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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Nov 2, 2016

What you wish you knew before joining engineering college or graduating as an engineer

A thriving engineering community like ours is filled with the best minds in engineering. We have some of the best engineering students and professionals among us.
Yes, I am talking about YOU.

Believe it or not, after going through the experience of attending an engineering college (be it just after 1st year or after 4 tough/fun years), engineers like you and I are full of advice and interesting experiences to pass on to the new-comers.

There comes that moment in the life of every engineer where he or she feels:
  • I wish I knew this was SO (easy, difficult, fun, difficult, interesting..)
  • I wish I knew how I could've done this.
  • I wish someone told me how to get through this..
  • I wish I knew there will be... and so on and so forth.
Today's discussion is dedicated to sharing your experiences and conveying your thoughts to the thousands of newcomers who are looking at YOU in anticipation.

You could come up with a list of things OR simply share the couple of things that you would've told a newcomer to the world of engineering.

Looking forward to hear all your thoughts.

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Aditya Khandelwal
Aditya Khandelwal • Nov 3, 2016
I seriously wish I knew about all these new and more specific engineering streams than just ECE, EEE, CSE, ME, Civil and IT. There is so much more and knowing your options is always good. 😀
Every student before applying for any engineering stream must know all options, their respective courses and demand in the market.
harsha bisht
harsha bisht • Nov 3, 2016
I wish that if I knew what computer science engineers do in real,I would have never joined this stream . My dream was to be an aeronautical engineer but I couldn't join that stream. If I would have to know that websites developing can change my view for computer science engineers then surely I would haven't any regret for joining this stream.
But Btech life is thrilling life, there is a lot to learn . There are one night fighters who show their talent in the examinations .Although there is very tough competition for jobs but engineers are engineers they know how to tackle everything.
If I wouldn't have joined engineering I would have seriously missed how you feel like to be an engineer.
charananni • Nov 3, 2016
Crazy copy cat in btech life..
First year of engineering is like a burden of lectures. After that we got huge number of exams and again exam. The exam is part of our life . In engineering semester we relax three month and study only at exam times and other practical assignment work on submission time.
After 3 month rest like only attending lectures and not any pressure of study. We realise more pressure on submission time. Engineering make person stronger than other students. In my four year of study i faced many difficulties but i overcome that situation. Earlier i afraid of thing how will i do ? This is right or wrong such type of question arise in my mind. But now i become more confident and handle any situation personally and mentally.
One good thing in engneering is that we have habit of giving exams which are important in our daily life. Enginnering easy if u think it is simple. It is not difficult to become engineer. Always be yourself and enjoy all semesters and proffessor's number of guidence.
Mold your carrier in your field that lesson teach us this to us
I wish I knew the reason for my existence.
I know this has nothing to do with engineering but engineering is going to lead you somewhere and yes I wish i knew if that somewhere is where I want to be.
Most of us have become followers and may i add submissive,that to so badly that mostly we end up pursuing the wrong things.
So it would have been really nice and beautiful if I knew the reason for my existence so that I would be able to follow the right path.
Now a days few engineering students only choosing their engg field based on their own interest.. others are forced to take the engg course.. i am a computer science and engg student.. i am very much interested in cse.. so i have chosen my b. e cse course.. my college selection also my own interest.. but in my class 40 out of 45 students are not interested to study engg.. they are forced.. they are not a capable persons to get into their favourite field... so my suggesstion is..
1. First students should confirm their area of interest with their parents.. even it is engg field or any other field..
2. Then they should be willing to shine on their chosen field..
3. students may be missed to review their chosen field's current situation.. but they should willing to prove his chosen field is best at any situation..
4. only toppers may be a employees of top mnc's but that mnc's owners is not a topper..
5. students then try know backgroud of their field..
6. they should review their ability to work on it..
7. last but not least-we can choose any field but at the same time we should need self-confidence to finish it succesfully...
Thank you friends....
