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@m.vivekanandan • 13 Apr, 2012
can a 3rd yr student apply as if he is a final year and write GATE to gain experience????
@lovejeet • 15 Apr, 2012 why to go the wrong way bro. just wait for 1 year more and till then prepare for it.....
@aNaN • 20 Apr, 2012 till last year third year students could also write, the score was valid for two years but this year only final years could write
@avii • 21 Apr, 2012 If you want just experience, then give it [on fake identity].
@Pensu • 22 Apr, 2012 Depends on the organizing institute and the eligibility criteria they set.
@avii • 22 Apr, 2012 ^No, from now onwards it will be only final year students.
@ISHAN TOPRE • 30 Apr, 2012
If you want just experience, then give it [on fake identity].
It is not good to use fake identity. If anyone wants experience, he/ she can appear for mock tests. From now onwards, only final year students are eligible.

I would of course recommend start studying from 3 year on wards. Your score gradually improves. It does help from my own experience.

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