Wipro Campus Placement Process & Aptitude Test Paper Questions

Wipro Technologies visits different campuses across the country for recruitment drives. What is their placement drive process?
Could someone share the previous test papers?


  • Reya
    Previous year placement questions:

    1. An electron moving in an electromagnetic fieldmoves in a
    (a) In a straight path
    (b) Along the same plane in the direction of its propagation
    (c) Opposite to the original direction of propagation
    (d) In a sine wave
    Ans. (b)
    2. The total work done on the particle is equal to the change in its kinetic energy
    (a) Always
    (b) Only if the forces acting on the body are conservative.
    (c) Only if the forces acting on the body are gravitational.
    (d) Only if the forces acting on the body are elastic.
    Ans. (a)
    3. The following unit measure energy:
    (a) Kilo-watt hour.
    (b) Volt*volt/sec*ohm.
    (c) Pascal*foot*foot
    (d) (Coulomb*coulomb)*farad
    Ans. (a)
    4. Astronauts in stable orbits around the earth are in a state of weightlessness because
    (a) There is no gravitational force acting on them.
    (b) The satellite and the air inside it have an acceleration equal to that of gravitational acceleration there.
    (c) The gravitational force of the earth and the sun balance giving null resultant.
    (d) There is no atmosphere at the height at which the satellites move.
    Ans. (b)
    5. An organ pipe, open at both ends and another organ pipe closed at one end,will resonate with each other, if their lengths are in the ratio of
    (a) 1:1
    (b) 1:4
    (c) 2:1
    (d) 1:2
    Ans. (c)
    6. During an isothermal expansion of an ideal gas
    (a) Its internal energy increases.
    (b) Its internal energy decreases.
    (c) Its internal energy does not change.
    (d) The work done by the gas is not equal to the quantity of heat absorbed by it.
    Ans. (c)
    7. A parallel plate capaciator is charged and the charging battery is then disconnected. If the plates of the capacitor are moved further apart by means of insulating handles
    (a) The charge on the capacitor increases.
    (b) The voltage across the plates increases.
    (c) The capacitance increases.
    (d) The electrostatic energy stored in the capacitor decreases.
    Ans. (b)
    8. Two equal negative charges q are fixed at point (0,a) and (0,-a) on the y-axis. A positive charge Q is released from rest at the point (2a,0) on the x-axis. The charge Q will
    (a) Execute simple harmonic motion about the origin
    (b) Move to the origin and remain at rest
    (c) Move to infinity
    (d) Execute oscillatory but not simple harmonic motion
    Ans. (d)
    9. A square conducting loop of length Lon a side carries a current I. The magnetic field at the centre of the loop is
    (a) Independant of L
    (b) Proportional to L*L
    (c) Inversely proportoinal to L
    (d) Directly proportional to L
    Ans. (c)
    10. The focal length of a convex lens when placed in air and then in water will
    (a) Increase in water with respect to air
    (b) Increase in air with respect to water
    (c) Decrease in water with respect to. air
    (d) Remain the same
    Ans. (a)
    11. The maximum kinectic energy of the photoelectron emitted from the surface is dependant on
    (a) The intensity of incident radiation
    (b) The potential of the collector electrode
    (c) The frequency of incident radiation
    (d) The angle of incidence of radiation of the surface
    Ans. (c)
    12. An electron orbiting in a circular orbit around the nucleus of the atom
    (a) Has a magnetic dipole moment
    (b) Exerts an electric force on the nucleus equal to that on it by the nucleus
    (c) Does not produce a magnetic induction at the nucleus
    (d) All of the above
    Ans. (d)
    13. The X-rays beam coming from an X-ray tube will be:
    (a) Monochromatic
    (b) Having all wavelengths smaller than a certain minimum wavelength