Nisha sarawgi
Nisha sarawgi • Nov 3, 2016
Today where the world is changing at this lightening speed ,somewhere we all left humanity back in order to move forward. I wish I could help to get that feeling of humanity back. I wish I could make changes in those stone hearts. Being a software engineer i wished that apart from learning about technology, somebody should have taught about being a human first and foremost. There are times in your college life when you feel like to get through something big you are made to do somethings wrong.. unethical..inhuman..! Have seen people going on wrong paths to achieve success...but one question that always arises inside my heart is 'Does that success even counts..?'
Well , I guess NO..!
I wish that apart from making students book worms the technology geeks should also make them learn the life principles..importance of living a happy life...!! Its not always about studies in every phase of your life... Loving the wonderful life given by thee is also important...😀
So that the pressure doesn't results in SUICIDES..!! Lower grades in FAILURE...!! Failure into the feeling of LOSER..!!
So i just wish that people reading this feels good and I can help SPREADING more SMILES..!! 😀 😀
aravind avi
aravind avi • Nov 3, 2016
What I wish I known about engineering is about...different branches in engineering like mech,civil,ece,eee,it and so more different branches like mining in mining area people it has less sits to study that like different courses we have do hard work in this type of course to study but my favorite branch is mechanical I'm also studying mechanical engineering only for this kind of engineering courses we need creativety and zill to make new things like automobile,robots war machine s etcc..what I know about engineering is this...🎉
ARPIT DHANKAR • Nov 3, 2016
I wish I knew that no matter which branch you take during admission. At the time of placement company would be looking at your coding skills.
I totally agree with you.The world needs knowledgeable people but mostly it needs people with humanity. A helping nature is what we should be taught to achieve.
We should use our knowledge for the good of humanity rather than for our own sake.
Chandan Prasad
Chandan Prasad • Nov 3, 2016
I wish I would have attended all d clases and laboratory so that I would have gained some knowledge of civil engineering . Actualy what we think and take admission for the engineering it actually won't happens unless we concentrate by our own I would have concentrated more in studies than other activities in engineering days . Local engineering college should change their way of teaching to the engineering students my stream is civil and I'm in final year and I still dnt knw wht is civil engineer work .
yogi.bharadwaj • Nov 3, 2016
I wish students who are joining Engineering stream should know which way they are leading. They don't even know why they are choosing some specific branch. some of them join just because there friends take it or family forced them to join it.
As per my experience I have many batchmates who join not because of there interest just because of their parents forced them to. You will gonna be laugh at it but there are also some guys who join just for shake of marriage they said like, on the name of anybody wants to marry them and then they will do something for money is not for them and also some just left after marriage in 2nd year or 3rd year.
I think this is the reason we lost our respect as an engineer in our society. These people ruin our respect as engineer.
I wish guys please think something what you want to do with your life and then join the course of your interest.
No doubt study was one of the best experience of my life the technologies and instruments by looking at I was always amazed that how they are working like this. After I can understand their way of working and technology behind it. I like these new technologies very much. Proud to be an Engineer.
I wish every Engineering taking student should know there field they are interested in and choose Branch as per there interest and prove their talent in front of the world. They should not take engineering just for marriage or to ruin the respect of this great community of engineers who leads the world to a new rising era of technology and self sustained future.😎
I wish one day people will understand meaning of engineering. Now a days when you look around engineering students and ask them why they choose this stream & answer you get is for the sake of job. I believe that engineering is a art of learning and to find the meaning of something that is incredible that make a world look up and say amazing it is really. to design and to build something that will beneficial for well fare of human race.
But the problem is we are busy with theoretical knowledge & never try to learn things practically because we are doing engineering for the sake of job and for that we gab the theory and just vomit it in exam to get a good score.

Education system must change let us think where we are what we can do learn new technology come out from books and do it practically make a new world and take a idea and invent something.

