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shyam.sunder91 • Oct 6, 2017

What kind of workshops are students interested in

Hi Guys,

In our college, we are planning to organize a tech fest for which i need ideas from your side on what kind workshops of new kind will make people to attend the workshop with out a miss

we want to plan the workshop cheap, college is ready to fund half

What are things people expect from workshop and what is most of people not satisfied with after coming out of workshop, which is better teaching scratch or teaching hifi stuff, which is ok 2days or 3 days

currently i am seeing many same kind of workshops through out india, every time same 4 wheeled robot with sensors, fed up with such kind

throw some suggestions please
shyam.sunder91 • Oct 6, 2017
please poll for your favourite workshop, you may suggest few i will add

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