    (c) Having all wavelengths larger than a certain minimum wavelength
    (d) Having all wavelengths lying between a minimum and a maximum wavelength
    Ans. (c)
    14. The mass number of a nucleus is
    (a) Always less than its atomic number
    (b) Always more than its atomic number
    (c) Always equal to its atomic number
    (d) Sometimes more and sometimes equal to its atomic number
    Ans. (d)
    15. Two successive elements belonging to the first transition series have the same number of electrons partially filling orbitals. They are
    (a) V and Cr
    (b) Ti and V
    (c) Mn and Cr
    (d) Fe and Co
    Ans. (c)
    16. When n+l has the same value for two or more orbitals,the new electron enters the orbital where
    (a) n is maximum
    (b) n is minimum
    (c) l is maximum
    (d) l is minimum
    Ans. (b)
    17. A balloon filled with ethylene is pricked with a sharp pointed needle and quickly placed in a tank full of hydrogen at the same pressure. After a while the balloon would have
    (a) Shrunk
    (b) Enlarged
    (c) Completely collapsed
    (d) Remain unchanged in size
    Ans. (b)
    18. Which of the following statements is not true?
    (a) The ratio of the mean speed to the rms speed is independant of temperature
    (b) Tthe square of the mean speed of the molecules is equal to the mean squared speed at a certain temperature
    (c) Mean kinetic energy of the gas molecules at any given temperature is independant of the mean speed
    (d) None
    Ans. (b)
    19. Which of the following statements represent Raoult's Law
    (a) Mole fraction of solvent = ratio of vapour pressure of the solution to vapour pressure of the solvent
    (b) Mole fraction of solute = ratio of vapour pressure of the solution to vapour pressure of the solvent
    (c) Mole fraction of solute = lowering of vapour pressure of the solution
    (d) Mole fraction of solvent = lowering of vapour pressure of the solution
    Ans. (a)
    20. Elements having the same atomic number and the same atomic mass are known as
    (a) Isotopes
    (b) Isotones
    (c) Isomers
    (d) None of the above
    21.Which is the most acidic amongst
    (a) Nitrophenol
    (b) O-toulene
    (c) Phenol
    (d) Cresol
    22. Pure water does not conduct electricity because it is
    (a) Almost not ionised
    (b) Low boiling
    (c) Neutral
    (d) Readily decomposed
    Ans. (a)
    23. In a salt bridge, KCl is used because
    (a) It is an electrolyte
    (b) The transference number of K+ and Cl¯ is nearly the same
    (c) It is a good conductor of electricity
    (d) All of the above
    Ans. (d)
    24. A depolarizer used in the dry cell batteries is
    (a) KCl
    (b) MnO2
    (c) KOH
    (d) None of the above
    Ans. (b)
    25. The hydrolysis of alkyl halides by aqueous NaOH is best termed as
    (a) Electrophylic substitution reaction
    (b) Electrophylic addition reaction
    (c) Nnucleophylic addition reaction
    (d) Nucleophylic substitution reaction
    Ans. (d)
    26. The hydrocarbon that gives a red precipitate with ammoniacal cuprous chloride is (where 'º' means a triple bond)
    (a) CH3-CH2-CH2-CH3
    (b) CH3-CºC-CH3
    (c) CH2=CH-CH=CH2
    (d) CH3-CH2-CºCH
    Ans. (d)
    27. Which of the following reagents is neither neutral nor basic
    (a) Lucas' reagent
    (b) Tollen's reagent
    (c) Bayer's reagent
    (d) Fehling's solution
    Ans. (a)
    28. The substance which is most easily nitrated
    (a) Toluene
    (b) Bbenzene
    (c) Nitrobenzene
    (d) Chlorobenzene
    Ans. (a)
    29. Carbylamine reaction is a test for
    (a) Primary amine
    (b) Secondary amine
    (c) Tertiary amine
    (d) Quarternary ammonium salt
    Ans. (a)
    30. Which of the following oxides cannot be reduced by carbon to obtain metal
    (a) ZnO
    (b) Al2O3
    (c) Fe2O3
    (d) PbO
    Ans. (b)
    31. Which of the following is not an oxide ore?
    (a) Cassiterite
    (b) Siderite
    (c) Pyrolusite
    (d) Bauxite

