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writing a C++ code for reading data from uC using USB

Question asked by s32n87 in #Coffee Room on Apr 7, 2009
s32n87 · Apr 7, 2009
I am doing the project to make a microcontroller communicate with PC.
I am facing the problem writing the C++ code for command button to ask uC to display the data in my label.
How to write the code for C++ to get the data from the microcontroller?

i'm using a C8051F320-dk which already have a USB connector and a RTC.

my data will be the date, and time provided from the RTC. please help.

thanks in advance Posted in: #Coffee Room
just2rock · Apr 7, 2009
Rank B3 - LEADER
.do one thing you can check codes for the EEPROM making UART work seamlessly with the 5 V supply.Check the Oscillator clock frequency for 12 Mhz .check that only with last log data as generated .If any furthur help req let us know
s32n87 · Apr 8, 2009
hmmm.. but i donnno how to write the code. thanks for replying😀😀

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