• A research team from Washington State University, Spokane has developed a new technology that can detect when a driver is about to doze off. By tracking the movements of the steering wheel, the new technology is is introduced as a far more efficient alternative to the presently used video based drowsiness detection systems - widely used to avoid road accidents. The traditional systems have cameras installed on the roadsides that detect if a car is drifting out of its lane. These systems are expensive to install and involve too much manual work for tracking and maintenance. Moreover, they fail to work properly on snowy days, on roads with curvature and at night when the lane markers aren't visible properly.

    Van Dongen and his postdoctoral research fellow Pia Forsman have worked together to bring about this patented technology that is cheaper and more user-friendly than existing systems. The duo had 29 individuals work on a 10 day-night shift schedule so that they could be tested in a real time fatigue scenario. They made the individuals spend 4 30-minute sessions on a high-fidelity driving simulator. This simulator collected information about speed, acceleration, steering, lane position and other factors.
    Using advanced data analysis techniques, the team produced the result that the two factors that were most variable from fatigue-induced drivers were - steering wheel movements and variability in lane position.

    Their results made them realize that this data could detect driver drowsiness more accurately and faster than when the videos captured the driver moving out of lane abruptly. To make the system inexpensive, they team shared that they have built parts including a sensor that measures the position of the steering wheel - that are easy to install and can be sold as a separate accessory for four-wheelers.

    The duo has published their research work in journal Accident Analysis & Prevention. What do you think about the drowsy driver detection systems? Share with us in comments below.

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  • Rajni Jain

    MemberApr 25, 2014

    Cool technology !

    Just wanted to understand it better, even though the system will identify more precisely that a person is drowsy using the steering movement, what action it would perform?

    Will it Stop the car?
    Make an effort to keep the person awake?
    or helps in post accidental analysis>
    Are you sure? This action cannot be undone.
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