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Q8uwait • Feb 14, 2008

Wireless mic?


i have a 3.5 mm jack microphone connected to my speech circuit.
i would like to be able to use a wireless mic.
is there a bluetooth adapter that has a 3.5mm jack so i can connect it to the circuit, then use a bluetooth mic and connect it to the adapter?
therefore i would not have wires ..

thank you
xheavenlyx • Feb 15, 2008
Re: wireless mic ??

No, this setup would require extra circuitry and extra cicuitry for the power supply of the wireless system.

Actually this is a very good Q. One thing you CAN do is::::

Replace the normal mic with a FM transmitter in your hand. The other side, the board where you connect your mic, use a normal FM radio.

Set the FM transmitter's output frequency to a set value like 99.1 MHz and on the small pocket radio connected to your Voice recognition board, set the input frequency to 99.1 Mhz. Here you go! 😀 You have a working wireless mic.

How to get a transmitter and radio?

Call up your local hobby electronic store and ask for a smaaal basic FM transmitter. Ask the same company for a basic FM radio receiver too or buy a cheap small one 😀

Remember, you have to know how and where to connect the wires onto the board, do not destroy the original socket, but solder it onto the board itself. I hope you got my point. Where do you live by the way?
Q8uwait • Feb 15, 2008
Re: wireless mic ??

great , thanks for the info, i will try that

am from kuwait but currently in usa ..

i saw ur location dubai ? so ur from uae or u live there ?
xheavenlyx • Feb 17, 2008
Re: wireless mic ??

I lived most my life in Saudi Arabia, then came to UAE for my university. My nationality is Indian 😀

Its good you got the concept of the wireless mic. If you are in the US, its awesome. Electronics as a hobby is pretty good there, so you can get the parts easy and cheap. For any technical doubts, write again. Also it would be nice if you keep us updated on your project.
Q8uwait • Feb 18, 2008
Re: wireless mic ??

I see nicee ..

its good that its warm there, here its just freezing in michigan lol

hopefully it will be my last semister and graduating then going back to q8

oh yea once my project is done i'll post a link with all info about it.

thanks for the help, i'll be testing things out this weekend

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