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shiwa436 • Mar 15, 2011

Analog Communications Lab Manual

Hi dudes, I was asked by a friend to prepare a Lab Manual for Analog Communications Lab. Here I hope I can complete this task in a week or so with your help. Suggest me on any thing, ask me doubts (if any) and encourage me. Let us discuss each and every topic in an order..

Thank you in advance CEans.
shiwa436 • Mar 17, 2011
The list of experiments I'm including are..

1. Amplitude modulation and Demodulation.
2. Diode detector characteristics.
3. Frequency modulation and Demodulation.
4. Pre-emphasis and De-emphasis.
5. Synchronous Detector.
6. SSB system.
7. Squelch circuit.
8. AGC Characteristics.

suggest me for other experiments to be included.
baja • Apr 5, 2011
please post the manual u ve formed... it may be useful to others
qhy • May 24, 2013
Hi shiwa,im a first year electrical student and im having a AM demodulation mini project right now.Can i have your experiment as a reference?thanks
vick5821 • May 25, 2013
I need it too..Can you send it to me ?

Thanks !

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