Your favorite discussions on CrazyEngineers - and why?


Share your favorite discussions on CrazyEngineers so far. Also write why it is your favorite discussion.

You may add as many discussions as you want. I'll set the ball rolling :

My favorite discussion on CE is :


Reason: This was one of the earliest discussions on CE that got lot of visits and replies. All of the replies were good and filled with ideas and concepts.

I'll share more, later. šŸ˜€


  • sauravgoswami
    well i particularly liked : the loong thred
    reason : one of a kind i came across till now
  • raj87verma88
    A lot of discussion has been done on the CE Bot & robotic arm. And recently we had a thread against terrorism. The mechanical wrench also has a lot of potential.
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    For me, it would be CE Bot. It was quite an epic run.. a lot of things came out of it, like an external website, graphic designs, documentations, and even simulations! It was a melting pot of great ideas šŸ˜€

    And, as Patty said, the mechanical wrench one has a lot of potential!

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