    Ans. (b)
    32. Which among the following is called philosopher's wool
    (a) Cellulose
    (b) Calamine
    (c) Stellite
    (d) Cerussite
    Ans. (c)
    33. Out of 10 white, 9 black and 7 red balls, in how many ways can we select one or more balls
    (a) 234
    (b) 52
    (c) 630
    (d) 879
    Ans. (d)
    34. A and B throw a dice. The probabilty that A's throw is not greater than B's is
    (a) 5/12
    (b) 7/12
    (c) 11/12
    (d) 5/36
    Ans. (b)
    35. Given two numbers a and b. Let A denote the single AM between these and S denote the sum of n AMs between them. Then S/A depends upon
    (a) n
    (b) n,a
    (c) n,b
    (d) n,a,b
    Ans. (a)
    36. If the sum of the roots of the equation ax²+bx+c=0
    is equal to the sum of the squares of their
    reciprocals, then, a/c, b/a, c/b are in
    (a) AP
    (b) GP
    (c) HP
    (d) None of the these
    Ans. (c)
    In the following questions ~ represents the integral sign-for eg. 1~2[f(x)] means integration of the function f(x) over the interval 1 to2
    37. Value of -1~2[|2-x²|]dx, ie integration of the function |2-x²| over the interval -1 to 2.
    (a) 0
    (b) 1
    (c) 2
    (d) None of the above
    Ans. (d)
    38. If 0~P[log sinx]dx=k,then the value of 0~P/4[log(1
    + tan x)]dx ,where P stands for pi,is
    (a) -k/4
    (b) k/4
    (c) -k/8
    (d) k/8
    Ans. (c)
    39. If a,b,c be in GP and p,q be respectively AM between a,b and b,c then
    (a) 2/b=1/p+1/q
    (b) 2/b=1/p-1/q
    (c) 2=a/p-c/q
    (d) None of the above
    Ans. (a)
    40. A solution of KMnO4 is reduced to MnO2 .The normality of solution is 0.6.The molarity is
    (a) 1.8M
    (b) 0.6M
    (c) 0.1M
    (d) 0.2M
    Ans. (d)
    The questions 41-46 are based on the following pattern.The problems below contain a question and two statements giving certain data. You have to decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient for answering the questions.The correct answer is
    (A) If statement (I) alone is sufficient but statement (II) alone is not sufficient.
    (B) If statement(II) alone is sufficient but statement(I) alone is not sufficient.
    (C) If both statements together are sufficient but neither of statements alone is sufficient.
    (D) If both together are not sufficient.
    41. What is John's age?
    (I) In 15 years John will be twice as old as Dias would be
    (II) Dias was born 5 years ago
    Ans. (C)
    42. What is the distance from city A to city C in kms?