Thank you
Bittu93 • Nov 3, 2016
oh man i wish i wound have knew that engineers can do anything they can go anywhere and the branch i thought will help me is becoming my nightmare i hate coding and all or i was not familiar with this so i took electrical and electronics but the present jobs and IT world is like craving CS/IT students,,i the problem is not that branch as i am a singer now its a confusion between what should i go for "SINGING or ENgineering job man help me out singing is my passion,,,,guys pls help me
Aman Rajak
Aman Rajak • Nov 3, 2016
One of my closest friends is pursuing MS in US. We were having a conversation about the study environment out there, which culminated in a thought of distress. He told me what all we have missed in four important years of our existence, in the midst of completing assignments and competing in the so-called rat race of ensuring acceptable grades. The fact that we were never acquainted with latest technologies is what we wished to have. The other day I was reading about 'Rasberry pie projects' , how a small silicon board can run a computing device flawlessly! I wished I had experienced it in my graduation. I wish I could have got the sensation of dynamics I am about to face in near future. I wish I could have got the beforehand experience of technologies being operated in the IT industry.The error of not utilizing engineering to the fullest is still a setback.
So, to all the newcomers in the sacred domain of Engineering studies,I would like to say," Science ke maze lo yaar, marks apne aap aa jayge"(don't worry much about marks but do absorb maximum possible benefits of Science). We are fortunate enough to be born in this era where a plethora of knowledge is just a single click away. Ensure that you not only graduate with a degree of high grades but, also with enormous efficiency and adequacy in the field of technology. Good luck 😀
Don't think that engineering will be same as shown in the movies.It is typically opposite to which they are shown in the movies.Do not be reserved ,you have to make your friends as many as possible.I think the character of you will be know to all of them in the college by the character of your gang and you should have to make an good gang.
The important thing that I realize is most of the members are going in an wrong way due to relationships in the joining year itself.I just want to say that it is not the right time to start the relationships.We do not have matured mind at the joining of the engineering and we do not have any idea how the people are .
The one thing I strongly recommend you to remember is "As the time goes on people will definitely change.Do not expect them that they will be same as they are in the past".
Rahul Shetty
Rahul Shetty • Nov 3, 2016
Oh I wish I knew the scope of JavaScript in IT industry during my Engineering days.

When most of my friends where mad about Java, I wanted to get into Web Development. Back then, you were only recognized as a Web Developer if you knew PHP (what rubbish👎😁). This is what I came to know when a developer rejected me as I didn't know PHP though I did explain him the algorithm behind how to achieve what he wanted. He laughed and said, "Wish you could have provided me your algorithm with proper PHP syntax. A person who doesn't know PHP doesn't know squat shit about Web Development."

I exclaimed to myself, "That's quite a bold statement." I smilingly left. I started researching a lot about Web Development. I came to know that the subject is divided into 2 parts:
  1. Front-end
  2. Back-end
I started learning things about front-end as I was fascinated when I was researching about it. This is when I fell in love with JavaScript. I couldn't imagine my life without JavaScript.

I am not a rock star JavaScript developer or I really don't care what the people think how I code but I love coding when the language of choice is JavaScript or libraries written in JavaScript 😁🎉

Currently, I am working with React and React-Native.

