Which type of protocols GPIB,LXI are? Are they Instrumentation Control bus or Networking protocols?

hai frds,
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Ok, lets get into one discussion
I am working in embedded field, here i came to know about GPIB,LXI and so on. I search in internet i can't get exact answer.
HERE I NEED TO KNOW ,"Which type of protocol is GPIB , LXI are?

Plz share what do you know about GPIB, LXI ,
your responses are welcome..


  • Prajakta Kelapure
    Prajakta Kelapure
    GPIB: General purpose interface bus.
    robust and reliable communication bus.
    it uses parallel bus, gives low latency(time a message takes to travel the system)
    It connects and control multiple devices from different vendors.
    It is rarely placed on to the PC. Additional plug in comnnection such as GPIB-USB is used.Thus it requires special cables and controllers which add cost

    LXI: LAN eXtension of Instrumentation
    low cost
    much faster block data transfer rate than GPIB
    gives all benefit of LAN technology

    These all are stand alone intrumentation buses

    for further query check this paper
  • P Santhosh Kumar
    P Santhosh Kumar
    Thanks you Prajakta Kelapure

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