Who is the best leader after Independence?

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So todays debate is all about the best leader that you have heard or seen in your life time.Its whether the one’s that leaded the people before Independence or the one who has been leader after the Independence.its easy to say many leaders before the Indepenence but this discussion can get more points if we consider only leaders after Independence.So I am suggesting that only few few people managed to be a true leader and many managed to earn more money in todays situation.All were corrupt and the people opposing them also try to corrupt if they get a chance for leading the government.there are always two sides for everything and this is not a exception.Some people managed to be a good leader for a group but failed in big arena.Its because of people and the surroundings.

I am putting forward the man I believe to be a true leader”The king maker”-Mr.Kamarajar.he is known for his simplicity and his outstanding works for the welfare of the people.He had chances of becoming the nx prime minister but he decided to give the chance to Indira Gandhi after the Nehru’s death.After the king maker , I haven’t seen any worthy leader.So please put your views on todays politicians(not a true leader) and your favourite leader and reason behind it.King maker is the only one I find it to fulfill the leadership qualities after Independence.


  • Shailaja Tiwari
    Shailaja Tiwari
    Well my favourite leader is Lal Bahadur Shastri because our family is a witness of his humbleness and ego-lessness.
    Once my father's maternal grandfather ,who was a ticket conductor in a train from allahabad to delhi,happened to interrogate then PM of India for ticket and as Mr.Shastri didn't have one he asked him to leave the train though knowing that he was a PM even though Mr.shastri's companions threatened him .But mr.shastri got down the train at the next station and inquired him about his name and address.A few weeks later he recieved a letter from the PM asking him to come and work in DELHI as he was impressed by his honesty and his attachment to his work.
    Not only this it was during his time that farmers were the most happiest people (atleast in my native village as our grandparents tell us).
    It's not possible to mention only one leader.
    Somemore are:
    Dr.Verghese kurien
    And also Mr.Narendra Modi...
  • Pensu
    If you talk about "my lifetime", I would say I havent seen anyone as effective as Narendra Modi. It may be because we lack good leaders now-a-days, but the way he speaks, it's mesmerizing. I have been listening to his speeches for quite some time now and I like the way he puts up the things. Of-course, some things go out of the context, but the way he handles it, is amazing. He has been leading Gujrat for more than 10 years now, despite the controversial case of 2002, and he has done good. He is the guy who is running his government in spite of banning alcohol! One of the few leaders who dont run behind media to make themselves presentable. May be his PR is that good or he doesn't give a damn about what media thinks, only people matter!

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