Where can you get Pixel Shader 1.1 or better without buying a new graphics card?


* Sorry, you must buy a new Graphics Card with Pixel Shader 1.1 (or better) support. Pixel Shader is embedded onto graphics card hardware. Are you looking for #-Link-Snipped-# for your card? Please visit your vendor's website to see if it is supported.

* Actually, you can download it, it comes with some drivers that you download for some graphic cards. I know this because my graphics card didn't have it until I downloaded the driver for it.

* No, you cannot 'download' pixel shaders. Just as you can't download CPUs or motherboards, you cannot download pixel shaders. Pixel shaders are features avaliable on most modern video cards; older cards do not support them. To 'get' pixel shaders, a video card with its support is needed (#-Link-Snipped-# Ti/Radeon 8500 or above).

* Pixel shaders CAN be emulated by the CPU itself, i.e WITHOUT a video card. However, this is EXTREMELY slow and it really isn't an option if you want to play games. "Zoltar", a tech demo from NVIDIA which utilizes pixel shaders, runs at over 30 fps on a card with no pixel shader support. With pixel shader emulation enabled, the framerate drops to under 0.5 fps.

* Pixel shaders can be emulated (Quake 3 does it) (and Pixel shaders are easy to compute for) but most modern games do not consider emulation (it requires a lot of coding) instead they just use the pixel shader that comes with DirectX 9.0. DirectX from Microsoft allows developers to select HAL (Hardware) or REF (software). If u choose H/W then your video card must support the graphics feature u r gonna use if u choose REF then ull have all the graphics feature available in S/W i.e. Vertex #-Link-Snipped-#, Pixel Shader 3.0 etc. So if u dont have a particular feature (in this case Pixel shader) u must chose REF, her all the operation will be done in S/W ..(this is gonna slow it down big).

* The prior answers are correct, but some are correct on their own perspective. Such features are offered on current video cards and a lot more will come that will make your current video card obsolete and force you to upgrade. Especially when your a tough gamer and would demand for satisfaction. It can be emulated, for you can choose between software and #-Link-Snipped-#. Thru software emulation you can emulate, HOWEVER, this depends on your overall hardwares' edge (capabilities and limitations). As far as my humble knowledge is concerned, on 3dsMax you can select from three drivers. It may be software, directX or openGL (w/c is you Graphics Card). I use to have the DirectX selection because my Display is onboard until I switched to OpenGL when I purchased a descent Graphics Card. So for me, it would be better to upgarde your card and at the same time update your drivers and directX.

* You can play some games wich need pixel shader by using 3d analize program GL

* People who are saying that you can get pixel shader by downloading it are lying. The only way to get #-Link-Snipped-# is to get a graphics card that has it, or to write it yourself; I am aware of websites that instruct you to do this but unfortunatley I dont know any of these sites, however, there are always some real smart-asses that can help you out on forums. I am also having trouble with Black and White 2 but I'm not willing to purchase an expensive graphics card simply because #-Link-Snipped-# cannot be upgraded by their hardware.

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