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@renu sharma • 14 Aug, 2013
this concept comes under power diodes. can you please explain the basic difference between the two types?
@yogi.bharadwaj • 05 Oct, 2013 Conventional punch-through diode with highly doped base-collector junction active area of the punch-through diodes presented in this work, in which the conventional n+ emitter has been replaced by alternating negative and positive regions conduction band profile as a function of applied bias. Increasing the collector bias results in a depletion of the base region until eventually the base will become fully depleted. Further increasing the bias will result in a sudden increase in current corresponding field profile.
and non conventional are the simple diodes so punch through diodes are more useful with greater efficiency.
@Manju Gowda • 10 Nov, 2018

Difference between punch through diode and non punch through diodes 


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