which motor is used in which application?? e.g. Fans, pumps etc

which motor is used in which application??
e.g. Fans, pumps etc


  • narayana murthy
    narayana murthy
    in fans and pumps we use induction motors the motor is used for the required purpose
    the motors are used depending the application and by seeing the speed torque charecterstics
  • crazymunda
    thanks but i am asking which typical motor is used??
    E.g. In ceiling fan we use capacitor start capacitor run induction motor,
    other apllications are pump drive, ceiling fan, kiln drive of cement mills, rolling mill drives and electric traction.
    And please you also suggest some other applications.
  • Arp
    first i want to correct u. capacitor run motor in fan.
    traction need high starting torque so we need dc series motor as prob of sparking,etc so go for ac in ac 3phase wound rotor IM is suitable but costly but still used in many countries. but in india,etc we go for specially designed 3phase SCIM to obtain high torque during starting.
    for domestic water motor,etc they are all generally universal motor because need to learn on ac as well as on imperfect ac(by inverter).

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