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@kashmirihasan • 04 Oct, 2010
Hello, This is Kashmiri from Lahore and I want to know the difference between alternator and generator. Any one who could reply??? I really want to know the answer.
@aj_onduty • 04 Oct, 2010 Dear friend,
To start up with, all alternators are generators, but a generator can be an alternator, or a dc generator.
The best explanation of an alternator is given in wikipedia. Now go to and in the search engine, put alternator. Press go. You can see one good explanation about an alternator. Please do see that. If you have any doubt regarding anything in it, let us know. We will clarify it for you.
Thank you for asking this question.
@shiwa436 • 08 Oct, 2010 alternator is a form of generator which generates only AC signals, generator generates dc signals also
@manoj_2all • 21 Nov, 2010 Yes both Alternator and Generator have same principle of generating power but only in generator we convert the AC voltage supply to DC voltage by using Commutator......
@aj_onduty • 21 Nov, 2010 Friends a generator is a class of electrical machines which convert mechanical input to electrical energy. A generator is of two types, AC and DC generator, depending upon their outputs. The AC generator which generates AC at synchronous speed is known as an alternator.
Thank you!
@athel.davis • 24 Nov, 2010
Generator is the general term for mechanical devices that make electricity. Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary. An alternator changes the power fom dirrect or alternating, or the opposite dunno about a generator.Alternator is a type of generator. It is one of the most efficient and durable. It is best to for use in the automotive industry.Where In the case of the generator this is rectified to Direct Current by the switching action of the commutator. And in alternator it is done through the use of silicon diodes.

@aravinthts • 28 Nov, 2010 hi........... A generator is called alternator bcoz...."many generators are connected in parallel to the grid and be able to vary its o/p according to the load demand and since its o/p waveform s alternating in nature it s called so"............ plz check
@kashmirihasan • 28 Nov, 2010 So u guys are saying ac generator is an alternator ; so It means that there is no difference between ac generator and alternator
@narayana murthy • 30 Nov, 2010 hi friends according to me there is a change between a.c generator and alternator that is alternator runs at synchronous speed but not a.c generator does not runs at such speed and difference between d.c generator and alternator is in d.c machines we should have commutator and in alternator we dont need it this is the main difference according to me
@kashmirihasan • 30 Nov, 2010 i agree with you.!!

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