I reside in Mumbai. Soon, I am gonna be working for a company named Helpshift located in Pune who have hired me as a Front-end engineer. I am so happy to see where JavaScript has reached and where it's taking me. I wish I could have invested more time to learn JavaScript when I was in college.
Anil Gavandhale
Anil Gavandhale • Nov 3, 2016
I strongly wish that to take admission in computer science engineering .The reason for this is when I was in 4th standard the new two computers came in my school .The school is not so huge it situated in small village.My interest was increasing to know about the computer.My teacher also introduced the computer to me more than the rest of the students in my class.
And I knew that the only one engineering field that can send me abroad very early than others filed .To become computer engineer it was my dream since when I was in 4th standard.And I'm very to see in the finale year of the graduation.If I get the chance to work abroad the dream that I saw will fulfill completely.
S.Arvind kumar
S.Arvind kumar • Nov 3, 2016
for me doing engineering is just a boat which directed me towards my destination I wished I if I could found the hidden capabilities(talent) in me it would better for me to know myself in a better way and to express in front of this world. not every graduated engineer work as a engineer. those four years of engineering will some what show your future of what you want to be and am damm sure about that you will get it. engineering will give you lots of technical knowledge no matter you are in which stream and also about life. you will feel the engineering magic will happen one day which will leads you towards your dream. so in short I wish I knew myself in deep and also about all the resources which will help me to do this before joining engineering college or graduating as an engineer, not for being an engineer but to be a better person in our society
Sabarishraj • Nov 3, 2016
Hello friend,,,,, please tell me how to post a thing and where I write my knew thing which is in anniversary celebration competition
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Nov 3, 2016
Hello friend,,,,, please tell me how to post a thing and where I write my knew thing which is in anniversary celebration competition
The same way you wrote this post.
Sabarishraj • Nov 3, 2016
Hello friend,,,,, please tell me how to post a thing and where I write my knew thing which is in anniversary celebration competition
S.Arvind kumar
S.Arvind kumar • Nov 3, 2016
fgb nt my dream but i was always thinking about one thing when i was taken addmission in engee.... as if i step forward in this magical world i will learn all magical things in this...& i look those practical things just like as per my own perspective & will teach world rather saying teaching...... i will give different angle to different perspective to see this engee world with magical eyes.......even after means now i have completed my 4 year degree frm ssbt collage of engee uptill now i wanted to help someone someone having fear of programming.........but i want that give him/her that treat u compiler as ur friend.......understand compiler...........then their is no any barrier between u & ur compiler.....
Yashi Das
Yashi Das • Nov 3, 2016
As said “Engineers don’t have books in hands but revolutionary ideas in minds” ; same goes for me as an electronics and communication engineer. I wish if I could have done some more fun and interesting things in my engineering life. In each engineers life some or the other thing is interesting whether it’s the fun with friends in the hostel , the hiding of appliances while the warden is on round, the code word talks, the birthday celebrations or the night before semesters.

Some things that I wish I could have done are listed below:

1: As I was a day scholar, I never got a chance to live a hostel life.

2: I love playing badminton, in the first year of my college life I decided to play for my college but unfortunately the stadium was too far from my home so my wish remained unfulfilled.

3: I was interested in dance a lot, but I never took part in any of the events.

4: I wish each student before joining engineering should had knowledge of the stream they opted for because some students join engineering as they are forced by their parents to do so.

5: I was least interested in maths before joining engineering, but ultimately in the first and second year maths was there, so I wished that it was not there. However, this made a drastic change in making me love maths. 😁

6: I wish I could have planned a trip with my friends to some hill station. As I am much of a studious kind of person, so I usually indulged myself in studies.

7: When people were busy updating their relationship status on facebook , I was more into updating my status as “ reading .... (Dan Brown’s: Angels and Demons, Inferno,etc )/( Khaled Hosseini ‘s : The kite runner, And the mountain’s echoed) . 😛

8: I wish engineering covered more practical knowledge than the theoretical knowledge.

9: I wish there was a greater opportunity of hands- on on different projects.

10: I wish students shouldn’t worry much about their CGPA rather enjoy college life as a much they can. I'm not saying that grades aren't important, but I am saying that other parts of life will come into play.

11: Some times when we didn’t understood the subjects, we wished why we even have to study it.

12: At last, I would like to talk about the semester exams, not to be mistaken the hardest working night in each and every engineer’s life when all of us had one or the other time wished that “Pehle padh liya hota toh abhi zada mehnat nai karni padti” 😁 😁

My definition of an engineer is ” One who is excited about the things that nobody cares about”. Engineering stimulates the mind as you want to dismantle and fix things of your own whether it’s your life or a simple project. Although my engineering life was much a simple one but I found the happiest moments in it. We enter the new phase of life wrapping up new ideas and thoughts in our mind, with determination and enthusiasm, we all cannot have the same personality or attitude but each one of us have the ability to redesign new technological solutions.


ompriya • Nov 3, 2016
hello! Newcomers 😀
Before entering in engineering college ,You guys are just like a molding clay and 4 years of engineering experience will mold you to make a perfectly shaped pot out of you.
So, guys whatever you are going to do in these years will definitely reflect in your future.

I am mentioning the few things you should know before entering in an engineering world.

1. Never feel regret about your stream .Trust me! , its a wastage of time. Instead of that ,you should know about the importance of your stream and the scope in the future. for example - Being an electrical engineering student you should know about the GATE , E-LITMUS ,and IES exam in your 1st year of engineering so that you can start doing a preparation at right time.

