Zelio Soft

Hi CEs! If anyone of you has worked on Zeliosoft and can throw some light on it, then please reply here. I am an electronics & instrumentation engg. student and am trying to make my final year project with the aid of this simulator. so if you can suggest some useful ideas reg the same, i'd be thankful..



  • flash319
    I am a Robotic/Controls technician and I have played around with one before. Not a very good product. What are you trying to do with it? Are you just playing with the software?
  • flash319
    Check this out if you need a free Ladder program.

  • rashi
    thanks for the link, pal..but as it turns out, it didn't serve the purpose. but nevertheless, thanks for this.
    i'm not actually playing with the software. it's for my project, the one that is due for submission in, say, 4 months frm now. though i would have loved to make a more hard core one, but as the situation turns out, i am trying to make something as apt with the simulator. i've gone through the help file and it does seem useful, but getting started is the problem. selecting a circuit that i can understand and explain as well...

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