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"Innovese"is a student start-up from BITS-Pilani founded in 2009. It provides software-solution consultancy, web-app development, ERPs, customized software, e-marketing consultancy and graphic design among others. According to their pamphlet at...​
Author's note: This is the first of a series of 'half-day' jokes. Essentially, single-panel / two-panel comics. This will allow better visual punnery, graphs, punch lines etc, while the longer multi-panel comics take care of things such as 5 types of, stories, etc....
Presenting the latest comic strip - Valentine's Day: Stuff That Happens In Every Engineering College Check it out:
As an engineering student, you must have been to a coaching center. Absolute Zero tells you about the different types of people you meet at these coaching centers.
Engineering is incomplete without the final year projects. Absolute Zero's comic take on how a typical final year engineering project evolves.
Born in Petach Tikva, Prof. Peretz Lavie graduated from Tel Aviv University with a BA in Psychology and Statistics and completed his PhD studies in Physiological Psychology at the University of...
MIT is always innovating and finding solutions for the biggest problems mankind may face in future. Researchers at MIT have developed an Artificial Leaf that can split water into Oxygen and...
Jacque Fresco has been envisioning the future for almost a century. An industrial designer and social engineer, he is a forerunner in the field of Human Factors Engineering, has worked as both innovator and...
CEans, Mr. K.S. Pua, born and brought up in Malaysia, completed graduation in Electronic Control Engineering from National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan, China. Known popularly as the 'Inventor of...