2. Do not expect anything from anyone. You guys must have a perception that in engineering college you will do many practicals or learn something new ,then please wake up ! you will definitely learn something new but most of ,theories not practicals.
so,don't blame institute for this better to innovate thing by yourself.
for example- make a project and Participate in technical fest at a National level .

3.Be yourself - apart from studies, there are many people around you who will drag you down . so, don't loose your dignity and humanity. your own friend can betray .

4. Stay connected with family members. - during these 4 years ,my few friend maintained a huge distance between family and them , no emotional attachment with family .ultimate family will help you .

5. Best moments of your life are waiting for you so please enjoy these 4 years and never wait for the right time just grab the opportunities 😀

6. Apart from all let me inform you - you have to do many written work -bundels of assignments , lab files , reports, seminar ppt , etc. be ready for it 😉

All the best innocent newcomers - engineering world is waiting for you ,to make you strong and enhance your knowledge. 👍
Tilak Marupilla
Tilak Marupilla • Nov 3, 2016
STEP 0: When being a new comer, we select some stream in a college based on our financial position, rank etc.Now, the parents, surroundings force us to excel in this field.Then, some may and some may not.They say that,
" OK now you have selected, now the darkest truth is THIS IS UR LIFE, JUST SHUT UP AND STUDY "
One thing is for sure, we can do any stream of engineering, Yes u all have read it right !!!!!
Any one can pursue any stream, for me this is the truth i had learnt,In my initial days i too thought that, one person may be only well extolled in a subject, say maths and physics -> then go to mechanical,civil
* interested in physics ? -> go for applied physics or after ece and eee.
well the HOLY list goes on. But, wait...............................

These things are not required.You can do anything, Everything depends on ur CURIOSITY and the readiness to go for an extra mile in that, where no one goes but stays in a old orthodox route.And trust me, world is waiting for such people !!

one of my friend who didnt like ECE, joined in it bcoz of his fate (due to bad financial problems), then through these 4 yrs i saw him raise to some high positions of publishing a research paper and getting hired in qualcomn, whichis a big dream for many ece graduates.when i asked him, how did he do this with an unintrested field ?
His answer made my life, He told me that " Never ever, narrow your field of interest, everyone can do anything, provided we broaden the way we look at the problem ! "

Raghuram rajan was now a great learned intelligent in Economis field, who previously had a degree.But, then turned up to do another wonder in Economics

Elon musk, goes to infinty and beyond with his ideas, may be not bcoz of his qualifications that he had obtained, but the way he got with every field of study, integrating into ONE, making it the best.(I remember reading abt him, That he used to read his fathers library books from every field including physics, electical in his childhood)

* so, never think that this is my only field of study !!!!, we should try to develop interdisciplanary skills(irrespective of ur field of engineering), learning something about other stream, which makes us to go through new heights in life.

(for exmpl, if u wanna do a quad copter, u require to know abt the mechanical part, elctronics part. Once when u develop it a fullscale IOT product,u need to provide a security solution for not getting hacked by other RF remotes, Now u require a bit knowledge on Cse topics. If u do this fullscale development. product companies run after u, for ur knowlege on handling every field of study.)

This type of mindset leads oneself towards research and developing new technologies and making new ways of business nd soforth. Thus, creating a wonderful economy for ur country.

Dear Reader, try soemthing new by the above told way, apart from your classroom study.Spend some sleepless nights to know what is your dream that u wanna pursue.Then, start dreaming about that on day time,but not in sleep 😁
(as Abdul kalam ji had said)

Today, japan and south korea are not fearful of getting thier economy shrinked like others, bcoz majority of the GDP of japan,and even the youth goes into R & D (research and development) .Thus, we Indians have remained as the largest importer of thier technology,loosing valuable foreign exchange nd increasing poverty and they as the largest exporter.
China,has everything to export and remains as a brightest spot(I meant Being interdiscipalnary). But, we were only doing that in some cases.

