• Neha

    MemberMay 27, 2006

    What is V-Card anyway?

    Hi everyone

    I have a question...I saw an option called "Download vcard" in CEans profile..Can anybody tell wats vcard??
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  • Kaustubh Katdare

    AdministratorMay 27, 2006

    Let me answer this

    vCard is a short for Versitcard.

    Vcard is similar to your business/visiting cards. Its a file format which is often used as an e-mail attachment to share address information (Name, Nickname, email, address, home phone, business phone, URL etc.)

    Outlook users might be familier with vCards. vCards are available for downloads in CE profiles. All public fields in your profile are available on vCard ( Click on ID -> View Public Profile -> download vcard ).

    If anyone has more inputs, kindly share with CEans. That's all I've for now 😀

    -The Big K-
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  • Neha

    MemberMay 28, 2006

    Thanx Biggie!!😀
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