10 mistakes in email to ensure that you come across as an idiot


I bet you'd like this article by ConoscenZa team. The article talks about avoiding common mistakes while writing emails. I guess many of them apply to posting on CE 😁 . Check it out here -




  • friendster7
    nice one big_k
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Lol @ Number 4. Donkey years??

    I don't mind reading a long e-mail, as long as its to catch up with an old friend. Anyhow, I may put it some Do's and Don't on posting in future screencasts 😀 I remember a flash animation xheavenlyx posted some time ago. It was darn hilarious!
  • devesh
    that's really a good one...
    thumps up

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