@070790vivek • 29 Jan, 2010
in motorcycle we did not use diesel engine why?😕
@raj87verma88 • 29 Jan, 2010 There are motorcycles that run on diesel.
@gaurav.bhorkar • 29 Jan, 2010
There are motorcycles that run on diesel.
For example, The Royal-Enfield Bullet (old model) which runs on diesel.
@sujaniangunner • 29 Jan, 2010 diesel engines are very bulky, so this makes them unfit for use in two wheelers
@arjunoids • 30 Jan, 2010 • 1 like Desel engines have high compression ratios as compared to petrol engine. So, due to the reciprocating motion of the piston, there occurs more vibration when compared with a petrol engine of same size (or capacity). Due to this, a very strong chassie is needed. This makes the vehicle heavy. It is generally not desired in case of two wheelers. So, they use the next best available option i.e., PETROL ENGINE. Which not only makes the vehicle lighter but also makes it very fast response for the change in load (or acceleration or up or down movement).
@ankit bapat • 01 Feb, 2010 size is the factor due to which diesel engine is not prefered in bikes
bt there are some bikes on which 4 stroke diesel engine is assembled
@Sarfaraz Khan • 01 Feb, 2010 Apart from its bulky size the high compression ratio is also a problem to use a diesel engine in a motorcycle.this occurs especially in winters when the temp falls too much.it would be hard to start the engine in motorcycle in wintwrs by kicking. it would be very difficuilt to provide that much compresion to increase its temperature.
@g_rakesh2 • 01 Feb, 2010 Diesel engine operates at very high compression ratios it has to be very strong, and therefore heavy. The injector that squirts fuel into the cylinder has to be both strong and very precise in order to force a precise amount of fuel into the cylinder.

For these reasons, Diesel engines tend to be heavier than petrol engines, and more expensive because of the very precise engineering required in manufacturing the injectors. So they are not practical for fairly inexpensive 2 wheel vehicles.

Some of 2-wheelers use it as mentioned in reply no.2, but if one continuously uses diesel engine bikes; then it may lead him/her to neck pain, sleep disk or some back problem
@070790vivek • 01 Feb, 2010 thanks
g_rakesh2 and arjunoids your answer satisfied me.

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