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@ms_cs • 22 Jun, 2009
I have heard that matlab is used for many real world applications.
What is the main use of matlab? how it is used in dsp?
@lekshmi.99 • 22 Jun, 2009 matlab is one of the most powerful tools that you come across in signal processing.
matlab can be used to simulate different signals and the processing involved.
@shalini_goel14 • 22 Jun, 2009
matlab is one of the most powerful tools that you come across in signal processing.
matlab can be used to simulate different signals and the processing involved.
How it does so? Explanation with any example possible?
@sauravgoswami • 23 Jun, 2009 primary objective of Digital signal processing is used to extract information from any signal,processing information digitally allows the signal to enhance more and give the user more control over it,Matlab is an EDA(Electronic Design Automation) tool,which processes the signals graphically and help you design filters and other components,it can also be used to control any system e.g : Ability of modern age hand-held devices to detect and record FM signal
@swapnakumar • 23 Jun, 2009 DSP is concerned with sequence of numbers which can be used in several applications say digital image processing you need filters when you go for speech or image processing MATLAB plays a vital role in extracting the information by mere statements like plot,stem,etc. and these are self explanatory i suppose
This is all i know about MATLAB and DSP is it ok for you?
@ms_cs • 23 Jun, 2009 Thanks CEans for your responses.
@silverscorpion • 23 Jun, 2009 Well, Matlab is a EDA tool that's used to analyze and process data in various forms.

The thing is done by what's called toolboxes. They are a collection of .m files (Matlab files) used to perform a definite job. There are a whole lot of toolboxes out there, and you can also create your own.

Coming to DSP specifically, there's signal processing toolbox, data acquisition toolbox, filter design toolbox etc.
In image processing, you have image processing toolbox, image acquisition toolbox etc.

You can use the files in those toolboxes as functions in your normal program. So, you can accomplish your tasks easily and effectively using matlab. And that's why Matlab is significantly more suited to performing calculation intensive, matrix oriented operations than any other programming language.
@ms_cs • 24 Jun, 2009 Thanks for the information SS. I have one doubt, how to represent a image or video file as 0s and 1s byte stream? Is it possible with the programming language? with matlab?
@silverscorpion • 24 Jun, 2009 I don't know about videos. But sure, image can be represented.

In fact, in Matlab, images are represented as arrays only. Grayscale images are represented by 2d arrays and color images by 3d arrays.

And like any array, these can also be put as a sequence of numbers. Each number represents the value of that pixel.

And you can consider video as a moving frame of images.. So, technically, you can represent videos too in the form of arrays. Clear??
@ms_cs • 24 Jun, 2009 Ok. thank you SS
@Takamura • 25 Jun, 2009 Firstly, it is a program which you can do mathematical operations. Plus, with the Matlab's ability of adding little programs into it, you can use it as a Signal Processing program.

Let me tell you this. You can easily build a License Recognition System with Matlab. It is a real life situation, and it works.

Also you can do these processings with C. But Matlab also has a GUI, and it is more user-friendly.

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