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wireless electricity transfer system

Question asked by maslekar in #Coffee Room on Aug 7, 2010
maslekar · Aug 7, 2010
Hi friends !!!
i m studying in second year of EXTC.
i have an idea of a mini project can u help me for implementing this or can u tell me doing this is possible .....

idea is : i want to transfer electricity from one plug to another plug by using photon receiver and transmitter. with the help of this i want to transfer electricity from one point to another using light(photon).

please help me Posted in: #Coffee Room
limestone7000 · Aug 7, 2010
Rank C3 - EXPERT
NOT impossible, yet a little far from possible with the available resources at this stage of your Engineering(just second year)!!
but no one's stopping u from trying,
here's someone supporting u 😀 -->

YouTube - ‪Wireless Electricity - WiTricity Showcase TED 2009 (Edit)‬‎

Pliz update abt the progress of ur proj. here on CE

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