    (I) City A is 90 kms from City B
    (II) City B is 30 kms from City C

    Ans. (D)
    43.Is A=C ? A,B,C are real numbers
    (I) A-B=B-C
    (II) A-2C = C-2B
    Ans. (C)
    44. What is the 30th term of a given sequence ?
    (I) The first two terms of the sequence are 1,1/2
    (II) The common difference is -1/2
    Ans. (A)
    45.Was Avinash early, on time or late for work?
    (I) He thought his watch was 10 minutes fast
    (II) Actually his watch was 5 minutes slow
    Ans. (D)
    46. What is the value of A if A is an integer?
    (I) A4 = 1
    (II) A3 + 1 = 0
    Ans. (B)
    47. A person travels 12 km in the southward direction
    and then travels 5km to the right and then travels
    15km toward the right and finally travels 5km towards
    the east, how far is he from his starting place ?
    (a) 5.5 kms
    (b) 3 km
    (c) 13 km
    (d) 6.4 km
    Ans. (b)
    48. X's father's wife's father's granddaughter uncle will be related to X as
    (a) Son
    (b) Nephew
    (c) Uncle
    (d) Grandfather
    Ans. (c)
    49. Find the next number in the series 1, 3 ,7 ,13 ,21 ,31
    (a) 43
    (b) 33
    (c) 41
    (d) 45
    Ans. (a)
    50. If in a certain code "RANGE" is coded as 12345 and "RANDOM" is coded as 123678. Then the code for the word "MANGO" would be
    (a) 82357
    (b) 89343
    (c) 84629
    (d) 82347
    Ans. (d)
    51. If "PROMPT" is coded as QSPLOS ,then "PLAYER" should be
    (a) QMBZFS
    (b) QWMFDW
    (c) QUREXM
    (d) URESTI
    Ans. (a)
    The questions 52-53 are based on the following data
    6 people A,B,C,D,E and F sit around a table for
    dinner.Since A does not like C, he doesn't sit either
    opposite or beside C.B and F always like to sit
    opposite each other.
    52. If A is beside F then who is are the two neighbours of B?
    (a) D and C
    (b) E and C
    (c) D and E
    (d) Either (a) or (b)
    Ans. (c)
    53. If D is adjacent to F then who is adjacent to C?
    (a) E and B
    (b) D and A
    (c) D and B
    (d) either (a) or (c)
    54. Complete the sequence A, E ,I ,M ,Q ,U , _ , _
    (a) B, F
    (b) Y, C
    (c) G, I
    (d) K, O
    55. A person travels 6km towards west, then travels 5km towards north ,then finally travels 6km towards west. Where is he with respect to his starting position?
    (a) 13km east
    (b) 13km northeast
    (c) 13km northwest
    (d) 13km west
    Ans. (c)
    56. If A speaks the truth 80% of the times, B speaks the truth 60% of the times. What is the probability that they tell the truth at the same time
    (a) 0.8
    (b) 0.48
    (c) 0.6
    (d) 0.14
    57. If the time quantum is too large, Round Robin scheduling degenerates to
    (a) Shortest Job First Scheduling
    (b) Multilevel Queue Scheduling
    (c) FCFS
    (d) None of the above
    Ans. (c)
    58. Transponders are used for which of the following purposes
    (a) Uplinking
    (b) Downlinking
    (c) Both (a) and (b)
    (d) None of the above
    Ans. (c)
    59. The format specifier "-%d" is used for which purpose in C
    (a) Left justifying a string
    (b) Right justifying a string
    (c) Removing a string from the console
    (d) Used for the scope specification of a char[] variable
    Ans. (a)
    60. Virtual functions allow you to
    (a) Create an array of type pointer-to-base-class that can hold pointers to derived classes
    (b) Create functions that have no body
    (c) Group objects of different classes so they can all be accessed by the same function code
    (d) Use the same function call to execute member functions to objects from different classes
    62. A sorting algorithm which can prove to be a best
    time algorithm in one case and a worst time algorithm in worst case is
    (a) Quick Sort
    (b) Heap Sort
    (c) Merge Sort
    (d) Insert Sort
    Ans. (a)
    63. What details should never be found in the top level of a top-down design?
    (a) Details
    (b) Coding
    (c) Decisions
    (d) None of the above
    Ans. (c)
    64. In an absolute loading scheme, which loader
    function is accomplished by assembler
    (a) Reallocation
    (b) Allocation
    (c) Linking
    (d) Both (a) and (b)
    Ans. (d)
    65. Banker's algorithm for resource allocation deals with
    (a) Deadlock prevention
    (b) Deadlock avoidance
    (c) Deadlock recovery
    (d) None of these
    Ans. (b)
    66. Thrashing can be avoided if
    (a) The pages, belonging to the working set of the
    programs, are in main memory
    (b) The speed of CPU is increased
    (c) The speed of I/O processor are increased
    (d) All of the above
    Ans. (a)
    67. Which of the following communications lines is best suited to interactive processing applications?
    (a) Narrowband channels
    (b) Simplex channels
    (c) Full-duplex channels
    (d) Mixedband channels
    Ans. (b)
    68. A feasibility document should contain all of the
    following except
    (a) Project name
    (b) Problem descriptions
    (c) Feasible alternative
    (d) Data flow diagrams
    Ans. (d)
    69. What is the main function of a data link content monitor?
    (a) To detect problems in protocols
    (b) To determine the type of transmission used in a data link
    (c) To determine the type of switching used in a data link
    (d) To determine the flow of data
    Ans. (a)
    70. Which of the following is a broadband
    communications channel?
    (a) Coaxial cable
    (b) Fiber optic cable
    (c) Microwave circuits
    (d) All of the above
    Ans. (d)
    71. Which of the following memories has the shortest
    access time?
    (a) Cache memory
    (b) Magnetic bubble memory
    (c) Magnetic core memory
    (d) RAM
    Ans. (a)
    72. A shift register can be used for
    (a) Parallel to serial conversion
    (b) Serial to parallel conversion
    (c) Digital delay line
    (d) All the above
    Ans. (d)
    73. In which of the following page replacement
    policies, Balady's anomaly occurs?
    (a) FIFO
    (b) LRU
    (c) LFU
    (d) NRU
    Ans. (a)
    74. Subschema can be used to
    (a) Create very different, personalised views of the
    same data
    (b) Present information in different formats
    (c) Hide sensitive information by omitting fields from
    the sub-schema's description
    (d) All of the above
    Ans. (d)
    75. Question on l-values in automata

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    Ankita Katdare
    What is the placement process this year? Has it undergone any changes?
    What is the salary package they are offering for freshers?

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