of ASST Manager for your experience of 10 years as for a post off Manager requires 12 years?
then he says u can get the post of Manager if u pass the psychological tests in flying marks.
What types of questions they hint at?
Is it the alertness being tested?


  • Neeraj Sharma
    Neeraj Sharma
    Not sure about that but psychological tests are conducted while recruiting officers in Indian Armed Forces and those tests check the first response that comes to your mind on seeing a word They show you a word and tell you to make a sentence on that word in 10 seconds

    Another test is how you would react if you are put in a particular situation. So, psych tests basically deal with your level of thinking
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Psychological tests are extremely easy to crack. The general rule of thumb is that you should answer them as an 'ideal human being'. The questions will be very simple and try to test a person's overall positive attitude, leadership qualities, ability to accept challenges, overcome difficult situations. They'll have several questions - and most of the questions will be repeated using different words. This is just to test whether you are faking your answers. But you *CAN* fake your answers - provided your are consistent.

    When answering, think of an energetic, enthusiastic person with leadership abilities who takes challenges and leads. Then imagine what'd that person do and mark your answers accordingly.

    For example, there'll be questions like -

    Q. You are at your friend's engagement. An old person falls off the stage. You will -

    a. Wait for help to arrive.
    b. Quickly retire from the scene and pretend as if you don't know what happened.
    c. Run and help the person and call the doctors depending on the necessity.
    d. Look elsewhere.

    Now if your natural reaction to above question is any of 'a', 'b' or 'd' - you'll score negative. What'd a leader do? Option - 'c'. So mark it!

    A few similar questions later, the same question will be repeated (a similar situation - like there's a car accident on the road, what will you do?). In such case, you will have to show your leadership abilities again. If you choose an answer like "I will quickly drive away from the spot" - then you will score negatively. Plus since your reaction to both the similar questions was different, there'll be more negative scoring. That however depends on how the marking scheme has been decided.
  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    phycological questions are ver rare and will be asked only when your job requires intense phycological abilities.Always think positively before any answer to the question.Some questions may trick you.If you were given extreme situation and if you want to answer it , make sure your answer is genuine and its not a fake one from you.I agrew to Kaustubh but dont the interviewer thinks its a fake and unrealistic answer from you?
  • lovejeet
    THe main point to be considered can be- " Don't always answer from your heart...apply your brain too...."
    for example,
    If you're given a scenario like you are a NCC trainee and you are going with a bunch of 5 friends with you in the jungle for the shooting practice, and you come to know that the local bandits have captured localites and there camp is 1 km away from your camp, what will you do...
    an emotional answer would be that you will go to there camp with any way you can to set those localites free. But this is a very negative answer. You are in ncc but you aren't the authorised person to do that. so better call off the police as soon as possible.

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