Anyone , who doesnt like the above way, can start taking a group in engineering,and follow the below steps very carefully !!!!!!
STEP 1: Join in some group of engineering (ece,eee,mech,civil) and Mug up the topics ,try to apply some butter to ur faculty to get marks and show ur parents that u have made thier day for show in public.
STEP 2 : Then on the final day, irrespective of the field of study, go for a software job and end ur life with two kids in ur hand without any promotion.
STEP 3:When Recession comes, get ready to be fired up and also to blame the system of our country for ur failure
GO TO STEP 0 (provided, u learnt a lesson)
GO TO STEP 1 (for ending up at STEP 3 and teaching the same to ur kids )

cheers !!
Anshuman Sethi
Anshuman Sethi • Nov 3, 2016
Engineering is not what it used to be.
  • I wish I knew how to be a rock so that petty comments and judgments wouldn't hurt me.
  • I wish somebody told me that "STUDYING IS A HABIT" and it takes time to build and learning/studying never happens overnight/night before exams.
  • I wish I knew Tier-3 engineering colleges have set up a no-bargain business(i.e education) where professors/lecturers think every student that come here is useless and will end up in TCS(Some are exceptional).
  • I wish I had a mentor/loyal friend.
  • I wish somebody had told me that you cannot judge your parents no matter what/how they are.They are your first/greatest teachers.
  • I wish somebody had told me that being/acting like an idiot just to impress girls is okay.
  • I wish I knew that bad times will pass.Time is a great healer.
  • I wish someone had told me that we should make friends of our level/aukaat or else they will envy you or vice-versa.(Friends make the worst enemies)
  • I wish I knew when to stand tall and when to let the guard down.
  • I wish in near future I don't have regret for the chances/opportunity not taken.(Some opportunities might be a trap).
  • I wish I knew that 120 seconds of confidence can make wonders.
  • I wish I knew someone with lots of Life experience.
  • I wish I knew how to take better decisions.
  • I wish every wish gets fulfilled.
  • I wish I knew how to master my own mind and heart.
  • I wish I knew how to make a win-win situation.
  • I wish I knew how to understand others.
bearinI wish I wish I wish(wish never works we need luck,hard work,perseverance,goals)Thank you for your patience.
I am new though as i am in my first year but i think a person who just started can explain it better....Till now i come to know that everything is easy if you are a little focused..Noone needs to take stress just go with the flow. first year needs a bit dedication which is not so hard..I had listened earlier that this field needs lot of hardwork which is quit true but a person with clear basics can go through anything.
Everything looks easy,is easy.You have enough time.Just learn to enjoy the moments and give 100% to whatever u do..
varsha varsha
varsha varsha • Nov 3, 2016
Some of the things, that i realized:-

1. Knowing all the branches, the kind of things that are gone taught and scope of all the branches before taking admission is a must.
2. Knowing the seniors and teachers, talking to them turns out really good.
3.Practically useful subjects starts mostly in 3rd year, and fascinating in 4th which are not taught.
4. Your CGPA don't decide your faith.
5.Only 3 year's of study and 4th year is just about getting the job
and passing exam.
6. You have to again study Aptitude (basic maths) in 4th year.
7. Training and just having lots of certificates don't get you in a good company.
8. Project and research work which pays off.
9. Learning new language (french, german etc), and having a certificate is not useful
unless you can speak.
10. Having a girlfriend/boyfriend is not bad at all.
geethika civil
geethika civil • Nov 3, 2016
Engineering is a not just persuing a degree, the real meaning can be known only if you understood the reality behind it. I joined civil engineering with lot of hope and I found its beauty. We can enjoy it when you apply pratical knowledge to it. New world, new friends, ragging, parties, birthday parties, bunks, college fests, college day, crush, break ups, fights, late nights, combined studies, exams, labs(sorry if I miss any). Those are the beautiful and happy days we'll never get at any cost. We enjoy every moment in our btech life. And coming to the end of it we move on searching for our jobs, campus placements. Btech is a big dream for many young students and their parents. All of us come with lot of expectations and hopes but only a few people get succeeded in it because they take it as a work not like their dream. The only thing I can say is "Become a unique engineer who never was and who never can"👍

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