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Xiaomi Unveils Mi Robot Vacuum In China At CNY 1699

A futuristic robo-cleaner to help keep your house squeaky clean could soon be a reality. Xiaomi’s Mi Robot Vacuum, the latest in the Mi Ecosystem product line-up with a Laser-distance Sensor and built-in Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm maps out the layout of the house to calculate the best path for cleaning. The cleaning-bot houses 12 sensors including an ultrasonic radar sensor, a cliff sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer integrated with company's Mi Home app.

The app while allowing users to control the vacuum cleaner with remote optimizes its performance by monitoring the cleaning progress, its path and by setting cleaning schedules. Real time positioning and location of the robotic cleaner is achieved using Allwinner ARM Cortex quad-core, STMicroelectronics ARM Cortex co-processor and Texas Instruments LDS image processor. ​

It is further powered by a strong brushless DC motor functioning at 1800 Pa of air pressure with 5200 mAh battery capable of cleaning the house for 2.5 hours. The main hover brush dynamically self-adjusts allowing the robot to clean uneven spaces. Its central brain system feature consists of a combination of three dedicated processors and a total of four CPU cores to enable optimal work performance. A feature called Smart Return brings the Mi Robot Vacuum back to its charging port when low on battery; letting it resume from the last cleaning location once fully charged.

There is no word yet regarding its worldwide release however Mi Robot Vacuum will be available in China starting September 6 at and at Mi Home stores (China).

Source: Gadgets360
Are such robot vacuum cleaners effective? I've heard a lot about Milagrow robot vacuum cleaners too, but I find it hard to trust such products.

Do let me know if I'm wrong here.

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